Greetings, fellow troper. I can feel your presence for I am at one with this web page. I am on a quest to find others who have extended their perceptions beyond their original body. We meet every other Friday for tea and crumpets and discuss our unique experiences. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to those of you who have transcended time but are not yet quite sure how to reverse the process. For assistance, please call 9+1i.
* AnimalEyeSpy
* AssimilationBackfire
* AssimilationPlot
* TheAssimilator
* BondCreatures
* BrainUploading
* CantLiveWithoutYou
* ElectronicTelepathy
* TheEmpath
* FisherKing if the link between the land and king is two-way to any extent
* FisherKingdom
* FusionDance, usually
* GeminiDestructionLaw: often the only reliable way to dispose of people with this attribute.
* HiveDrone
* HiveMind
* HiveQueen
* MentalAffair
* MentalFusion
* MergerOfSouls
* MindHive
* MindlinkMates
* MindProbe
* NeuralImplanting
* PsychicLink
* RemoteBody
* SeeingThroughAnothersEyes
* SuperSenses, when taken to the extreme, can grant near empathic awareness of the surrounding environment, allowing characters to do such things as feel plants' breath, or say with certainty...
** MySensorsIndicateYouWantToTapThat
* {{Synchronization}}
* {{Telepathy}}
* TwinTelepathy