A Magic Square Puzzle is typically a grid of nine squares where a given sequence of numbers must be placed in a specific order to equal another number in all directions. Somewhat similar to a FifteenPuzzle, depending on the mechanics, though a magic square usually has complete freedom of moving pieces if it has physical pieces for each number.

* ''TabletopGame/PerplexCity'' has a card with a 4×4 magic square which must be filled in, with only two starting numbers.

* ''Series/StargateAtlantis'' episode "The Brotherhood" was all about this puzzle. First version, the eight pieces of the movable numbers were arranged in a grid square over a wide area of land. At the final puzzle, nine pieces with the numbers 1-9 were placed. One piece fit into a certain slot in the middle of the grid, and the eight others were placed around it. After witnessing one Mook get killed by an incorrect arrangement, Sheppard solves the puzzle by realizing that the numbers 1-9 can be placed in a grid to add up to 15 in all directions. Of course, there's a certain element of FridgeLogic to the fact that quite a few different such arrangements are possible, but one can HandWave this by claiming that any of them would have worked.

* It should not surprise anyone that ''VideoGame/ProfessorLaytonAndTheCuriousVillage'' has one of these.
* The PC game ''Franchise/SherlockHolmes and the Secret of the Silver Earring'' has an unusually large one, ten columns wide.
* The first test you must complete to get one of Johnny's Tools in ''VideoGame/ShadowHeartsFromTheNewWorld'' is a staggered magic square, requiring you to match different sums for each direction.
* Happens twice in ''VideoGame/{{Onimusha}} 2'' where you have to solve such a puzzle to open the chests containing the proper trinket.
* ''Castle of VideoGame/DrBrain'' and ''Island of Dr. Brain'' have this as one of the puzzles in each game. In the first game, the puzzle is the same every time you play (with a blank board), but the size will differ based on the difficulty. In the second game, you can replay the puzzle as many times as you like, and have it randomised each time.
* The first ''VideoGame/MightAndMagic'' game has a 4×4 magic square dungeon, the successful solution of which will grant your party +2 intelligence.
* Often used in room escape [[PointAndClickGame point-and-click games]]. Sometimes you have to go on a PixelHunt to collect all the numbers before you can start work on the puzzle.
* There's one in ''VisualNovel/NineHoursNinePersonsNineDoors''. If it wasn't difficult enough per se, part of its nastiness comes from figuring out what the rows, columns and diagonals must equal. It gives you a hint in hexadecimal, though, which is a numerical base you've been using in previous puzzles; but you might as well have forgotten about it by the time you encounter this square, especially due to NewGamePlus reruns.