MacGuffin Person Reveal

The Reveal that the MacGuffin they've been looking for has been with them all along, in the form of one of the characters. See also Living MacGuffin and its subtropes Hostage MacGuffin, MacGuffin Turned Human, MacGuffin Super Person, and Mundane MacGuffin Person for the possible reasons why they might be sought after.

Compare God Was My Copilot, which is where a person who's been with them all along is revealed to be a deity or other powerful being. See also Tomato in the Mirror, The Killer in Me, or Hired to Hunt Yourself for instances where the person being searched for is evil or the antagonist.

WARNING! As this trope deals heavily with twists and spoilers, all spoilers will be unmarked!


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  • Harry Potter spends a book and a half looking for Voldermort's six Horcruxes before finding out that he himself is the seventh.
  • Oxyacytl spends all of Crystal Rain trying to get the entry codes for the Ma Wi Jung from John DeBrun, by means that range from deception to Cold-Blooded Torture. They all fail, because the entry code is John DeBrun's DNA, handprint, and heart rate.
  • In Dan Brown's "The Davinci Code", Sophie is found to be a personification of the Holy Grail, as she is a direct descendant of Jesus Christ and literally carries his blood.

    Video Games 
  • Super Paper Mario: In Chapter 7 there's an NPC called Luvbi, a Nimbi (the Mario equivalent of an angel) who tags along with the party for a bit. It's revealed at the end of the chapter that she's the last Pure Heart given a living form, since her guardians thought no one would suspect her true nature.
    • Similarly, in Paper Mario: Color Splash, the three chosen toads that open the gate to the Crimson Tower don't know their own power until you help them out.

    Western Animation 
  • In the BIONICLE movie Mask of Light, Takua believes he must find the Toa of Light and spends the movie searching Mata Nui for them only to discover that his destiny is to become the Toa of Light himself.