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->''"Luck...protects fools, small children and ships named Enterprise."''
-->-- '''William Riker''', ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration''

An index of tropes dealing with luck and fortune.

Compare with ProbabilityTropes, that are about the statistic side of things.
* BadLuckCharm \\
An item is deemed as being unlucky.
* BeginnersLuck \\
The new guy will do better than the experienced guy because of luck.
* BornLucky \\
Someone is naturally lucky.
* BornUnlucky \\
Someone is naturally unlucky.
* ChainLetter \\
Bad luck is attributed to a chain letter.
* CosmicPlaything \\
Someone is so unlucky, it seems like some cosmic force is picking on him.
* DiceRollDeath \\
Bad luck or random chance means you die.
* DoomMagnet \\
Someone has bad luck follow him and those he meets.
* FixingTheGame \\
It's not gambling if you cheat.
* TheFool \\
He's incredibly lucky.
* FourLeafClover \\
Four leaf clovers associated with good luck.
* TheGambler \\
He's got a gambling theme going, and is often very lucky because of it.
* GoodLuckCharm \\
An item is deemed as being lucky.
* GoodLuckGesture \\
A hand gesture used to gain good luck or avoid bad luck.
* HeadsOrTails\\
Luck dictates what will happen through a flipping a coin.
* IdiotHero \\
When TheHero gets thing done by simply being lucky rather than smart or skilled.
* TheJinx \\
He's a walking bad luck charm.
* LifesavingMisfortune \\
A case of bad luck prevented someone's possible death.
* LotteryOfDoom \\
Where to be lucky is to lose.
* LuckBasedMission \\
Victory depends on luck, not skill.
* LuckManipulationMechanic \\
Game mechanics that let you re-attempt chance based elements to get a better result.
* LuckStat \\
A measure of how lucky a character is... whatever that means.
* LuckyRabbitsFoot \\
Rabbit's feet or rabbits associated with luck.
* TheMagicPokerEquation \\
The more skilled you are at cards, the luckier you are in what hands you get.
* MoralLuck \\
Praising or blaming a character for an action, the outcome of which depended primarily on random chance.
* MillionToOneChance \\
Luck will guarantee something unlikely happens, no matter the odds against it.
* NotMyLuckyDay \\
A would-be lucky character misses the opportunity.
* ProfessionalGambler \\
Someone who regularly deals with luck and probabilities.
* RandomDropBooster \\
Improves your luck with getting RandomDrop items.
* RandomNumberGod \\
How do you try to influence your luck?
* RussianRoulette \\
A hard way to test one's luck.
* SerendipitousSurvival \\
Luck keeps you from being where you would have died.
* SuperstitionEpisode \\
A character does something considered unlucky and has bad luck for the rest of the episode.
* ThirteenIsUnlucky \\
The number thirteen associated with bad luck.
* TwoHeadedCoin \\
A way to make one's own luck.
* UnluckilyLucky \\
Their luck saves them from constant unluck.
* WalkingDisasterArea \\
So unlucky that disasters follow in his wake.
* WindsOfDestinyChange \\
Changing luck as a superpower.