A freeware FightingGame created by Marti Wong and Starsky Wong, featuring SuperDeformed characters beating the crap out of each other. Quite fast-paced, supports a large number of fighters on the screen at the same time, and features surprisingly good enemy AI for such a simple-looking game.

Has a large number of play modes, including simple 1 vs 1, a "story" mode where you fight your way through multiple stages full of lesser enemies, and a tournament mode.

!!Little Fighter 2 provides examples of:
* AnimeHair - Some of the characters have very DragonballZ-like hairstyles.
* BeamOWar - Can happen when two fighters rapid-fire ranged attacks at each other.
* BigBad - Julian.
* BossGame: If you consider the normal characters that pop-up in Stage Mode to be mid-bosses, then it slowly becomes one, until every other wave is a mid-boss wave with 4 mid-bosses.
* DefeatMeansFriendship - in the story mode, some opponents join your team after you beat them.
* DestructibleProjectiles - almost all projectiles can be cancelled, although some stronger ones can require multiple shots from weaker ones. It's even possible for a group of enemies launching attacks along the same line to accidentally cancel each other's shots.
* DidntNeedThoseAnyway - If you execute the right key combination Louis will discard his armor and trade it in for a cool-looking spear. True to the trope, in this form he is faster and gets one or two useful new attacks, but his armor actually was offering him some protection (which he now loses) and he loses some of his other attacks.
* DynamicDifficulty: Along with the normal difficulty settings, having more players in Stage Mode means more enemies will spawn at a time.
* ExtremityExtremist: Dennis uses only kicks and Davis uses only punches.
* FixedFloorFighting - the games have a long stretch of land, but it's all one plane.
* FusionDance - Firen and Freeze can fuse to become Firzen.
* HailfirePeaks - Queen's Island: the stage with Firzen as the boss.
* HiddenWeapons - Some characters, notably Rudolf, automatically conceal any small weapon they're carrying.
* HyperactiveMetabolism - drinking milk heals injuries in a few seconds.
* AnIcePerson - Freeze. Firzen gets it also.
* {{Multishot}} - Henry has this. Rudolf has this with shuriken.
* NintendoHard - Stage Mode is fairly reasonable...until you get to stage 4.
* NoPlotNoProblem
* NoSell: Any character with an armor class above 0 has to be hit that number of times (plus 1) consecutively before they'll even ''flinch'', let alone take damage (thankfully, it never goes above 2.)
* RespawningEnemies - In Stage Mode, if there are any mid-bosses (basically normal enemy non-mook characters) or bosses on the field, the mooks will respawn endlessly until they're taken out. Yes, this includes healers, too.
* PlayingWithFire - Firen. Firzen gets it also.
* SelfDuplication - Rudolf gets this. The copies are computer-controlled and can be killed by a stiff breeze.
* ShedArmorGainSpeed - Louis, who wears full body armor, is one of the slowest characters in game. However, by executing a specific key combination he will eject his armor off his body and become Louis EX, the fastest character in game.
* {{Shotoclone}} - Davis and Dennis are basically Ryu with his abilities divided between two different characters.
** {{KamehameHadouken}} - Davis can rapid-fire them while Dennis can fire them at a slower rate or summon one that homes in on enemies. Firzen's "Firzen Cannon" is pretty much a Yellow Kamehameha.
** {{Shoryuken}} - Davis' "Dragon Punch".
** HurricaneKick - Dennis has one.
* ShoutOut: One of John's abilities is the power to hurl [[DragonBallZ Destructo Disks]] that home in on enemies.
* SmurfettePrinciple - Jan is the only female character in the game.
* SuperDeformed - all the characters.
* TeleportSpam - Woody can do this, to some extent. His teleportation is slow and predictable, but he can activate a "tiger dash" almost instantly afterwards, so teleporting right up to the opponent and doing a tiger dash is somewhat viable.
* TheWarSequence: The sheer number of mooks showing up at the same time in Stage Mode[[note]]especially when you have multiple players on your side[[/note]] or Battle Mode can invoke this. Fortunately, you can recruit {{Mook}}s of your own to make the numbers more even.