A justified {{trope}} is one which, in its common usage, runs counter to the normal laws of logic and probability but in a particular instance has a concrete reason InUniverse for applying to the story. In other words, a trope is "justified" if it is ''required'' by other pre-existing elements in the story--otherwise the explanation is a HandWave.

Note that there are varying degrees of justifying a trope and a spectrum of justification from the completely logical to AWizardDidIt. For a justification to be more than just AWizardDidIt, there has to be reasons that make it make sense ''in context''.

Here's a couple example scenarios:

* A protagonist uses a [[PowerGlows glowing sword]].
* A character's [[EveryCarIsAPinto car explodes upon crashing]].

The justified case:

* The protagonist uses a [[PowerGlows glowy sword]] because he fights sentient shadows.
* [[EveryCarIsAPinto The car blew up upon crashing]] because of the nitroglycerin that was put in the trunk in an earlier episode as part of a ploy to blast through a bank vault.

Now, how would these same scenarios look if the justifications were [[HandWave Hand Waves]] that [[VoodooShark raise more questions]] and require you [[MST3KMantra to turn your brain off]]?

* The protagonist uses a glowy sword because the power source is leaky ([[FridgeLogic but wait, shouldn't that cause other problems? We also know that he has the tools to fix it!]]).
* The car blew up upon being shot because the shooter aimed for the gas tank and said he used tracer rounds ([[FridgeLogic but wait, why would he have tracer rounds in his service pistol?]]).

A JustifiedTrope has common ground with [[LampshadeHanging Lampshading]] in that both often deal with tropes that are typically illogical or otherwise problematic.

Remember that a trope being justified is not about it ultimately being good or bad or effective or ineffective -- it's about whether or not it ''makes sense from an in-universe point of view''. A trope can be perfectly justified and still ruin a show. Contrarily, a trope may be completely unjustified and [[AcceptableBreaksFromReality make the story better]]. [[TropesAreNotBad Do not assume that the existence of a trope is inherently a sign of]] bad writing.

See TheWatson, whose job is to explain justifications, and MetaTropeIntro which compares this with many other ways that a trope can be used. If the Justified Trope falls short, it's a HandWave. If the justification just makes the illogic of the trope ''worse'', then it becomes a VoodooShark.

'''One thing to note, if you think a trope is "justified", you should never use a JustifyingEdit'''. If you were {{Pot Hole}}d here by a JustifyingEdit, integrate the potholed text to the main text or delete it outright. See JustifyingEdit for more on this.
Some justified tropes are tropes of their own.
* ItOnlyWorksOnce is when NeverRecycleYourSchemes is justified.
* PortalToThePast is a justification of SanDimasTime.
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