'''John Hemry''' is an American writer of military SF, drawn on his experience as an United States naval officer. He wrote two series under his own name, the ''Stark's War'' and ''Paul Sinclair'' series. Poor sales had him resort to a pen name '''Jack Campbell''' for ''TheLostFleet'' series; its success has lead to the reissue of his earlier work (with both bylines listed on the cover).

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!!Works by John Hemry that have their own pages
* ''TheLostFleet''
* ''Literature/TheLostStars''
* ''Literature/PaulSinclair''
!!Tropes found in his work

* ArmchairMilitary: All the officers Stark faces
* MeaningfulName: The [=McClellan=] tank
* ReassignedToAntarctica: One threat is guard duty at the lunar pole