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->'''Grace:''' Wood doesn't actually burn.\\
'''Joan:''' That's insane.\\
'''Grace:''' What burns is the gas released when the wood gets hot. Therefore the reaction would have to be gasification, through oxidation reduction, then combustion.\\
'''Luke:''' It is so hot that you know that.
-->-- ''Series/JoanOfArcadia''

Welcome, viewers, to ''Nerd Hunter''.

{{Geek}}s and {{Nerd}}s are odd creatures; their eyes always reflect the pale glow of computer monitors, and their [[EvenNerdsHaveStandards social hierarchy and organizations]] have puzzled anthropologists for decades.

Today we will examine one particular peculiar oddity; when choosing a mate, the wild Nerd and Geek are not as impressed with physical features, but with spectacular displays of [[TheSmartGuy intelligence]] and [[NerdsAreSexy geeky knowledge]] in potential mates. Unlike in the wild, when Hollywood casts non-geeks in the role of potential mates, said potential mates will be at worst HollywoodHomely; in written fiction they are likely SuetifulAllAlong.

Those impressed with such displays will reciprocate with their own call of "That's so hot," or "That's such a turn on," or "[[EngagingConversation Marry me]]."

This reaction is achieved even if said displays are actually [[TooKinkyToTorture threats of pain]], [[InsultBackfire insults]], [[GadgeteerGenius technological]] or other, stranger things that that particular subspecies values. In the end, we may never know the full mysteries behind these [[OneOfUs magnificent]] beasts.

When the mating process is successful, [[PairTheSmartOnes some rigorous fluid mechanics ensues in order to grace their species with a new soul]].

Compare {{Nerdgasm}}.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* In ''Manga/BlackLagoon'', Greenback Jane is massively aroused by watching Benny break a tricky encryption. The fact that breaking the encryption resulted in her getting a ''lot'' of money probably didn't hurt either. And soon they become a sort-of OfficialCouple.
* ''Anime/BattleProgrammerShirase'' gives us a female Programmer who tells the main character that seeing the way he coded "Made me a little wet..."
* ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic'':
** Sousuke tends to get ''very'' happy and enthusiastic whenever he engages in conversation with anyone who's as enthusiastic about HumongousMecha and battle tactics as he is. The fastest way to gain friendship with him is to be able to speak on equal terms as him.
** On the other hand, Nami is ''definitely'' shown to be this way with him. When he first surprises her and starts talking Arm Slave jargon, her overwhelmed reaction pretty much equates to "What a man."
* The first ''Anime/TigerAndBunny'' Drama CD shows that, back in high school, Kotetsu Kaburagi and Tomoe Amamiya (the future Mrs. Kaburagi) were rather antagonistic towards each other... until she saw him trying to come up with a superhero name for himself.
-->'''Tomoe:''' Huh!? You're going to try to become a superhero?\\
'''Kotetsu:''' Go ahead and laugh if you want.\\
'''Tomoe:''' Oh my God, that's ''awesome.''
* In ''Manga/DailyLivesOfHighSchoolBoys'', the [[AbhorrentAdmirer Literature Girl]] hijinks towards Hidenori started by her projecting the image of "the boy" to him. "The boy" in her stories was a ''solitary, introverted {{otaku}}''-- the problem is, [[LargeHam Hidenori]] is not.
* At its core, ''VisualNovel/SteinsGate'' is about a pair of nerdy virgin {{tsundere}} 2channers who fall in love as they [[PairTheSmartOnes argue over theoretical physics]], prevent SERN's future dystopia, and trade meme-laden barbs.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Yorick being attracted to girls with obscure interests is a bit of a RunningGag in ''Comicbook/YTheLastMan''. A shining example is when he, upon learning that that a woman named her boat after the ship in ''[[Creator/KurtVonnegut Sirens of Titan]]'', [[EngagingConversation instantly proposed to her]]. Yorick's sister Hero {{lampshade}}s this when Beth (not that Beth, the other one) starts rattling off side notes about the Swiss Guards that kidnapped them both in the name of the Catholic Church.
--> '''Hero''': Yup, you're definitely the sort of chick my brother would bone.
* ''Comicbook/SpiderMan'':
** This is actually sort of how Peter and [[Comicbook/XMen Kitty]] in ''ComicBook/UltimateSpiderMan'' started going out. Or at least, it's how they flirt.
--->'''Kitty''': 'Well, Indiana Jones, you certainly haven't forgotten how to show a lady a good time.'\\
'''Peter''': 'Yeah, you're somethin'.'\\
'''Kitty''': ...\\
'''Peter''': You're supposed to say: 'I'm something all right, until I get my five thousand dollars back you're getting more than you bargained for'' No' Nothing'\\
'''Kitty''': Wow, you out-geeked me there.\\
'''Peter''': Well, I'm sure it won't be the last time.
** The Ultimate version of Mary-Jane Watson. Which, considering her mainstream counterpart is a cheery, party-girl/glamour model, is a bit of a surprise. And of course, [[HeroesWantRedheads she's a redhead]].
** Mainstream MJ presents us with something of a one-sided varient. While there's no character A says x geeky thing and character B says y geeky thing, it's was pretty clear that during their marriage to each other, MJ considered Peter's science talks a turn on. [[ComicBook/OneMoreDay Y'know, until...]]
* This trope explains about 50% of the interaction between Oracle and Blue Beetle in ''ComicBook/BirdsOfPrey''. At least from Ted's side, anyway.
* In ''ComicBook/{{Watchmen}}'', Silk Spectre is turned on by the Nite Owl when he goes in-depth about his ship, his costume, and his gadgets. Presumably she had the same thing going for Dr. Manhattan when they were together.
* Done in ''Comicbook/JasonXSpecial''. Where after two lovers stumble upon a crater left by what seemed like a meteorite, the woman says "science makes me ''horny''." The two promptly begin having sex right there as the guy starts spouting out scientific equations. Very weird, but they are both VR simulations.
* ''ComicBook/TankVixens'': Let's just say that after a discussion on socio-economic infrastructures with Sonya, Firen stops fooling herself into thinking she's the only straight one in the battalion.
* In the ''ComicBook/StarTrekIDW'' comics, it's shown that while Spock already enjoyed Uhura's company and appreciated her intelligence, it wasn't until she beat him in a game of 3-D chess that he realized he'd fallen in love with her.
* Given a twist in Creator/PhilFoglio's ''ComicBook/XXXenophile'': in the story "Hold That Thought", a pretty young female scientist, overly absorbed in her work, is exposed to a [[{{Phlebotinum}} "semi-virus"]] that essentially crosswires her sexual drives with her higher cortex functions, ie she literally gets turned on by her intellectual work, and [[ADateWithRosiePalms more direct stimulation]] helps her solve complex problems. HilarityEnsues.
* A slight variant happens in an issue of ''Comicbook/{{Ms Marvel|2014}}'' when Aamir ropes Kamala into acting as a chaperone for an interaction with a girl he's interested in [[{{insistent terminology}} which is totally not a date]].
--> '''Kamala:''' What's wrong with their ''eyes''? They're all...''[[{{mind control eyes}} purple]].''\\
'''Tyesha:''' "''The Spice'' is life."\\
'''Kamala:''' Did you just make a ''Literature/{{Dune}}'' reference?\\
'''Tyesha:''' Maybe.\\
'''Kamala:''' [[EngagingConversation Please marry my brother]].

* One of the factors in Doc Brown falling in love with Clara in ''Film/BackToTheFuturePartIII'' is a shared interest in the works of Creator/JulesVerne, the prototype for ScienceFiction as we know it.
* One of the reasons Denys fell so hard for Karen Blixen in ''Film/OutOfAfrica'' was her ability to tell stories... really, really good stories.
* Mikaela in the live-action ''Film/{{Transformers}}'' films manages to make both Sam and Leo fall for her with her detailed knowledge of cars and engineering. But then, that pales in comparison to her other assets.
* In ''Film/SeventeenAgain'', two characters fall madly in love with each other when they discover that the other speaks Elvish. Cue the following exchange:
-->"You can plunder my dungeon any day."\\
"I'll bring the long bow."
* Commander Galloway in ''Film/AFewGoodMen'' is very thorough and very book-smart. She also rants.
-->'''Galloway:''' If this case is handled in the same fast-food, slick-ass, Persian Bazaar manner with which you seem to handle everything else, then something's gonna get missed. And I wouldn't be doing my job if I allowed Dawson and Downey to spend any more time in prison than absolutely necessary because their attorney had predetermined the path of least resistance.
-->'''[[Creator/TomCruise Kaffee]]:''' Wow. [[ThatMakesMeFeelAngry I'm sexually aroused]], Commander.
* In ''WesternAnimation/CloudyWithAChanceOfMeatballs'', Flint falls for Sam when she starts showing off her geeky side, and he eventually convinces her to embrace it.
* In ''Mozart and the Whale'' Isabel is turned on by Donalds math abilities.
* In ''Film/TheSorcerersApprentice'', near the end Dave tries to let Becky off so she doesn't end up in danger, explaining to her about the evil sorceress trying to destroy the world, and Becky (who has no magical powers) says that she wants to help and insists on going with him. He responds: "You're sexy."
* In the third ''{{Film/Halloweentown}}'' movie, [[HollywoodNerd Dylan]] and [[OurTrollsAreDifferent Natalie]] [[PairTheSmartOnes bond over their AP classes]]. His glasses fog up when she gets a high score on his favorite arcade game.
** In the fourth movie, he is interested in [[TheVamp Scarlet Sinister]] not just for her looks, but also because she speaks Latin the first time he meets her.
* ''Film/Cube2Hypercube''. When Julia tells the nerdy game developer Max that she knows about the computer company Cyberthrill, he excitedly asks her if she's into computer games. It's actually just a subsidiary of the MegaCorp she works for.
* ''{{Film/Cloverfield}}'' has Hud going nuts when his crush mentions Superman. The viral marketing and fake Myspace profile for him confirms that he's a massive geek.
--> "You ''know'' who Superman is!?"

* OlderThanFeudalism: Little actual historical information is known of [[RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms legendary]] Chinese strategist Zhuge Liang's wife Huang, but popular folktales characterize her as a plain-to-unattractive woman who was extremely gifted in astronomy, strategy, and geography. According to a record written around 429 CE, Zhuge Liang asked for Lady Huang's hand in marriage specifically upon hearing of her great intelligence, and he was particularly impressed by her numerous mechanical inventions. (A different version of the story claims that Huang was actually quite beautiful but spread rumors of her own ugliness as a SecretTestOfCharacter for potential suitors. Zhuge Liang was the one who passed. This can still be considered a GeekyTurnOn since in nearly all tellings of the story, both fall in love when they realize they've met their equal in cleverness.)
* Many ImpossibleTask stories, such as the variations on the "peasant girl saves her father from the whims of a capricious king by answering his bizarre riddles; he's so impressed that he marries her" theme. In some versions it even saves the marriage -- the king has a case brought before him about the ownership of a colt (or whatever) and absent-mindedly rules that the man who owned the wagon the colt was born under owns the colt, rather than the man who owns the mare. His wife hears about this and advises the rightful owner to set up a fishnet in the middle of the road when the king rides by, and when asked for an explanation, to say, "It's as easy to catch fish in the middle of the road as it is for a wagon to give birth to a colt." The king gets the message, but is annoyed at being shown up and divorces her -- she can take anything she wants from the palace, but she has to be gone by morning. He wakes up to find himself being trundled down the road in a wheelbarrow; he said she could have anything she wanted, and all she wanted was him. D'awww.
* In Myth/IrishMythology, Cu Chulainn and Emer's first meeting was essentially two [[HollywoodNerd intelligent supermodels]] having a conversation so full of riddles that ''nobody else could understand them''. [[UpToEleven And in modern times, not even THE AUDIENCE can figure it out right off the bat.]]

* Early on in Jim Butcher's ''Literature/WhiteNight'', Murphy quotes ''Film/MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail'' at Harry. He responds with the second half of the quote, and then:
-->'''Harry:''' And you're really turning me on with the Monty Python reference, Murph.
* Admiral Alexander didn't realize his feelings for Literature/HonorHarrington until she embarked on a passionate defense of new weapons systems proposed by her on a board headed by his archrival.
* The title character of ''Literature/TheEnglishPatient'' realizes his attraction to Katharine Clifton when she reads aloud from Herodotus' ''Literature/{{Histories}}''. The [[LoveTriangle story she reads]] probably doesn't hurt.
* If any readers had the slightest doubt whether or not Literature/LordPeterWimsey and Harriet Vane were made for each other, it was dispelled the minute they started quoting the classics at each other; the only person who didn't catch on immediately was Harriet.
* In ''Literature/TheSilmarillion'', Fëanor's wife Nerdanel[[note]]That her name ''contains'' the word "nerd" seems to be a happy coincidence[[/note]]. Considered 'not the fairest among her people', the Noldor widely wondered what the canonically gorgeous king's son and prodigious [[RenaissanceMan polymath]] wanted with her, but Nerdanel became widely renowned for her wisdom, being the only one who could 'restrain Fëanor' in the beginning. She also was a skilled sculptress, whose more abstract works escaped comprehension. Both of these things perhaps comprise an acceptable example of elven geekdom.
* The title character ''Doctor Sally'' by Creator/PGWodehouse starts to take an interest in Bill when she finds out he's not just an IdleRich layabout, but she ''really'' warms up to him when she finds out he can recite all the common bacteria found in milk.
* According to comic-esque novel, ''Literature/TheAbsolutelyTrueDiaryOfAPartTimeIndian'' by Sherman Alexei, the main character's new nerdy friend gets metaphorical boners from books.
* Scherarzade in ''Literature/ArabianNights'' won the heart of a psychopathic tyrant-and cured him of his psychopathy-by telling hundreds of stories while [[TalkingInBed making love.]]
* ''Literature/IAmNotASerialKiller'': Marci proving to be more than a match for John in criminology is the first sign that she's more than a casual SatelliteLoveInterest. She points out an angle for a psych profile that even [[NightmareFetishist he]] hadn't considered....then asks why he's staring at her. John picks up his jaw in time to call her brilliant.
* In one ''Literature/DyingEarth'' story, Guyal of Sfere seeks out the long-lost Museum of Mankind. Facing unknown danger with a young woman he's just met, he emphatically declares his craving for knowledge. Her reply: "Guyal of Sfere, I am yours, I melt for you..."
* In ''Literature/LittleWomen'', Louisa May Alcott commits a WriterRevolt in magnificent fashion. Heroine Jo March winds up married to her best friend and beta-reader, with whom she bonds when he starts editing her stories for her. And it is adorable.
* Queen Ehlana, from ''Literature/TheTamuli'' series, has just assisted a fellow ruler with a [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-coup self-coup]]. In the aftermath, someone requests that Xanetia read Ehlana's current thoughts to prove that she ''can'' read minds.
-->'''Xanetia:''' She hath, as well, certain designs of an intimate nature upon her husband, for political activity doth ever stir that side of her personality.
* In ''Literature/HeartOfSteel'', Alistair's initial interest in Julia is due to his own loneliness and her beauty, but he falls even harder for her when he discovers she is well-versed in medicine (and rants at him about how her leg transplant should be impossible based on what she knows).
* The first time [[TeenGenius Prudence]] and [[TheSmartGuy Scobie]] meet in ''Literature/DontCallMeIshmael'', she is impressed by his debating. He is reduced to GibberishOfLove when she compliments him on it and they later [[PairTheSmartOnes get together]].
--> '''Prue''': You were just brilliant... and trust me, I know brilliant.
* ''Literature/JourneyToChaos'':
** When [[CuteBookworm Annala]] is enchanted to seduce her fellow nerd, her tactics are the minutes of the Mana Mutation Summit and a discussion of them from various religious, social and political perspectives. Eric is quickly won over.
** The Dnnac Ledo public library has a "private reading room" that is implied to be reserved for {{bookworm}}s who get aroused by their studies.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/{{Firefly}}'':
** There's a rather endearing example in "Shindig". The resident WrenchWench, Kaylee, accompanies Mal to a grand ball. She is snubbed for her store-bought dress by the resident AlphaBitch, when an elderly gentleman (in a CrowningMomentOfAwesome) cuts said Alpha Bitch down by commenting on her [[ReallyGetsAround loose corset.]] Kaylee, grateful, starts a conversation with him. A few minutes later, she's surrounded by several more gentlemen engrossed in her highly technical talk of spaceship frames and engines. And when one of them tries to ask her to dance, the rest shush him so Kaylee can keep talking.
** For that matter, Kaylee's arrival on Serenity was the result of another geeky mating call: Kaylee turned up to enjoy some nookie with the previous engineer, but it turned out that she was just sleeping with him because the engine, er, got her engine running, and when it came out that she knew how to fix it and he didn't, he was fired and she was hired.
** Simon agrees, sort of, in "Jaynestown," saying that Kaylee is especially pretty when covered in engine grease.
** Zoe is clearly turned on in the pilot by Wash's awesome flying.
** While prostitution and brothels are widespread throughout the Verse, Companions are highly-educated, cultured, artistic and intelligent women of high status in society (in fact, aside for perhaps Simon and River, Inara is probably of a higher social class ''than the entire rest of the crew'') who are often valued by their clients more for ''these'' reasons than for just their appearance and for the sex.
** Mal's evening with Nandi in "Heart of Gold" starts with a display of her collection of antique weaponry.
* ''Series/StargateAtlantis'': Dr. Weir distracts a scientist by talking about ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft''. Incompetently.
* ''Series/StepByStep'':
** The geeky child and his date have the geek version of SlapSlapKiss: Going back and forth trying to stump each other with increasingly difficult trivia questions turns into a make-out session.
** Another example might be JT falling for [[TomboyishName Sam]] because of her [[WrenchWench skills as a mechanic]]. [[ViewersAreGoldfish Now where have I heard]] ''[[ViewersAreGoldfish that]]'' [[ViewersAreGoldfish before]]?
* ''Series/TheXFiles'''s Mulder has lots of those.
** In "Piper Maru":
--->'''Mulder:''' Looks like the fuselage of a plane. \\
'''Scully:''' It's a North American P-51 Mustang. \\
'''Mulder:''' I just got very turned on.
** In "Chinga":
--->'''Mulder:''' Maybe you don't know what you're looking for. \\
'''Scully:''' Like evidence of conjury or the black arts, or shamanism, divination, wicca or any kind of pagan or neopagan practices. Charms, cards, familiars, bloodstones, or hex signs or any kind of ritual tableaux associated with the occult, santeria, voudoun, macumba, or any high or low magic. \\
'''Mulder:''' Scully? \\
'''Scully:''' Yes? \\
'''Mulder:''' Marry me.
** In "War of the Coprophages":
--->'''Scully:''' The very idea of intelligent alien life is not only astronomically improbable but, at its most basic level, downright anti-Darwinian. \\
'''Mulder:''' Scully...what are you wearing?
** Also, in "Kill Switch", the Lone Gunmen were turned on by Invisigoth's programming expertise much more than by her actual hotness (of which there was a plenty).
** In "First Person Shooter", a record reveals the suspect as a sexy young woman in {{Stripperiffic}} outfit. Byers' reaction: "Holy Toledo..." Frohike's follow-up: "...she is packing a flintlock!"
* In ''Series/TheMiddleman'', Wendy Watson and her boyfriend find an ultra-rare, frequently banned video game. $17 worth of quarters and a victory later, they can't keep their hands off each other.
* On ''Series/VeronicaMars'':
** Mac and Max get into an "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better" conversation about whether Mac can take down Max's term-paper-selling website. Logan picks up on the subtext and wonders if he could sell tickets for this "hot nerd-on-nerd action."
** When Mac sees the supercomputer, she remarks "Hello, lover!"
* On ''Series/{{Chuck}}'', the title character and his girlfriend Jill turn each other on by communicating a time for a meeting through a chemistry-based code to avoid surveillance.
* ''Series/NUMB3RS'': Charlie is trying to break a code for one of his FBI cases, but he's only gotten halfway. Amita looks it over and tells him the solution to the second half. Charlie just stares at her for a moment before blurting out, "Do you want to go out sometime?"
* ''Series/SportsNight'' has Jeremy and Natalie. "Say some computer things. Right now." Subverted in one scene, where Natalie gets hot and bothered over Jeremy's TechnoBabble until she gets mad that he obliviously keeps rambling instead of playing "phone sex" with her.
** In Season 2, when Jeremy and Natalie have broken up, Jeremy is over at a bar one night, and becomes attracted to a woman named Jenny because she corrects him about the parallelogram he's trying to make, and she's turned on by the fact he works at "Sports Night". Subverted again when it actually doesn't go anywhere (though nothing to do with the geeky turn-on; he finds out she's a porn star).
* ''Series/CriminalMinds'': The [[DuelingHackers hacker battle]] between [[PlayfulHacker Garcia]] and Kevin[[note]]who is played by [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Xander]][[/note]], as can be seen [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqtbN_VHXVA here]]. (Note that this is before they'd ever met face-to-face.)
-->'''Garcia:''' Oh, you seriously not trying to backhack me!
* In the last episode of season 5 of ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', Anya comes up with some very helpful suggestions to win the day. Xander's worshipful comment of how hot smart girls are prompts UnluckyChildhoodFriend (now gay) Willow to remark somewhat wistfully, "You couldn't have figured that out in tenth grade?"
* On ''Series/{{Angel}}'':
** Wesley responds to Fred's description of a demon's life cycle ("A Hole in the World") with "Are you trying to turn me on?"
** Cordelia's taste in men is wide-ranging. She's been turned on by financial analysis, Xander's goofy wit, and pretty much everything Wesley said before their disastrous first kiss. The financial analysis bit is a particularly noticeable version of this trope.
---> '''David:''' Oh. That's easy. You could look into seller financing, take over the owner's payments and skip the bank completely, or you could make a play for a preservation grant. Offer to restore the original décor and get the city and the feds to give you a tax break and a loan at a sweetheart rate. Or you could apply for an FHA and get a PMI in lieu of a down payment.\\
''[everyone stares]''\\
'''Cordelia:''' Is anybody else getting warm? Do that 'tax breaks,' FHA and PMI part again.
** Fred. You have no idea. (Probably too many to list.)
---> '''Fred:''' My family used to go to TheNutcracker every Christmas, and I had my first sexual dream about the Mouse King!
* Not stereotypically geeky, but in ''Series/PushingDaisies'', Alfredo Aldarisio becomes intensely attracted to Olive when she asks if he's ever felt like all the oxygen left the room. She's talking metaphorically, but he has a phobia of the Earth literally losing all its atmosphere and everyone floating into space, and feels that she's a kindred spirit.
* ''Series/TheWestWing'' does this a ''ton'':
** Discussed by C.J. and Toby:
--->'''Toby''': You negotiated that?\\
'''C.J.''': Yeah.\\
'''Toby''': And they agreed to it?\\
'''C.J.''': You want to make out with me right now, don't you?\\
'''Toby''': Well, when don't I?
** Or the scene where the President admits that he loves when his wife goes into Doctor mode.
** Or "Process Stories," when Bartlet, Leo and Bruno Gianelli all flirt with their womenfolk using data from that night's landslide election victory.
--->'''Bartlet:''' I won the Dakotas. The Badlands. The Black Hills. But let's go down, way down, to the Deep South and the humid bayou of Louisiana and its nine electoral votes. What manner of man it must take to win the state. Which by the way is the only one operating under the Napoleonic Code of France, and I still don't know what that's all about, but back to me...\\
'''Abbey:''' Hon, this is like, [[LampshadeHanging nerd hot talk]]?\\
'''Bartlet:''' ''(handing her a drink)'' Who's your commander-in-chief?\\
'''Abbey:''' ''(taking it)'' You are.\\
'''Bartlet:''' And do the women like him? Oh yes... to the tune of fifty-eight percent!
** In the second half of 20 Hours for America, Mallory (Leo's daughter) admits to Sam (with whom she has some UnresolvedSexualTension from the first couple of seasons) that she was "weak" after hearing a speech that Sam wrote.
* ''Series/{{NCIS}}'': This happens every now an then when [=McGee=] {{Techno Babble}}s something or other, be it hacking, codes, or cracking something with super geek powers. Abby makes a comment along the lines of, "And it's completely getting me hot"/"Sometime I think I love you". Abby is a master manipulator of this trope too.
-->'''Abby:''' ''(to Gibbs, who has just walked in)'' [=McGee=] is rewiring my hotbox.
-->'''[=McGee=]:''' Thatís er, er, a nickname for a bundle of receptors in the firewall. That regulates the flow of energy throughout the system. See when stimulated correctly it sends waves and waves of rhythmic pulses ''(Gibbs can't even look at [=McGee=] at this point)'' waves, waves that er that hypercrank the er transfer speed, er, that digitised infor- Abby?
* ''Series/{{Star Trek|TheOriginalSeries}}'': Kirk falls for Edith Keeler ("City on the Edge of Forever") not when he sees how pretty she is (and this is Joan Collins, after all) but when he hears her enthusiastically discussing the possibilities of space travel and atomic energy. [[spoiler:And then [[HoYay Spock gets very very jealous]].]]
* From ''Series/{{Castle}}'':
** "Vampire Weekend". They're investigating the murder of a comic artist.
--->'''Castle''': He was good. His stuff reminds me of early Creator/FrankMiller.\\
'''Beckett''': Which Frank? Epic or Dark Horse?\\
'''Castle''': That is the sexiest thing I've ever heard you say.
** And from "Suicide Squeeze":
--->'''Castle''': Did you just use the word "veritable" in a sentence?"\\
'''Beckett''': Yes.\\
'''Castle''': ''Sexy''.\\
'''Beckett''': You should hear me say [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar "fallacious."]]
* In ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'', both Topher and Bennett end up essentially {{Squee}}ing over each other's technological knowledge and aptitude. Not to mention [[ItMakesSenseInContext both Tophers']] reaction to her wearing glasses on a chain.
* In ''Series/TopGear'', pretty much whenever James May talks about physics, like during the Winter Olympics where he explained gravity is pretty much a constant around the world. It gets flung right back at him when, during a challenge, he drives a group of people home from the pub and talked shop with the woman who owned the car. (She knew more about the car than he did.)
* In the ''Series/ICarly'' episode "[=iSaved=] Your Life", Carly tells Freddie that his computer talk is geeky and cute at the same time, leading to her coining the combination word 'cukey'.
* In ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' Ted considers a woman being a ''StarWars'' fan a big turn-on. When he and Barney are hitting on a pair of girls together, and one of them compares the blizzard outside to [[Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack the planet Hoth]], Ted tells Barney, "Dibs."
** A later episode reveals Barney feels the same way, when he and Robin have sex while Robin's wearing the stormtrooper armor visible in his apartment for the whole series.
* ''Series/{{Caprica}}'': This one is a subversion since a): Zoe never liked the military and ''hates'' military technology and b): she ''is'' [[KissMeImVirtual his top secret military robot]]. Although she really did like him, she was still using him.
-->'''Zoe:''' [Extended explanation of how to programme a computer to generate an infinite variety of trees.]
-->'''Philomon:''' [Gazing raptly into her eyes.] "I work with top secret military robots."
-->'''Zoe:''' "That's really hot."\\
(Commence making out)
* ''Series/PeepShow'': "She knows about cubits, she's uncomfortable in her own skin -- she's one of me!"
* In ''Series/{{Bones}}'', after Angela has described a complicated procedure:
-->'''Hodgins''': That's so cool.
-->'''Cam''': You don't even know what that means.
-->'''Hodgins''': No, but I'm really turned on right now. I'm turned on by her brain. I'd like to see her brain totally naked.
-->'''Sweets''': That's really disturbing.
** More recently, when Booth had to temporarily wear glasses when he was having problems with his vision, he was worried about aging but Brennan thought they looked sexy on him. When his vision began to clear, Brennan was actually disappointed because she wanted to see him wearing his glasses in bed. Booth promised Brennan that he would keep the glasses for just such an occasion.
* Henry and Jenny's mutual attraction is built on these in the web series ''WebVideo/WeNeedGirlfriends''.
* The guests on ''Series/{{QI}}'' sometimes exhibit this, given the nature of the show.
** One memorable episode featured Rory [=McGrath=] continually impressing with his knowledge of things like periodic table numbers and latin animal names, to Stephen's increased pleasure.
--->'''Jimmy Carr:''' Rory I believe you've pulled.
--->'''Stephen Fry:''' (Coyly) All it takes is a keen mind.
* Pretty much every attraction in ''Series/{{Fringe}}'' has this at some point. [[spoiler:Peter's reaction to Olivia's ability to count cards, to Astrid's and Olivia's communing on coded messages and many a female viewer's reaction to Peter.]]
* [[Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch Sabrina's]] aunt, [[HotScientist Zelda Spellman]] often falls for guys who share her interest in science. One of the earliest examples is in the episode "The true adventures of Rudy Kazootie" where Zelda gets attracted to Sabrina's biology teacher, Mr. Pool, and vice versa, when talking about some science thing I can't even pronounce[[note]]polyvinyl chloride[[/note]].
* Cody and Bailey from ''Series/TheSuiteLifeOnDeck'' tend to revolt others when they coo nerdy facts to each other and Cody often comments "I love that you know that."
* Surprisingly enough, generally averted on ''Series/TheBigBangTheory''. Whenever Penny expresses an interest or familiarity with any of the guys geeky habits it's generally considered a surprise but nothing so great that it changes how they see her. The fact she hangs out with them ''at all'' is considered enough of an appeal. In one episode she was trying to sort of "lay claim" to them when a new, attractive tenant was shamelessly flirting and manipulating them; her sudden interest in ''Series/{{Battlestar Galactica|2003}}'' was seen as odd, not hot. That said, when [[spoiler: she and Leonard had finally gotten together]] she made a ''StarWars'' reference (complete with listing the proper character and movie) that got Leonard really excited.
** In "The Psychic Vortex," Raj can only convince Sheldon to be his wingman at a university mixer by giving him a [[GreenLantern Lantern]], which Sheldon insists on taking. It attracts two girls, one of whom is mildly interested, and her friend who is clearly head over heels for Sheldon because of it.
** Amy's "experiment" to make Sheldon more attracted to her included "playing doctor, ''Franchise/StarTrek'' style".
** The A plot of "The Holographic Excitation" can basically be described as 'Leonard explains sciencey stuff and Penny jumps his bones for it.'
** "The Egg Salad Equivalency" ends with Penny revealing she bought a pair of nerd glasses in order to invoke this. Leonard's skeptical at first...and then she puts them on.
--> '''Penny''': Molecules.
--> '''Leonard''': Oh my god you look so smart and hot!
--> He then leads her off to his room so he can "take off everything except those glasses...and maybe the boots."
** In a more seirous and sweet example, ''Penny'' undergoes this when she sees Leonard at work. After realizing she doesn't spend as mcuh time with him, she proceeds to observes him at work. She is awestruck by just how confident and comfortable he is teaching her whenever he is in his field and she finds this attractive.
* There was an ''[[Series/SaturdayNightLive SNL]]'' sketch with a phone sex line for nerds. There was a ''Franchise/StarTrek'' girl, a ''Franchise/StarWars'' girl, a ''[[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings Lord of the Rings]]'' girl and a ''Series/DoctorWho'' girl (among others), all of them knowledgeable on their topic.
* On one episode of ''Series/ParksAndRecreation'', OfficialCouple Ben and Leslie are overheard role-playing as political figures.
-->'''Leslie''': Oh, President Reagan, my blazer popped open.\\
'''Ben''': Well, Maggie Thatcher, our countries have always had a... ''special relationship''. Let's see if I can't do something about that for you.
* ''Series/{{Eureka}}'':
** Fargo and Holly. Of course, when you have a character portrayed by Creator/FeliciaDay, you gotta figure it's going to be on the horizon. It's kind of a common situation, given [[SurroundedByGeniuses the setting.]]
** Subverted once when Zane made a basic Doctor Who reference and Lupo didn't understand it. He was very disappointed.
* Claudia on ''Series/{{Warehouse 13}}'' after learning that [[spoiler: Todd]] is in the witness protection program, and instead of being someone who works in a hardware store and knows nothing about computers, is actually a very, ''very'' good hacker. Next scene during their make-out session, she has him talk about computer coding in between kissing.
** Also, in the episode Warehouse 13.1, after fighting robots off with a freaking lightsaber together with {{Series/Eureka}}'s Fargo, she says "Marry me".
** In an earlier episode, Pete complains that Artie sees them as {{Redshirt}}s, and Myka replies that he doesn't see them as Redshirts at all. Pete's reaction: "It is ''awesome'' that you knew what I meant!"
* In ''Series/{{Kingdom}}'', because lawyers are professional geeks. Lyle and his girlfriend Emily in the final episode of the third series:
--> '''Emily''': Anything exciting?
--> '''Lyle''': (''standing up, slightly husky'') Strict liability negligence polluted river case. No win, no fee.
--> '''Emily''': God, I love it when you talk dirty.
--> '''Lyle and Emily''': ''Commence snogging''
* ''Series/DoctorWho'': "I love it when you talk technical."
* In ''Series/PersonOfInterest'', Harold Finch notices Grace Hendricks and thinks she's attractive but only gets seriously interested after he checks her out online and finds out she's an "ardent lover of Charles Dickens." Conversely, Grace lights up when he starts talking passionately about the artistry of Giorgio de Chirico.
** Finch has also shown evidence throughout the series of tending to be attracted to smart, literate women.
* Sherlock's deductions in ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'' have this effect on Watson, in a non-sexual way (probably), but then there was his encounter with Irene Adler
--->'''Sherlock:''' Please don't tell me that was remarkable or amazing. John's already expressed that thought in every way imaginable.
--->'''Irene:''' I would have you right here until you begged for mercy... twice.
* ''Series/{{Community}}'' - Abed accepts offers from both Shirley and Annie to fix him up with a date for a dance, specifically so he can play out the classic TwoTimerDate trope. As he repeatedly changes costumes in the coat room, Rachel the attendant quickly catches on and joins in helping him out. Abed is so caught up in playing, though, that he nearly misses noticing the growing attraction between them.
* ''Series/NCISLosAngeles'': Kensi did like it when Deeks used his detective skills and attention to detail to figure out what happened at a crime scene.
--->'''Deeks:''' (''noticing Kensi is standing behind him grinning'') Oh, yeah? You like that, don't you?
--->'''Kensi:''' (''stepping closer'') I do. I do love when you talk detective.
--->'''Deeks:''' Well, I can talk detective to you all night long.
--->'''Kensi:''' I know you can.
--->'''Deeks:''' (''as Kensi starts to run her hands across his jacket'') I can talk search warrants...chain of custody...
--->'''Kensi:''' (''slightly husky'') Mm-hmm...
* In ''Series/TheVicarOfDibley'', Hugo's proposal to Alice begins "In the words of Creator/SigourneyWeaver in ''Film/{{Aliens}}''..." Alice immediately begins excitedly quoting all her favourite lines, regardless of whether they make sense in context or not. (The one he was going for was "I will never leave you. That's a promise.")
* ''Series/{{Quark}}''. [[TheSpock Ficus]] is unaffected by the LotusEaterMachine in "Goodbye Polumbus", until he sees a beautiful woman in NerdGlasses with whom he can discuss EEqualsMCHammer. She gets ''extremely'' turned on by this, [[BeautifulAllAlong taking off her glasses and letting down her hair]] until she's on the verge of a {{Nerdgasm}}. Cut to her lying next to Fiscus [[SmokingHotSex puffing on a cigarette]]. And he hasn't even got to calculus.
* The titular ''Series/MadamSecretary'', Elizabeth [=McCord=], finds her husband Henry's intelligence (he has a doctorate in theology) ''very'' sexy. [[GoodPeopleHaveGoodSex Almost as sexy as she finds his morals.]]
* ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'': In "The Singularity", Fitz compares his relationship with Simmons to "the singularity in trans-humanism." Simmons is initially confused but as Fitz explains, she follows his reasoning and finds the description both apt and romantic.
-->'''Simmons''': Just to be clear, are you comparing us sleeping together to crossing the event horizon?\\
'''Fitz''': Yeah.\\
'''Simmons''': It's quite lovely when you think about it like that. And also terrifying.\\
'''Fitz''': Yeah, exactly. So we should stop thinking altogether...\\
'''Simmons''': [[FinishingEachOthersSentences And just do.]]

* The song ''Conventional Lover'' by Speck, describing a romantic date in geek terms. And no, "conventional" here does ''not'' mean "stereotypical." It means...well, if you don't know, you're probably on the wrong trope.
* At the end of one concert performance of "In A Little While", after showing footage of the space station, Bono sings "Space travel turns me on." several times.
* The song ''Geeks in Love'' by Music/LemonDemon is completely about this trope.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1IxOS4VzKM This]] cheerful (and NSFW) ditty about Creator/RayBradbury.
* "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk3qkQROb_k Lady Java]]": A cover of Music/LadyGaga's "Music/BadRomance"... [-ABOUT [[UsefulNotes/ProgrammingLanguage JAVA]]-].
* Music/{{Ludo}} does this a lot. In ''Laundry Girl'', for example, the eponymous girl tells the narrator to read ''Literature/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy''.
* [[http://www.thefump.com/fump.php?id=1510 "Get Our Geek On"]] and [[http://www.thefump.com/fump.php?id=33 "Talk Nerdy to Me"]] by Possible Oscar deal with such themes.
* Many a Wizard Rock song, both of the in-character and Meta-WRock varieties.
** Notable xamples of the latter are The Whomping Willows' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mLOJ1tM5Cs "Fall In Love Tonight"]] and Lauren Fairweather's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecV6yeM-kL0 "Painfully Obvious"]].
* Possibly a minor example with MCChris' [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nlaJ4zPbSI Nrrrd Grrrl]].

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Exploited when AJ Lee was sending {{Wrestling/Kaitlyn}} fake messages from a secret admirer. The messages would contain ''Simpsons'' quotes and other various references to things Kaitlyn liked. Behind the scenes, this was Kaitlyn's idea herself; the script called for stock presents like chocolates and jewelry - but she suggested it be things she herself would be turned on by.
* Wrestling/AJLee herself made good use of this when competing on NXT Season 3. She said she was representing all the nerds out there, and wore a Ninja Turtle costume for Halloween. It should be noted that NXT was fan voted.

* In ''Theatre/FiddlerOnTheRoof'', Fyedka first notices Chava at the bookseller's, noting - when he finally manages to talk to her - that "Not many girls in this town are into books."
* In the musical version of Disney's ''Theatre/BeautyAndTheBeast'', it turns out that Belle and the Beast are both huge fans of fantasy books. This scene was first shown in the movie (cut but then restored), however the musical version expands on their conversation more.
* in Steve Martin's play ''Picasso at the Lapin Agile'', when the countess arrives and finds Einstein, she says: "Now what's that you were saying about it being impossible to distinguish motion produced by an outside gravitational force?" and Einstein says aside: "God, she's sexy!"

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* Variation: In a ''ComicStrip/{{Dilbert}}'' [[http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2000-06-20/ comic strip]], Dilbert asked out Webmistress Ming and she asked him why he would be attracted to someone who was never nice to him. He replied that ''"Good personalities are overrated",'' to which she said ''"You're getting me all hot over here".''
** Mordac and Ming also started dating after insulting the other's firewall and HTML skills respectively. They embrace passionately and one says, [[http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2000-06-05/ "Talk COBOL to me, baby!"]]
* ''ComicStrip/{{Foxtrot}}'':
** There are several, with Jason, of course. After Eileen Jacobsen hits on him, he asks Peter to state the specs of a powerful computer so that he can show the same face Eileen made. Peter does. Jason gets a goofy grin and hearts float around his head.
** In another strip, Roger catches Jason ogling a Magazine/NationalGeographic magazine. He expresses pride that Jason is checking out topless tribal women like he used to. GilliganCut to Jason the next day at school showing Marcus the magazine - National Geographic's Apollo 11 issue with "moon map centerfold".
** Another strip has Andy mentioning finding him drooling of Paige's ''Cosmo''. He was looking at a Pentium ad.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClankUpYourArsenal'' introduces Ratchet's GirlOfTheWeek Sasha with her telling him about her impressive space ship, citing size, weaponry, living quarters with game system, etc. Ratchet promptly asks her to marry him ([[ThatCameOutWrong not literally]], just as playful banter). And then she only gets a cameo in the opening of ''[[VideoGame/RatchetDeadlocked Deadlocked]]''.
* Following [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-7YhUx9CoI exchange]] between our two engineers from ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'':
-->'''Gabby:''' The new armor reinforcements really threw off the gravimetric profiles. But engines are good to go. I rebalanced the Gillbourne coefficients and adjusted the anterior intakes on the second tier stabilizers.
-->'''Ken''': I love it when you talk dirty.
* In ''VideoGame/Sly3HonorAmongThieves'', Bentley admits to being sweet on Penelope after she makes a NASA reference.
* In ''VideoGame/PlanescapeTorment'', the ([[NobleDemon reformed]]) succubus Grace runs the 'Brothel Of Slaking Intellectual Lusts' which is exactly what it sounds like- a place where people go to have conversation, ''really good conversation,'' with the lady of their choice. (Well, not always- one of the prostitutes is mute, and her patrons pay money to just talk a lot at her, without fear of being interrupted.) Each 'prostitute' is good at a different type of conversation; for example, Yves loves to tell stories, and Dolora is a RobotGirl of great intelligence who loves debate.
* ''VisualNovel/ComingOutOnTop'' features Phil, a stoic, pragmatic US Marine, who just so happens to get incredibly turned on when the Playable Character succeeds at a pub trivia competition. [[spoiler: If he responds to his admission with 'But was it hotter than Death Valley on July 10, 1913?' he will lose all self control and jump them.]]
* A female Inquisitor romancing Cullen in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeInquisition'' can advance the relationship by joining him for a game of chess. The romance will move forward regardless of who wins, as long as the flirt dialogue options are selected; but if she actually beats him, by choosing the 'play fair' option, he seems particularly interested and wants a rematch.

* Popped up at least [[http://www.galactanet.com/comic/view.php?strip=287 once]] in ''Webcomic/CaseyAndAndy:'' A "geek knowledge" quiz, where Casey mostly scores the big points, while Mary provides slightly blander replies. Then she gets an extremely obscure question about the ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'' 'verse right, and Casey replies, ''"It's so hot that you know that."''
* [[http://www.dominic-deegan.com/view.php?date=2002-09-06 This]] was what caused Webcomic/DominicDeegan to ''really'' start falling for Luna.
* ''Webcomic/{{Narbonic}}'''s Helen Narbon is particularly susceptible to those.
* In an example which might border on {{NSFW}}, Gus of ''Creator/RoosterTeeth'' was [[http://www.roosterteeth.com/media/viewItem.php?id=555 very]] [[http://www.roosterteeth.com/media/viewItem.php?id=556 happy]] when his wife started playing ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft''...
* This is one of the chief recurring themes of ''WebComic/{{xkcd}}''. [[http://xkcd.com/289/ This strip]] is a good example.
** [[http://xkcd.com/474/ And another.]]
** In [[http://xkcd.com/580/ this one]], the male character is beaten up by [[strike: [[{{Series/Firefly}} River]]]] Creator/SummerGlau, and thinks "I've never been so turned on in my life."
** And ''again'' in [[http://xkcd.com/977/ Map Projections]], in which the narrator speaks mainly in armchair psychology... save for the obscure Waterman butterfly projection, which ends with "Are you doing anything tonight?"
* [[http://www.cad-comic.com/cad/20030225 This one]] from ''Webcomic/CtrlAltDel''
* ''Webcomic/{{Unshelved}}'' has an excellent [[http://www.unshelved.com/archive.aspx?strip=20050526 example of this]].
* Random Guy (it's his name, really) is immensely attracted to Jayden from ''Jayden and Crusader'' when Jayden is talking about ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' in a geeky fashion on [[http://www.jaydenandcrusader.com/2009/02/16/page-111/ this page]]
* This one from ''Webcomic/{{Ardra}}'' while her brother and his [[http://www.ardracomic.com/comic/219 girlfriend]] are visiting.
* ''Particulates'': [[http://www.particulatescomics.com/index.php?i=57 "Sorry, I just got the biggest boner of my life right as I was swallowing my drink. It kind of caught me off guard."]]
* ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'': A RunningGag. Sparks consider a good ForScience far more arousing than anything else in the world.
** It seems that the best way to impress Agatha (or any Spark) is with a fully-equipped workshop. Not a euphemism.
--->'''[[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20090824#.Vf2Rp3txU7I Violetta]]:''' ''Jeez'', you Sparks get all into your freakish, twisted, ''courtship rituals...''
** Or [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20100906 a project they can really sink their teeth into]]. Again, not a euphemism.
** [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20060217#.Vf2TzHtxU7I Gil fell in love with Agatha]] before he even knew she was a Spark, simply because she was the first girl he'd ever met who was smart enough to ''understand what he was talking about.''
** His brain pretty much [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20090828#.Vf2RontxU7J melts to a submissive, gooey sludge]] when Agatha wants to [[StrappedToAnOperatingTable Strap Him to an Operating Table]].
--->'''Agatha''': ''HA! There you are!'' Get on the slab - ''I want to get to work!''\\
'''Gil''': ''[[{{Squee}} Wow!]]''\\
'''Moloch''': ...Spooky girl's ''[[NoJustNoReaction all yours]]'', pal.
* ''Webcomic/SaturdayMorningBreakfastCereal'' [[http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?db=comics&id=1318#comic mocks the concept]].
** Also [[http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?db=comics&id=2852 here]], especially in the bonus comic (hover mouse over the red button).
** Invoked by way of a suave pickup line [[http://www.smbc-comics.com/?id=3044 here]].
* In ''Webcomic/SomethingPositive,'' Tamara had an intrauterine device installed after a pregnancy scare. Her boyfriend Mike had been sort of hoping she ''was'' pregnant and got disappointed...until she pointed out she was technically a cyborg now, which perked him up a bit.
** ''Something Positive'' also features [[http://www.somethingpositive.net/nerdrotica/about.shtml Nerdrotica]], Aubrey's phone sex business "for geeks and by geeks"
* Meta Example: Mel'arnach of ''Webcomic/{{Drowtales}}'' suffered several major redesigns both to her attire and her personality. With each remake, she became less insane and more dressed. In a scene that takes place before the reveal, she is shown as completely sane, fully dressed, and discussing clan politics with one of her guards. The fans were delighted.
* ''Webcomic/DovecoteCrest'' provides an example [[http://dovecotecrest.com/comic/short-histories/inklings/ here]].
* ''Webcomic/DumbingOfAge'': AlternateUniverse Amber has started screening potential boyfriends thanks to [[http://www.dumbingofage.com/2011/comic/book-1/05-media-rumble/screening/ her particular Geeky Turn Ons]].
* ''Webcomic/{{Sinfest}}'' [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2008-02-27 demonstrates]] with an IncrediblyLamePun.
* In ''Webcomic/TrippingOverYou'', Milo's interest in Liam began during an extended conversation about [[CavemenVsAstronautsDebate time travel paradoxes]].
* Marten and Dora do [[http://questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=586 this]] in ''Webcomic/QuestionableContent''.
* In ''Webcomic/MysticRevolution'', L33t_ninj4 gets turned on (more than usual) when Lourdes uses [[http://mysticrevolution.keenspot.com/index.php?cid=496 "the word pwn in a sentence"]].
* Harshly (and hilariously) subverted in this [[http://reallifecomics.com/comic.php?comic=title-2947 Real Life]] strip.
** [[http://reallifecomics.com/comic.php?comic=title-2056 This example]] from ''Webcomic/RealLifeComics''.
* In ''Webcomic/SkinHorse'', Nick gets turned on by [[http://skin-horse.com/2013/sweetheart-wasnt/ girls who know about Smart Hulk, and which comics he appears in]].
* ''Webcomic/TheFoxSister'': Alex crushes hard on Yun Hee after finding out she's [[http://www.thefoxsister.com/index.php?id=101 studying biology]].
* In ''Webcomic/{{Subnormality}}'', the geeky talk of a hot costumer makes the owner of a hobby shop literally [[http://www.viruscomix.com/page429.html melt]].
* Schtein in ''Webcomic/StringTheory'' falls for Delia the moment she suggests a way to improve the station's plasma fusion generator.
* When Ramona of ''Webcomic/StickyDillyBuns'' [[http://www.stickydillybuns.com/strips-sdb/Open_and_honest reminisces about her sexual past,]] it turns out that her turn-ons can get ''very'' geeky...
-->'''Ramona:''' He started by whispering my yaoi pull list into my ear.
* Happens to the male character in [[http://narbonic.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/kirk.jpg this]] strip by Derek Kirk Kim.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Mister Cool of the Literature/WhateleyUniverse is a supervillain who in Real Life is a physics grad student. When a fellow physics grad student (female) realizes he has built his own working cryogenic armored suit, she doesn't call the police. She jumps him.
* Happens in [[http://notalwaysright.com/fortunately-for-us-both-i-like-crazy/22447 this]] Website/NotAlwaysRight story: A client calls a phone sex hotline, asks the girl to call herself "Cortana"... and she turns out to be a ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'' fan herself.
* Arthéon from ''Series/{{Noob}}'' is TheRoleplayer, but is surrounded by people who tend to PlayTheGameSkipTheStory. He immediately falls in love when he meets a female player who shares his interest in the game's background and his dream to find a unique item [[spoiler:and wants to marry her after finding the item in question at her side]].
* WebSite/TextsFromLastNight has [[http://www.textsfromlastnight.com/Text-Replies-17785.html quite]] a [[http://www.textsfromlastnight.com/Text-Replies-57233.html few]] [[http://www.textsfromlastnight.com/Text-Replies-56081.html gems]].
* In [[http://crysta1-queer.tumblr.com/post/147393751289/ceebee-eebee-xshiromorix this]] Tumblr post, a complaint about the "craziness" of the English language elicits a lengthy etymology session from another user. Yet another Tumblr user reblogs the entire lesson, commenting, "I have never been so turned on in my entire life."
* ''WebVideo/AnalystBroniesReact'': After Applejack kicks away a boulder, a picture of Maud Pie proposes to her.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* The ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' episode "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back" combines this with an InsultBackfire. The Central Bureaucracy inspector Morgan Proctor finds out that Fry is a slob, and in her own words...
-->'''Morgan:''' Admit it, Fry: You're a slob. ''[she kisses him]'' A dirty, filthy slob. ''[she kisses him again]'' Dirty boy! Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!\\
'''Fry:''' What the hell's going on? I thought you were anti-dirty, not pro-dirty.\\
'''Morgan:''' I'm surrounded by neat freaks every day. There's nothing kinkier to me than a filthy slop-jock like you.\\
'''Fry:''' [[InsultBackfire (bashful) Oh, stop!]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' episode ''Lisa's Wedding'' (set in the future) Lisa and Hugh are reading a book together to decide who could read it faster:
-->'''Hugh:''' I'll get the dictionary.\\
'''Lisa:''' Why?\\
'''Hugh:''' You'll see when you get there: the word "stochastic".\\
'''Lisa:''' "Pertaining to a process involving a randomly-determined sequence of observations". [They make out]
* On ''[[WesternAnimation/TotalDrama Total Drama Action]]'', [[SassyBlackWoman Leshawna]] seems to secretly enjoy watching her nerdy love interest, Harold, practice his weird yo-yo tricks. [[ShipTease So does]] [[AlphaBitch Heather]].
* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/TotallySpies'', Alex falls hard for a TV character, but then is crushed when she discovers that he is a computer-animated virtual character. However, she immediately falls for the computer programmer who created the character.
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}'', Krieger's hologramatic girlfriend gets this at the thought of UsefulNotes/NeilDeGrasseTyson.
* In ''WesternAnimation/CloudyWithAChanceOfMeatballs'', Flint immediately falls for Sam when he sees her knowledge on science.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* The word 'sapiophilia' means turned on by intelligence.
* Some historians theorize that Cleopatra was not that physically attractive, but rather was considered so partially because she was so smart; among other things, she was fluent in several languages. Being politically powerful also didn't hurt.
* In countries in which respectable women were traditionally cloistered, it has sometimes been the case that courtesans were able to ply their trade less because of their looks and more because they were educated and could carry on an interesting conversation.
* President UsefulNotes/JohnAdams fell for his wife Abigail ''precisely'' because she was a bluestocking who could match wits with him and enjoy it. They flirted passionately using allusions to Classical literature -- both before and after their marriage -- while also discussing the political situation of the day in exhaustive detail. Abigail was well-read, well-informed, and well-educated, and John was never afraid to ask her for advice; she served as his chief adviser throughout his life. And they produced some of the spiciest love letters ever written.