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[[caption-width-right:204:At first I was like...]]

->''"They kept on losing me. They would bring out a new album and for a few listenings it would leave me cold and confused. Then, gradually it would begin to unravel itself in my mind. I would realise that the reason I was confused was that I was listening to Something that was simply unlike anything that anybody had done before."''
-->--'''Creator/DouglasAdams''' on Music/TheBeatles, ''The Salmon Of Doubt''

You watch a movie and something about it just seems off, you don't like it. One night, as you get up for a midnight snack, you open the refrigerator door and the light dawns on you, "This is the real purpose behind this plot!"

Because you had that epiphany, what once was a hated moment has become one of your favorites.

Compare HilariousInHindsight, HeartwarmingInHindsight and ItMakesSenseInContext. See also AscendedFridgeHorror for writers applying prior FridgeHorror in a way analogous to Fridge Brilliance.

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[[caption-width-right:204:...but then... '''I lol'd''']]

'''Warning: High chance of unmarked spoilers'''
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* [[http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBgQtwIwAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DLG0zDltjL_o&ei=N465TtXvGfHEsQKL8NyvCA&usg=AFQjCNFj3Tpd4S8gZXkkjhMpUpFiR0CKUw This Sour Skittles commercial]] is funny to some, gross to many, and was apparently banned. But as tasteless as many may find it, it is actually quite clever if you think about what it is probably referencing. There was a NickToon called RockosModernLife, which could be seen as the original SpongebobSquarepants but way more intelligent, in an episode from the first season (a season that was more like a milder RenAndStimpy than a smarter Spongebob) Rocko and his friend Heffer who is a steer go to a cattle ranch, after a night in the barn Heffer wakes up to a farmer milking him with a machine, this scene was eventually banned (contrary to popular belief it wasn't banned for a few years). The characters in this show are all humanoid animals, and in the Skittles commercial a man is milking a creepy old guy for unknown reasons!
* In the Old Spice "I'm A Man" commercial, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owGykVbfgUE the man your man could smell like]] goes through two different setting changes and a costume change onscreen. Normally I wouldn't give that two seconds' worth of notice. HOWEVER. This particular commercial uses its dialogue to distract you from the obviousness. Until the end of the commercial, by which time the very charismatic man has jumped from being wrapped in a towel after a shower, to being shirtless in khakis with a sweater draped over his shoulders appearing to be on a cruise ship, to sitting majestically astride a horse. At which point he says, "I'm on a horse." Not only is this a fantabulous {{Captain Obvious}} moment, it's an absolutely brilliant lampshade of the entire commercial by way of drawing your attention back at the end to the way everything changed so fast. Not to mention it makes the commercial really memorable. FRIDGE BRILLIANCE, I SAY.
** There is an 11-year old who [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGbK0YiOKWo recreated this commercial]] for his mom, and at first you think, "Aw, cute, the boy your man could smell like"...until the clouds and shirt drop down from above and the awesomeness quotient is taken [[UpToEleven up to eleven.]]
* In the other Old Spice [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C42io-nmu6M "I'm a man"]] commercial, they use similar scene changing tactics with a man who goes from skiing to sitting in his chair reading to pumping iron to driving golf balls. At one point later in the commercial we see the man saying, "But I don't use [Old Spice]..." he then pulls off a latex mask of the mans face Mission Impossible style, revealing himself to be a sexy blonde, "...because I'm a woman." The man approaches from behind, "Just kidding! I'm not a woman..." and it goes on. A bit of thought reveals a pseudo-subliminal message. If you do not use Old Spice, you are a woman.
* The true purpose of both of the Old Spice ads, which have all kinds of random scene changes that come out of nowhere, is to tell you that Old Spice '''''[[StealthPun makes no scents.]]'''''
* In the M&M commercials, the smart guy is the plain red M&M, and the dumb one is the peanut yellow M&M. Get it? The yellow one is a peanut-brain!
** [[StealthPun Uhh...]]
* There's an ad for {{Mac}}, with "Choose A Vista". PC spins the wheel, and lands on Lose A Turn. Mac retorts with "Didn't you make this?". Most people would see this as a WhatAnIdiot moment, but in reality, PC loses his turn, so it's now Mac's turn to Choose A Vista.
** Of course, this could still fall under WhatAnIdiot, since Mac has no ''reason'' to choose a Vista.
*** But he can.
*** This even adds to the Fridge Brilliance; the joke in these commercials is that PC is a bit rubbish, over-complicated and nowhere near as clever as he thinks he is. Of ''course'' he'd include an utterly redundant 'miss-a-turn' option to a game that only he was ever going to play.
**** Unless, of course, he included it [[TheChessmaster because he knew the Mac would be there, and wanted to get the Mac to participate]].
* Heineken's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-EeOursbDA "The Tiger"]] ad ostensibly seems to have UnfortunateImplications, what with the woman being the "prey". Unless you consider the possibility that the "prey" is the attractive woman's ''interest'', not the woman herself. Even if he's asking the older woman for a dance just to get the younger woman interested, all three people (mum, woman and man) probably know that. And he's just demonstrated a willingness to make more than the usual effort at getting the woman's attention.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGN9bxmGQJs This TMNT action figure commercial.]] Initially, one might not understand why it opened with Donatello saying "Wowie! Recycling works!" However, that clip of animation was used in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7zq5A352Fs this earlier TMNT action figure commercial]]. Apparently, recycling really DOES work!
* {{SBS}}'s latest slogan is "Six Billion Stories and Counting": it's not just talking about describing the diversity of humanity, but it's also [[FunWithAcronyms their initials]].
* On the "USA Prime Credit" Discover Card commercials, the name of the operator possibly isn't "Advertising/{{Peggy}}", it's "Пэги" (Pegi)!
* To some people, Chick-fil-A's advertising campaign, featuring cows and frequent mention of the words "Eat Mor Chikin" (sic) might seem like it should make no sense and instead be another ill-conceived DadaAd marketing style, ''however''... putting emphasis on the cows makes sense, because the res''taur''ant chain serves ''chicken'' as its main product, the people who go there are not eating the ''beef'' from cows and thus saving them from being slaughtered! Thus, the cows are getting the word out to "Eat Mor Chikin" so that they won't have to be eaten themselves! It's a strange, but very memorable line of commercials and print advertising. gi
** Which promptly gives way to FridgeHorror when you realize the mascot on the kid's meals is a ''chicken''.

* [[AmbiguousSituation Ambiguity]] is, and has always been, a cornerstone of {{surrealism}}, by why is that? Surrealism is the practice of adapting the human subconscious (i.e. dreams) into artistic mediums. It's not possible to interpret dreams with absolute certainty.

[[folder:Classical Mythology]]
* Pandora's Box initially portrays the addition of Hope to the world as uplifting and positive. The myth, though, can be painting hope as another evil. Or, since hope is the only thing left in the box, there is no hope. Dark stuff, either way.
** Hope may not be out of the chains of Pandora's Box yet. Or maybe it's just another evil. But only it may deliver us. So what must we do? Stay hopeful.
** Another translation is that ''foreboding'' was left trapped in the box - so we won't know about all the miserable suffering that life will deliver us and can therefore stay hopeful.
** Perhaps hope is truly evil. After all, with hope alone, action is never taken
* Garlic repels vampires and can also repel insects if you eat enough of it for it to build up in your body. Aside from vampires, what's the ''other'' most notorious bloodsucking fiend on the planet?

* Pandora's box can be a euphemism for the female nether regions. So opening the box is the same as child birth. The children born are in essence the next generation. The ancient Greeks saw what mankind had been doing until then (wars, killing, etc...) and pictured themselves a bleak future. Each child born would just add to the crimes of humanity. BUT there was still hope. Maybe the child would grow up to be a better person than all those that came before it. This being said, it is a rather misogynistic view: it's the womans fault to put evil into this world.

** One can also argue that since the box contains nothing but evil (all kinds of diseases, death, suffering,...), that maybe hope itself is also an unrecognised evil. Maybe hope is just a cruel joke of the gods, to let man struggle in life while all is lost anyway. Maybe hope is just a device from the gods to add more suffering to the suffering already innate in mankind.

* After watching another ''Sunrise'' series on Youtube, you might notice something: When the main ''Sunrise'' logo appears, that little green ball (which I had always assumed was just that), spread its little mechanical wings to land on the "i". ''[[TeamPet It's a freaking HARO!!!]]'' And [[MobileSuitGundam what Sunrise Meta-Series]] gave us the Haro? It's basically transcended the Gundam multiverse to become a symbol of the entire Studio company!
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFmPxamXbFU In this video]], the environments are a little weird, from ''Film/TwentyEightDaysLater'' to Franchise/TheHauntedMansion to a strange forest, thematically, these don't make sense, then, near the end, [[spoiler: they find a bed lying about]], it dawns to the players:
-->[[spoiler: Oh, I get it! It was ''[[AllJustADream all a dream]]''!]]
* After playing on ''VisualNovel/NineHoursNinePersonsNineDoors'', I thought that the subtle addition system the creators used within the game (known as digital root") would be an interesting way to do LampshadeHanging. But then I noticed something odd after browsing through TV Tropes: ThirteenIsUnlucky -> 13 -> 1 + 3 = 4 -> FourIsDeath. OhCrap, how closely related are these tropes anyway?
* The roots of rock music can be traced to blues, which got its roots from jazz, which got ''its'' roots through African-American gospel...which explains ThePowerOfRock, especially its potential for fighting evil: because of its roots in [[GodIsGood God's music]]!
* The moon was believed to be a woman by many ancient civilizations. Many would go on a conspiracy trip and point out that it was a divine revelation or something. Then again, how much does the lunar cycle last?
** St. Valentine's Day is on February 14th. This may be just a simple coincidence, but when you think about it February has only 28 days. What happens around the middle of the menstrual cycle? ''Women[[note]]and most female individuals of any hominid species[[/note]] ovulate and are more horny''.
** It may, however, have romantic connotation because of some European birds pairing off around the time of the festival of St. Valentine.
* The first episode of a television series is called the ''pilot'', because it's the first to air.
** This is actually a two-for: It is also called a ''pilot'' because it steers or pilots the direction the show is going to go in.
* The answer to the "Why does the chicken cross the road?" question. The [[CaptainObvious obvious]] answer is to get to the other side. The brilliance kicks in when you realize that "the other side" could also mean death. [[DrivenToSuicide Must be one hell of a depressed chicken...]]
** The Chicken Joke is an example of an "Unjoke", where the punchline is deliberately not funny. This goes contrary to the ''expectation'' of a punchline, which is what makes punchlines funny in the first place. Note that an Unjoke is really only funny the first time you hear it; it falls apart once you know how it ends.
** So it's a SubvertedTrope of PunchLine?
* WhamLine and PunchLine are actually very closely related tropes, as what is a Punchline to a joke except a WhamLine PlayedForLaughs?
* The word "weird" violates one of the most basic grammatical rules ("I before E except after C") that has been beaten into our heads since first grade. But then I realized...''this is the word we use for describing things that are out of order or otherwise bizarre''. ''Of course'' it would violate a basic rule like that.
** This actually isn't that weird. There are more words that violate this saying then there are words that follow it. [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_before_E_except_after_C Read here]]
* The Statue of Liberty was built in France. Who better to welcome immigrants to American than someone who came from another country to become a recognized American icon?
* The Big Bang. Why is it named the "Big Bang" when it's not an explosion? Well, [[SexTropes how did]] ''[[SexTropes your]]'' [[SexTropes life begin?]]
* You know how fascism sought to rebuild society and establish complete governmental control over peoples lives, ''and'' how it often hearkened back to a mythologized past? Note carefully that, unlike reactionary movements, fascists looked back not to the recent past but the very remote past. For instance, Hitler looked back to the Teutonic tribes of the Dark Ages and Late Antiquity, and Mussolini looked back to the old Roman Empire. It turns out that all of this hangs together: the further back in time fascists go, the easier it is simply to make things up, and (once they're in power) to control what "history" is invented. Think of it, if a modern fascist movement were to advocate turning back the clock to TheFifties, when everyone wore kimonos, performed human sacrifices, and married their siblings, there are plenty of people alive who would cry B.S., with records (including movies and TV shows) to back them up. Even going back a century or two, or a few more, you still have plenty of inconvenient records (the works of Dickens, Cooper, Irving, and even Shakespeare) that limit what can be invented. However, going back to the far remote past, where records are limited, and in a language less intelligible to modern people, gives a prospective fascist movement far more freedom. This way, they can rule by appealing to tradition without, you know, actually having to respect or being bound by actual traditions. After all, most people can't be go to the primary sources and discover the truth; and, if a few pesky scholars and reference books get in the way -- hey, that's what anti-intellectualism and book-burning is for!
* In 1989, General Motors took the Chevrolet models that were rebadged import cars ("captive imports") and renaming them as the Geo sub-brand. The smallest of these was a rebadged Suzuki Swift called the Metro. It took a while to realize that Geo Metro sounds a lot like geometric.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* The Royal Rumble 2010. Triple H was number 8. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, it was 8 years since the Royal Rumble was held in Atlanta, Georgia, and 8 years ago, Triple H won the Rumble.
* The PG-era in general. Back when first enacted, they'd literally stop the match if someone was bleeding to patch them up and wrestlers would apologize immediately after shows for using words like ass. Now that they've let up on these restrictions in 2011, it's become shocking again when wrestlers say ass or douchebag (see Wrestling/CMPunk) and the few times when wrestlers bleed make huge impacts in storylines (see Wrestling/CodyRhodes).
* Some people wonder why Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin turned in the first place in 2001. However, the ShockingSwerve doesn't seem so shocking you realize (A) Austin [[TheBadGuyWins lost a grueling final battle against]] Triple H, [[KarmaHoudini the man who had him run over by a car and took him out of action for nearly a year]] and (B) Vince [=McMahon=] appointing his then-wife Debra as the manager of his ''[=WrestleMania=]'' opponent [[Wrestling/DwayneJohnson The Rock]] against any of their wishes, which resulted in Austin being unable to protect her from an Ankle Lock from Wrestling/KurtAngle. Austin's line of "I need to win this, Rock" was him crossing the DespairEventHorizon meaning, days away from WrestleMania and the most important match of his comeback from neck surgery, ''Austin '''looked weak'''''. Austin's stare in his locker room shortly before his match taking place was him after making the deal with Vince [=McMahon=].
** Likewise, this can seen as the ultimate victory for Vince [=McMahon=] after being humiliated by Austin in two ''[=WrestleMania=]s'' over the past three years. Vince's appointment of [[UnwittingPawn Debra]] as The Rock's manager was a way to weaken Austin and [[BatmanGambit play off his insecurities over not defeating Triple H]]. Since Vince couldn't beat Austin, ''[[MoreThanMindControl he made Austin join him.]]''
* Why did Wrestling/{{Ted DiBiase}} choose the Netherlands Antilles and Palm Beach, Florida as seasonal residences? Both of them are famous tax havens.
* Wrestling/{{Ivory}} tried administering SoapPunishment to Wrestling/{{T|erriPoch}}ori during their hardcore [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwf-wm.html WWE Women's Title]] match on the September 6, 1999 ''Raw.'' Her name is ''Ivory'', after all.
* The forming of the Revolution in WCW:
** Due to RicFlair's increasing abuse of power, ChrisBenoit and DeanMalenko left the Four Horsemen to join ShaneDouglas and PerrySaturn. ECW fans who watched WCW would remember that Benoit, Douglas, and Malenko were the original Triple Threat. Ironically, the event that caused Saturn to join forces with Benoit included another former member of the Triple Threat: Bam Bam Bigelow.
** Some of Shane Douglas's hatred of Ric Flair stems from Flair's penchant for politicking and holding others down. In essence, with Benoit and Malenko being nothing more than hired guns for Ric's son, David, the United States Champion at the time, he neutralized two major threats at one time, further proving Shane's point about Flair.

* The summer-2011 jingle for Quebec radio station Rythme FM was "Ça me fait du bien" ("It does me good")...which can also be heard as "''Summer'' fait du bien".
* In Adventures in Odyssey, Lucy fell head-over-heels for Richard Maxwell. Could it be that he sort of resembled her recently deceased [[http://www.aiowiki.com/wiki/Nathan_Carlson#CharactersPlayed father]]
** Another bit of Fridge Brilliance is Eugene being at Campbell County rather than an Ivy League university. Campbell county had a program for prodigies, and Eugene was (essentially) an orphan. He stayed at CCCC as an adult out of loyalty.

[[folder: Sports]]
* In the UsefulNotes/NationalFootballLeague, one of the most bitter rivalries are between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins. It's also amazing if you think about the historical side of respective names of the two teams. Cowboys had always been one of the most iconic representation of the American pioneers and settlers who went to the Wild West. On the other hand, Redskins (or Indians or Native American, take your pick) are the native people of the Americas. Historically, the American pioneers tend to get into conflict with the indigenous people of the land. So the name Cowboys and Redskins are actually fitting names to show the bitter rivalries between the two teams.
** Consider further that until the Dallas Cowboys came around in 1960, the Redskins were the main NFL team for the South in a league with mainly East Coast and Midwest roots (do note that the public idea of the border between Yankee and Southern culture is has shifted southwards in the past century - until recently Baltimore and Washington were considered Southern cities in culture, and there is a reason the Mason-Dixon Line is the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania). When the Dallas Cowboys came around, they suddenly had competition.
* Trevor Bayne winning the 2011 Daytona 500 has a few examples of this.
** {{NASCAR}} had put in place a rule starting in 2011 where drivers could only compete for one championship (Hoping to limit the number of Sprint Cup drivers competing in the Nationwide Series). Over Speedweeks, Sprint Cup drivers won both the Camping World Truck Series (Michael Waltrip) and Nationwide Series (Tony Stewart) races. Bayne, competing as a full-time Nationwide Series driver, wins the Sprint Cup Series biggest race with a part-time team with partial sponsorship.
** Also this was Bayne's second race, tying the record for fewest starts to a first win with Jamie [=McMurray=], the defending winner of the 500 at the time.
* Speaking of NASCAR: that double yellow line that you can't make a pass under at Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway? It's the same double yellow line you can't cross to pass slower traffic on civilian roads!
* In Chess, when going over a Grand Master's game around move, say 12, a bishop will move to a square that has no reason for immediately. Then at the end, that "misplaced" bishop will be vital where it is.