The average viewer only knows so much about the science and methodology of solving crimes. If they're going to understand your [[CrimeAndPunishmentSeries Crime and Punishment]] story at all, you're going to have to rely on a couple of standard crime-solving tricks. This is the AppliedPhlebotinum of the MysteryOfTheWeek.

Though shows have gotten better over the years (probably because the audience has gotten smarter or better informed), quite a few of these tricks don't actually work, or don't work nearly as well as they do on TV.

* BitterAlmonds
* CondensationClue
* ConvictionByContradiction
* EnhanceButton
* FacialRecognitionSoftware
* FingerprintingAir
* ForensicAccounting
* GoingByTheMatchbook
* GPSEvidence
* IdentificationByDentalRecords
* TheKillerWasLeftHanded
* LocardsTheory
* OmniscientDatabase
* SuperIdentikit
* WritingIndentationClue