->''"False Dichotomy: This is where you say that there are only two choices, when actually there are more. For instance, you might say that someone is either alive, or they're dead, ignoring the fact that they might be Dracula. Or you might say that if someone's not a Democrat, they must be some sort of Republican, ignoring the very real possibility that they could be Dracula."''
-->-- '''Creator/LoreSjoberg''', [[http://youtube.com/watch?v=oyK1LTfLXiM Alt Text episode 5,]] "Logical Fallacies"

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A false dichotomy,[[note]]("Die-cot-uh-me/Dai-cot-ah-mi")[[/note]] also known as either/or reasoning, the black/white fallacy, false dilemma, or binary thinking, is when just two options are presented for something when there are actually (many) others. Moreover, the two options presented are rigged to favour one answer. There are two ways of doing this:

'''Classic'''. One choice is an unacceptable extreme, the presenter hopes the target will commit to the not-unacceptable-extreme option: "Kill the children, or buy their cookies."

'''Polarization'''. Both choices are unacceptable extremes, the presenter hopes the target will commit to the less-unacceptable option: "Kill the children with their own cookies, or only kill half of them."

Reality is rarely so simple, unforgiving, or rigged. Instead of an artificial binary choice favouring an ideology, life offers a diverse landscape of choices and consequences.

A more subtle form is to argue that a statement of support for one thing means the speaker opposes another thing which is ''seen to be'' an opposed position, but which is not actually mutually exclusive with it at all:

-->'''Alice:''' I like cats.\\
'''Bob:''' Why do you hate dogs?

This binary approach is also a common media trope. Simply put: it is a lot easier for an audience to understand a story where characters are villains ''[[BlackAndWhiteMorality or]]'' heroes.[[note]]This even extends to troping behavior; TheHero and the BigBad are ''not'' obligatory tropes in a story, but many morally complex characters still [[ShoehornedExample get shoehorned into these roles]].[[/note]] In the simpler romances, it is more straightforward if characters exhibit a transcendent love, or an excoriating hate. Contrast GoldenMeanFallacy. Necessary for someone to be able to TakeAThirdOption (though, of course, doing that instantly subverts this trope by revealing the falsity of the dichotomy). A SadisticChoice is similar, except ''all'' of the given options are horrible. Compare and contrast the SemanticSlipperySlopeFallacy.

SuperTrope to:
* AllMythsAreTrue
* AppealToIgnorance: Claiming that something must be either true or false because nobody has proved otherwise.
* BlackAndWhiteInsanity
* GoodGirlsAvoidAbortion: When putting the baby up for adoption isn't even mentioned as a possibility.
* IfJesusThenAliens
* NoBisexuals
* NoTrueScotsman
* PerfectSolutionFallacy
* TheEnemyOfMyEnemyIsMyFriend: This invokes the false dilemma that you and your "friend" must be on the same side, simply because you both oppose the same thing.
* ThereAreTwoKindsOfPeopleInTheWorld
* WithUsOrAgainstUs
* MadonnaWhoreComplex; denies that a woman can be moral and ethical, and sexually active or desirous at the same time. She is either one or the other.

The inverse is called '''Denying the Correlative''', wherein someone attempts to TakeAThirdOption where there ''is'' no third option. For example, being asked a yes or no question and answering "maybe."

!!! '''Looks like this fallacy but is not:'''

* There really are only two options. If a cafeteria only serves tea or coffee and you ask for a drink, "tea or coffee?" is not presenting a false dilemma.
* The choices are "A" or "Not A". In this case, "Not A" encompasses ''everything'' that isn't "A", even if that category is massive. For example, "You're either a Conservative, or not a Conservative," does include all possibilities, even though "Not a Conservative" includes liberals, libertarians, anarchists, or any other political philosophy that isn't simply conservatism by another name.
* The act of presenting two options ''makes there become'' just two options. For example, if asked to call heads or tails on a coin, it can be assumed any other states the coin might land in are going to be discarded.
* There really are only two options, even though there's a third (semi-)option that comes from combining (bits of) the other two. This is usually due to a linguistic quirk of English whereby both the Inclusive Or (A or B or both) and Exclusive Or (A or B but never both, often abbreviated xor) are both just 'or'. E.g. the statement "Everyone reading this page is alive or a human" is true for an Inclusive Or, but not for an Exclusive Or. Naturally, most statements like that are misleading in general speech. See the trope MathematiciansAnswer.

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* ''Anime/ZankyouNoTerror'': During their first bombing, Twelve gives a bomb to his classmate Lisa to make Nine remember their mutual painful memory. Nine calls Lisa and gives her two options; join them as an accomplice or die as a victim. [[spoiler: obviously she chooses staying alive. ]]

* During the initial promotion for ''ComicBook/CivilWar'', Marvel released a pair of message board signature images reading either "I'm with ComicBook/CaptainAmerica" or "I'm with ComicBook/IronMan". Within days, fans were creating their own versions by the dozens, the most popular being: "You're all fucked when [[Comicbook/PlanetHulk the Hulk gets back]]" or '''''"THOU ART NO THOR"!'''''
* ComicBook/SpiderMan: Threat or Menace?

* ''Film/AFewGoodMen'': Colonel Jessup, after having been accused of killing one of his own men (admittedly by accident): "I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom I provide, then questions the manner in which I provide it! I'd rather you just said thank you and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand a post." (You are either at war or not a soldier, used against a Military Lawyer)
* The "Battle of Wits" from ''Film/ThePrincessBride'' presents this. The Man in Black puts two goblets between them and asks, "Where is the poison?" Vizzini goes through dozens of justifications and possibilities for why one would poison either one, trying to stall for time. Either way, he never considers that [[spoiler:they were both poisoned. Vizzini pulled the fallacy on himself, since the Man in Black never said that only one of the goblets was poisoned.]]
* {{Defied|Trope}} in ''Film/DonnieDarko'''s “Life Line” classroom scene:
-->'''Donnie''': Well, life isn't that simple. I mean, who cares if Ling Ling returns the wallet and keeps the money? It has nothing to do with either fear or love.
-->'''Kitty Farmer''': Fear and love are the deepest of human emotions.
-->'''Donnie''': Okay. But you're not listening to me. There are other things that need to be taken into account here, like the whole spectrum of human emotion. You can't just lump everything into these two categories and then just deny everything else.
* Layla from ''Film/SkyHigh2005'', asked to demonstrate her powers, claims that the hero/sidekick dichotomy is a false one, but is cut off by Boomer declaring her a sidekick.
* ''Franchise/StarWars'': ''Film/RevengeOfTheSith'': Two for one, but only one called out:
-->'''Anakin''': If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy!
-->'''Obi-Wan''': Only a Sith deals in absolutes.
** Obi-Wan's own answer becomes this fallacy, because his argument is "either you do not deal in absolutes and are not a Sith (choice A) or you do and therefore are a Sith (choice B)" with no possibility of a middle ground. Since Obi-Wan's reply is an absolute statement (it lacks any qualifiers), his logic would mean he is also declaring ''himself'' to be a Sith.
* ''Film/ThankYouForSmoking'': Nick Naylor's career as a tobacco lobbyist runs on this, using rapid attacks of ChewbaccaDefense, InsaneTrollLogic, and MovingTheGoalposts to discredit his opponents, thereby making himself looking like the smarter one by comparison. As he explains it to his son during a theoretical debate exercise, "I proved that you're wrong. And if you're wrong, I'm right."

* There's a standard joke about someone moving to Northern Ireland and being asked by the locals if they're Protestant or Catholic: when they explain that they are in fact atheist/Buddhist/Muslim/other, the locals respond "Yes, but are you a Protestant or a Catholic atheist/Buddhist/Muslim/other?"
** Similar joke: an atheist is asked but is asked to clarify "...is it the Protestant God or that Catholic God you don't believe in?"
* [[http://www.blap.com/joke.php?query=176 This joke]] includes one at the end. The third interviewee presumes that the prospective employer must wear contacts, as it would be hard to wear glasses without ears. Apparently, it did not occur to the interviewee that his prospective employer might not require any correction to his vision at all.
* If you see a $5 note and a $10 note on the ground, which would you pick?
* "That city only has prostitutes and troops!" "My mom lives there!" "She's guaranteeing the town safety."
* At an asylum, a patient's sanity is tested by filling a bathtub with water, then asking the patient to empty it in the shortest time possible, given a choice between a cup and a bucket for doing so. A sane person would choose [[spoiler:to [[TakeAThirdOption pull out the plug]]]].
* One common joke involves a kid riding a bicycle (or donkey, in some versions) across a border with a sack of straw every day for years; a suspicious border guard stops him every time and checks the sack for smuggled goods, never finding anything. When the two meet years later and the officer asks what the kid was actually smuggling, the answer is "bikes/donkeys". The false dichotomy comes in because the guard falsely assumed that the kid was either smuggling something in the sack, or not smuggling at all.

* A ''Franchise/SherlockHolmes'' [[OutlivedItsCreator sequel-by-other-hands]] has Holmes called upon to judge which of two violins is the one Davy Crockett played at the Alamo. He quickly identifies one as a fake, but realises [[spoiler: that he was intended to; the owner wanted him to declare ''a'' violin as genuine, and so was presenting him with the false dichotomy of "which one's the fake?" They both are.]]
* In ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'', Bella believes she must either be with Edward or with Jacob. She also believes she must either become a vampire or grow old. Later, she believes that [[spoiler: she must either wait until her belly is full-sized to deliver, or abort it, because no life-threatening pregnancy was ever solved by putting the babies on life-support to save the life of the mother]]. Bella thinks only in absolutes throughout the series. Another example would be when Edward leaves her in the second book. To her, her only options are being happy with Edward, or being miserable without him. Being happy without Edward never once occurs to her, no matter how often it's suggested to her.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/TheColbertReport'':
** Creator/StephenColbert loves this trope and takes it to the extreme, often asking questions such as "America: greatest nation in the world, or greatest nation in the universe?" When the interviewee starts to say he/she doesn't want to be quoted as saying either of those, he explains that those are the only options available: [[TwistingTheWords "So I'll put you down for 'world,' because that's not AS great as 'universe'..."]]
** "Pick a side, we're at war."
** "George W. Bush: Great President, or The Greatest President?"
** He also divides the supermarket into cheese and non-cheese. Assuming that he classifies everything ''with cheese in it'' as cheese, it's a real dichotomy… but not a particularly important one. What about cottage cheese and other borderline dairy products?
* ''Series/ParksAndRecreation'': Leslie tried to drum up public support for building a park by phrasing the question, "Wouldn't you rather have a park than a storage facility for nuclear waste?"
* ''Series/{{Revolution}}'': In "[[Recap/RevolutionS1E20TheDarkTower The Dark Tower]]", [[spoiler: Nora Clayton]] gets shot in the gut by a coil gun and is bleeding out. Rachel Matheson tries to convince Team Matheson to just leave her behind and turn the power back, and [[spoiler: Nora]] herself even urges them to leave her. However, Charlie Matheson intervenes and flat out states that this is not an either-or situation and that they can both turn the power back and get [[spoiler: Nora]] to an infirmary. So, Aaron Pittman and Rachel go on to get the power back on, and Charlie and Miles Matheson go on to get [[spoiler: Nora]] to an infirmary.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* Occurs in [[http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2001-11-05/ this]] ''ComicStrip/{{Dilbert}}'' comic. Similarly, [[http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2008-02-23/ "Would you say you worship Satan, or do you simply respect his no-nonsense approach to discipline?"]]

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* RPG game ''TabletopGame/{{Paranoia}}'': if you aren't a fanatic supporter of the oppressive totalitarian regime, a loyal servant of The Computer, you are a death-dealing commie mutant traitor. This one is notable because ''everyone'' in ''Paranoia'' is a commie mutant traitor at heart, so instead of there being more than two possibilities, it turns out there's only one. Well, some of the commie mutant traitors do love the Computer.
* Many, many debates about alignment in the ''[[TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons D&D]]'' game have arisen because of assuming every possible action ''must'' be either "Good" or "Evil", while overlooking the existence of "Neutral" as an alternative. This frequently comes up for the paladin class, because the phrasing of their code of honor implies that even ''tolerating'' any act of evil or chaos can cost them all their class features.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* Part of a trick played on Kyousuke in ''VisualNovel/GSenjouNoMaou,'' which is especially amusing because he just saw it pulled on his idiot friend. The trick pulled on his friend was the question "Which river is the longest in the world? A. the Amazon B. the Yangtze C. the Edo?"[[note]]He picked the Edo river. Like noted, he's an idiot.[[/note]] while it was never stated that it was actually a multiple choice question, and thus the answer is the Nile. The trick played on Kyousuke comes immediately after, where he gets asked, "Will you [[spoiler:go on a date with Mizuha at a classical concert]] or somewhere else?" and he accidentally picks option one before realizing that '[[spoiler:don't go on a date at all]]' was also a valid choice, but is too proud to back down now.

%%* Summed up nicely in [[http://www.whatisdeepfried.com/2001/11/23/grocery-misconduct/ this Deep Fried strip.]]
%%* The WebComic/{{xkcd}} comic strip [[http://xkcd.com/871/ "Charity."]]
%%** [[http://xkcd.com/322/ "Pix plz"]] was [[http://chainsawsuit.com/2008/05/09/strip-363/ parodied by Chainsawsuit.]] Note how the jerk distills Black Hat down to "[[AdHominem Stalking girls]]" or "white knighting". So if anyone calls someone online out on their misogyny, they're only doing it to get into girls' pants and/or out of some need to defend their honor. The actual ''content'' of the criticism is to be brushed aside in favor of [[AdHominem allegations about the critic]]. To be fair to Straub, this is inherent in ''any'' accusation of "white knighting".
%%*** The above actually strawmans a parody. Asking an intruder into one's own home how he identified the individual is a valid question and criticism. It does not generalize to all online discussions or even all accusations of misogyny. Black Hat may have been able to come up with a third option. But he couldn't have come up with a ''good'' option. Then again, [[AntiHero Black Hat is not a "good" person, even in canon]]. Also, in the example comment, the content was not dismissed (it was actually accepted as true.) It's only that Black Hat's actions are no less problematic.
* In ''Edition Wars: Invaders from the Fourth Dimension'', a story in ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' book ''Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales'', the [[MeetYourEarlyInstallmentWeirdness Fourth Edition]] [[EvilTwin version]] of Haley is able to knock out Durkon by stabbing him in the foot, because nowhere in the rules does it say that she ''can't'' knock him out by stabbing him in the foot.
-->'''4E Elan:''' Then that means you used--\\
'''4E Haley:''' Yes. I used the power of abandoned verisimilitude!\\
'''4E Elan:''' Anything is possible when you don't care about what's actually possible!
** A straighter example is the conflict to begin with. 4E Roy believes that people can either play 4th Edition or 3.5. Eventually both teams TakeAThirdOption [[spoiler:by attacking ''other'' types of gaming]].
* Called out in the Fantasy theme of ''Webcomic/IrregularWebcomic'': When one of the {{Player Character}}s asks the DM "Would you rather have campaign progress or character development?" the DM promptly replies "It is ''not'' a dichotomy!" In the accompanying rant, it is commented, "Of course not. In a dichotomy, you do get ''one'' of the options."
* Averted in [[http://mountaincomics.com/comic/mountain-time-374/ this]] ''Webcomic/MountainTime'' comic in the form of the battle cry of the Rally for More Options.

[[folder:Web Originals]]
* ''Extremely'' common in a FlameWar. In fact you can test this yourself; go to any wikia based site and bring up a commonly held but non-verifiable belief, you won't have to wait long to see this kind of argument show up.
* A popular joke on Website/YouTube is to comment on a video by reciting the number of "dislike" ratings the video has at the time of commenting and accusing all of them of something; common examples include "[X] people missed the 'like' button," "[X] people had no childhood," "[X] people are Music/JustinBieber fans," or some kind of threat. Such comments tend to be found in the highest rated comments, but luckily, subversions and parodies are replacing them in that spot (a common version referencing something ''in'' the video or relevant to it).

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark''
** "Gnomes" is about [[BlandNameProduct Harbucks Coffee]] threatening the existence of Tweek Bros. Coffeehouse. Mr. Tweek gets the public on his side to oppose the larger corporation and a proposition is soon presented that would determine whether or not Harbucks would be allowed to stay. An ad is soon presented by "Citizens for a Fair and Equal way to get Harbucks Coffee kicked out of Town Forever".
-->It's time to stop large corporations. Prop. 10 is about children. Vote yes on Prop. 10, or else, you hate children. You don't hate… children… do you?
** Spoofed in "The Death of Eric Cartman":
-->'''Mrs. Stotch''': I don't know whether to [[YouAreGrounded ground him]] or call a doctor.
-->'''Mr. Stotch''': I think you should call a doctor. I'll ground him.
* In the episode "Screwed the Pooch" from ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'':
-->'''Lawyer:''' Mr. Griffin, which of the following two phrases best describes Brian Griffin: "problem drinker" or "African American haberdasher"?
-->'''Peter:''' Uh, do I-I guess problem drinker, but that's uh-
-->'''Lawyer:''' Thank you. Now: "sexual deviant" or "magic picture that if you stare at it long enough, you see something"?
-->'''Peter:''' Well, sexual deviant, but that other one's not even, eh-
-->'''Lawyer:''' Thank you.
* In ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'', Hank Hill and his friends can't wrap their head around their neighbor Khan Souphanousinphone [[InterchangeableAsianCultures not being either Chinese or Japanese]], even after he corrects them.
--> '''Hank''': So are you Chinese or Japanese?
--> '''Khan''': No, we are Laotian.
--> '''Bill''': The ocean? What ocean?
--> '''Khan''': From Laos, stupid! It's a landlocked country in South-East Asia between Vietnam and Thailand, population approximately 4.7 million!
--> '''Hank''': ''(long pause)'' So are you Chinese or Japanese?
--> '''Khan''': D'oh!
** Even [[RacistGrandpa Cotton]] [[JerkassHasAPoint can get it right]].
--> '''Dale''' (whispering about Khan): He's Japanese.
--> '''Cotton''': No he ain't! ([[{{Beat}} inspects Khan]]) He's Laotian. Ain't you, Mr. Khan?
* In ''WesternAnimation/DragonsRidersOfBerk'', Hiccup must choose between beating Snotlout at The Thawfest Games or letting Snotlout win, with it being shown that if Snotlout ''doesn't'' win, he's in for hell from his father (of breaking the family streak) to the point of Snotlout outright panicking when he thinks it'll happen. It's '''never''' brought up that maybe Snotlout's dad is taking this too seriously, shouldn't have his love for his son based on a game, or anything of the sort. It also doesn't help that Snotlout is an obnoxious winner, not even realizing that Hiccup threw the race for him, when part of Hiccup's dilemma was if he was just winning to be a jerk (he TookALevelInJerkass so they could wonder that, too) instead of helping out a friend.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'' episode "Son of Stan, pt. 2", Stan and Francine argue over whether the proper way to raise Steve is to be ''totally'' strict, or ''totally'' permissive. Stan settles the matter by cloning Steve and letting Francine raise Steve her way, while he raises Steve-arino (the clone) his way. It turns out that neither way is correct: Steve ends up becoming a disrespectful slob, while Steve-arino becomes a psychopathic killer thanks to Stan's oppressive parenting.
* The 1967 cartoon ''WesternAnimation/TheBearThatWasnt'' (based on the book of the same name) has a bear told by factory managers that he's not a bear but a silly man in a fur coat that needs a shave. They tell him this [[ArgumentumAdNauseam over and over]], but the clincher comes when the factory's president is brought in. The president takes the bear to the zoo and explains that bears belong in the zoo. Since the bear was not in the zoo, he could not be a bear. The bears in the zoo even agree, saying that a real bear would be in the zoo with the other bears!
* In ''WesternAnimation/OverTheGardenWall'', [[spoiler: the DealWithTheDevil the Beast operates under is actually one of these. He told the Woodsman (and later Wirt) that their only choices were to keep their loved one's soul lit in the Dark Lantern or let them die. In reality no such choice exists, as the Dark Lantern doesn't actually contain the soul of the Woodsman's daughter; it contains ''[[SoulJar the Beast's soul]]'' and he tricks people into keeping it lit because if it goes out he'll die]]. Take a wild guess [[LaserGuidedKarma what]] [[CessationOfExistence happens]] when Wirt finally figures out the trick and gives the Woodsman the lantern...


[[folder:Real Life]]
* The "debate" between religion and science is itself an example. Putting aside the fact that religion isn't even a single thing, it isn't actually at war with science. The whole concept is outright bizarre when you consider how many famous historical scientists were priests (and a good number of modern ones), the papal bulls protecting free inquiry, the funding of science, the many historic universities with religious founders, and the fact that the Vatican itself has a science department (the Pontifical Academy of Sciences), along with several labs. Even if the Theory of UsefulNotes/{{Evolution}} were disproven, Young-Earth Creationism would not automatically take its place. These aren't even mutually exclusive as species may be created but still evolve over time, otherwise known as [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theistic_evolution Theistic Evolution]]
** Similarly, Science vs. Art, ignoring that many prominent scientists appreciated and/or partook in artistic pursuits, and vice-versa.
* "America - Love It Or Leave It" is a popular false dilemma in UsefulNotes/TheUnitedStates, though it's not exactly unique to them. The dilemma suggests that a true patriot must embrace everything ever done by America, or become un-American. However, since America as a nation was founded on the concept of political dissent, one must doubt the premise of this false dilemma very seriously.
** To say nothing of that this fallacy can easily be turned back on those who use it, ''i.e.'' declaring that nobody who truly loves America would allow it not to fix its current problems, thus implying that those who use the fallacy [[NoTrueScotsman don't really love America]] (in a mature way) by thinking it's perfect and can do no wrong, that is, enabling it.
** Any country where the men can choose between the army and civilian service. Either you are a real man by going to the army, or a wuss, a traitor and [[UnfortunateImplications possibly gay]] if you go with the latter.[[note]][[SarcasmMode Because all gay men run away in fear if guns are present]][[/note]] Many of those who choose the latter do it not because of fear, but because of personal reasons, such as pacifism or serious issues with social situations[[note]]For example, an [[UsefulNotes/AspergersSyndrome Aspie]], who gets nervous at the mere thought of constant social interaction would know they can't take it for long, and thus find the idea of having their own space when not working superior[[/note]], and would be perfectly willing to defend their country if required. ([[UnfortunateImplications So, since no-one ever complains about most women not going to the army, are they traitors]], or are they considered [[StayInTheKitchen too weak to defend the country by default]]?)
* The concept of False Consciousness can involve this. While the idea is supposed to refer anyone who pretends to believe an ideology, but has an ulterior motive; some people assume that anyone who doesn't share their worldview must be have one, or are being deceived by someone who does, by default.
* "[[HeteronormativeCrusader Homophobia]]" vs [[GayAesop LGBTQ support]]. Either you support gay marriage because you're gay yourself, or you're against it because you hate gay people. There's quite a good deal of in-between groups that rarely get heard from, such as "unionists" who believe gay marriage is wrong, but should not be banned because marriage is an intrinsic right, or straight people who have no problem with gay marriage, and some gay people who don't want gay marriage because they consider the institution historically flawed or because they would rather take political action against issues like LGBTQ youth homelessness and find the marriage issue insignificant.
** There's also the broader dichotomy that by being LGBTQ, you must also be a liberal and support liberal causes. This is of course ignoring the fact that one's sexual orientation does not affect their views on things such as the economy or military spending. In one example, the idea of being a gay Republican in the United States is often seen as joke material, but there is a significant number of people within the Republican party who are also gay. The organization [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Log_Cabin_Republicans Log Cabin Republicans]] has been representing this membership since the late 1970's, and has even been the subject of a documentary, ''[[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay_Republicans_(film) Gay Republicans]]''.
* [[LawfulGood Law & Order]] [[LawfulNeutral vs]] [[LawfulEvil Oppression]] : It all depends on if you agree with the law or not.
* Rebellion vs Revolution: [[WrittenByTheWinners It all depends on who wins.]] If the government wins, it was only a rebellion. If the not-government wins, it is a revolution.
* Conspiracy theorists frequently commit this:
** Either you accept that their conspiracy is true, or you're a mindless sheep who believes whatever the establishment says. [[SarcasmMode Obviously, it's impossible for one to believe the establishment lies sometimes, but they happened to be telling the truth this one particular time.]]
** Even this is a false dichotomy, as some of the most outlandish conspiracy theories (such as reptoids secretly controlling the earth via the Illuminati) can be rejected by someone who believes the establishment is always lying.
** A common claim from conspiracy theorists is always along the lines of "You're trying to destroy my theory? You must be one of them!", ignoring the fact that maybe people who have no personal stake in the argument find it completely insane.
* {{Political Correctness|GoneMad}} vs UnfortunateImplications. Implies that anyone who criticizes PC thought must be a racist/sexist/homophobic/bigot of some form, and conversely implies that anyone who is ever offended by anything or tries to raise a discussion about whether something is offensive is an overly sensitive PC person trying to censor everybody.
* People tend to treat [[StrawVulcan reason]] and [[StrawmanEmotional emotion]] as [[RomanticismVersusEnlightenment mutually exclusive]].
* Abused by anti-vaccine advocates. Either vaccines are completely safe or they are too dangerous to use. Cost-benefit analysis is rarely used. Ignoring medical cost-benefit analysis is often abused in more sensationalist media coverage. For example, hysterical news articles about how Ritalin (or many other drugs, usually psychiatric ones) may be damaging the patients prescribed it in some vague, undefined way, or pointing out some of the nastier potential side effects, and calling for its use to be stopped on that basis... while ignoring that for at least some patients, these short term side effects or potential long term risks do not outweigh the benefits of the drug for them.
* Pro-life vs. Pro-choice. A substantial number of pro-lifers, including the Catholic Church, would allow abortion for extenuating circumstances, such as if the mother is at risk of death from childbirth or the pill if it's [[http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/pill/peopleevents/e_church.html needed to control an irregular cycle]]. Some are also not opposed to contraception, which is preventing conception from occurring (such as condoms), while abortion is post-conception. Inversely, many pro-choicers may in fact dislike or even oppose abortion, but still do not think it should be banned or carrying to term presented as the ''only'' option. That is why it's called [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin "choice"]] after all. There's also the question of if abortion should be allowed only in early stages of pregnancy, versus at any time against never at all.
* Right-handed vs left-handed, ignoring the possibility of being ambidextrous, which still ignores the possibility of being cross-dominant.
* To hear some people talk, parents who don't believe in spanking are not disciplining their children at all, and are letting them run the household.
** While the other side of the debate often claims that anyone who spanks their child is automatically a psychopathic abuser. Both sides tend to ignore that what works or is necessary for one child may not apply the same way to another.
* The court of public opinion. In many trials or investigations into a hot issue, such as the Zimmerman/Martin case or the Ferguson police shooting of Michael Brown, debates on the topic usually insist that you either believe the shooting was racially motivated or that you are a racist yourself who believed the victims deserved to die because of their skin color.
* United States health care.
** According to proponents of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) the choice is between Obamacare or no health care at all. Therefore, you either support the ACA or you want people to be without coverage and die in the street of preventable conditions.
** Conversely, opponents of the ACA frame it as a choice between the unfettered free market, which will naturally make everything more efficient through competition, or a government-run monopoly that will destroy the nation's health care system.
** The ACA is actually between the two extremes, setting up exchanges in which consumers can shop around for plans from different companies, regulations and subsidies intended to make the private-sector insurance industry more equitable, along with a mandate for insurance coverage to ensure that there are no free riders who don't contribute to the system. Ironically, it was originally proposed by the conservative Heritage Institute as a counter-proposal when UsefulNotes/BillClinton had proposed universal health care in the early 1990s.
* MyRealDaddy vs. OnlyTheCreatorDoesItRight: A work can have [[HasTwoMommies two (or more) integral creators]].
* When something popular gets cancelled, people will jokingly say the company hates good things and/or making money. Inversely, when something unpopular continues on, people say the company loves things that suck.
* It is said[[note]]According to Wiki/TheOtherWiki, the sources all date to at least 500 years after the event, so the account may be unreliable[[/note]] that the Library of Alexandria was burned down by 'Amr ibn al-'As on the basis that if the scrolls were in agreement with Literature/TheQuran, they were superfluous, whereas if they opposed it they were blasphemous. This of course ignored the vastly more likely possibility that they had no connection to it at all.
* When it comes to people expressing extreme (even violent) philosophies, you're either fine with, or even support, the terrible beliefs they're advocating, or you want to censor them because you hate freedom of speech. Except that it's possible to support the right for people to say things you personally disagree with.