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->What mighty contests rise from trivial things.
-->--'''Alexander Pope''', ''Literature/TheRapeOfTheLock''

When a contributor doesn't see eye to eye with a current entry, they will usually make some sort of change to correct it as they feel it needs to be. However, other posters may feel that the change is wrong, and restore the earlier version -- or write yet another new one. If those involved are sufficiently incensed over an issue, this may lead to a cycle of posts, cancellations, counter-cancellations, re-posts, etc. In extreme cases, it may lead to {{Flame War}}s on the Discussion Page, ThreadMode posting, or even retaliatory {{Wiki Vandal}}ism. If these problems become too unmanageable, it may be necessary to [[Administrivia/LockedPages lock the page]].

Many wikis have policies about repeated cancels and reposts to try and disarm such conflicts, but sufficiently angry posters often have ways of getting around such controls. The SockPuppet is a common tool.

Not to be confused with [[http://xkcd.com/378/ the Great Text Editor Wars]].

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