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->''"I shall win. You haven't the liver or the stomach of a first-rate winebibber!"''
-->-- '''Duke of Clarence''', ''Tower of London'' (1939 version)

A competition to see who can hold his liquor better. In its simplest form, participants drink equal amounts simultaneously and whoever quits or passes out first, loses. Variants may involve periodic tests of skill, often with the loser obliged to perform some humiliating forfeit.

Distinct from DrinkingGame, in two ways. One, many {{Drinking Game}}s are like closet dramas, never meant to be performed; a Drinking Contest exists only in performance. Two, a DrinkingGame has as its object getting drunk, and is noncompetitive or only nominally competitive; a Drinking Contest has as its object ''not'' getting (as) drunk (as the other guy) and always has a winner and a loser.

A Drinking Contest is typically dreaded by a character who CantHoldHisLiquor, and may be subject to exploitation by one who NeverGetsDrunk. Compare EatingContest, or may be paired with an EatingContest.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* In ''Manga/AhMyGoddess'', Belldandy ends up in one with either Chihiro (in the manga) or Sayoko (in the ''Flights Of Fancy'' TV series), and doesn't so much as burp (which could be [[JustifiedTrope somewhat justified]]-- she's based on a goddess from the mythology of the ancient Norsemen, who were infamous for their drink). It's not until after, when Keiichi gives her a can of cola to wash away the taste, does {{Intoxication Ensue|s}}.
* ''Manga/BlackLagoon'': In the very first episode, Revy taunts Rock about his choice of drink, which leads to a drink-off between the two as Rock reveals that he's had to drink a lot at company get-togethers.
* ''Manga/Classi9'': This is apparently a recurring occurrence in Class S-, Mozart tries to outdrink Tchaiko, but it never works. Haydn also wants to compete against Tchaikovsky when he is old enough.
* In ''Manga/MaisonIkkoku'', Mrs. Ichinose intentionally threw a drinking contest in her youth to get her husband to marry her.
* ''LightNovel/NogizakaHarukaNoHimitsu'': The male protagonist's elder sister and his homeroom teacher are fond of these.
* ''Manga/OnePiece'':
** In Whiskey Peak, Zoro and Nami give up after consecutively beating 13, or 15, respectively, opponents. And even then they're faking.
** Nami is a self-proclaimed expert at this tactic, using it on pirates she intends to rob.
* Done fairly early on in ''Manga/{{Saiyuki}}'', when a tavern keeper trying to avoid a brawl gets the protagonists to do this instead. Among other things, it turns out that Sanzo's even more homicidal when he's drunk and that Hakkai does not get drunk, period.
* The reader's first sight of Sakyon in ''Manga/{{Ooku}}: The Inner Chambers'' is him winning a drinking contest with some luckless woman with a crush on him. It seems he makes a fair bit of money doing this.
* In his first appearance on ''Anime/TekkamanBlade'' O'Toole goads D-Boy into a drinking contest, with the loser having to follow the winner's orders. The Irishman wins since D-Boy seems never to have drunk before and quickly passes out.

[[folder:Audio Plays]]
* In the AudioPlay/BigFinishDoctorWho audio adventure ''[[Recap/BigFinishDoctorWho043DoctorWhoAndThePirates Doctor Who and the Pirates]]'', the Sixth Doctor gets into a drinking contest with Red Jasper's first mate Mr Merryweather before tricking him into walking the plank.

* ComicBook/{{Wolverine}} often takes advantage of his healing factor to coax money out of suckers this way.
* In ''ComicBook/{{Suske en Wiske}} - De stoute steenezel'', Lambik wins one against the alcohol devil, by having Jerom getting him a vat of alcohol-free beer and the strongest beer he could find for the devil.
* During [[ComicBook/IncredibleHercules Hercules']] funeral/wake, [[ComicBook/TheMightyThor Thor]] relates a tale about how Hercules, to prevent the Frost Giants from assaulting the Olympians, challenged Thor's usual foes to a drinking match. Thor joined in, the two heroes won, and the images (both of the flashback and Thor's very pleased look in the retelling) strongly implied that Herc and Thor both parlayed their success in drinking with [[DivineDate some pleasurable time with large, shapely Frost Giant females]].
** Hercules actually challenged Galactus, devourer of worlds, to a drinking contest. Neither budge, but Galactus is amused enough to spare Hercules.
* ''ComicStrip/TheFarSide'' parodies this with a ''coffee'' drinking contest in the Old West.

[[folder: Fan Works]]
* One of these happened offscreen in chapter three of ''Fanfic/BaitAndSwitchSTO''. A Klingon lieutenant from the USS ''Bajor'' was called a traitor by his counterpart from a KDF warship docked at Deep Space 9, and they decided to settle it with a drinking contest instead of bat'leths. They both passed out after four shots of Romulan ale and had to be dragged home.
* In ''Fanfic/OpeningDangerousGates'', [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Rangiku]] has a friendly one with [[Manga/FairyTail Cana and Bacchus]]. While she gets drunk, the other two pass out.
* In ''Fanfic/BringerOfDeath'' a group of fratboys [[MuggingTheMonster provokes Android 17 and hits on 18]] at a club. Instead of killing them, 17 challenges them to this... As in he'd drink as much beer as all of them put together until he or all of them passed out, the loser paying for everyone, [[{{Troll}} fully knowing that Doctor Gero had made him immune to the effects of alcohol]]. Considering it was the Androids, they still got away easily.

* In ''Film/RaidersOfTheLostArk'', Marian's introduction comes as she is winning a drinking contest.
* ''Tower of London'' interprets Clarence's legendary drowning (in a pipe of wine) as being inflicted on him during a drinking contest he had, indeed, been winning.
* The Frat contest in ''Film/RevengeOfTheNerds'' had one event that was a tricycle race, but participants had to drink a beer every lap (the race was 20 laps).
* In ''Film/LordOfTheRings: Return of the King'', [[{{Bishonen}} Legolas]] and [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Gimli]] have a last-man-standing-wins drinking contest. By the end of the night, Gimli passes out on the floor while Leglolas is left perfectly sober except for a "slight tingling" in his fingers. However, if one looks closely it appears that Gimli has drunk quite a bit more than Legolas, making it an uneven contest.
** Note that according to Tolkien, elves are supposed to be completely unaffected by alcohol. So Legolas having any symptoms at all is actually a pretty big deal.
** Odd, given that in ''Literature/TheHobbit'', the good guys manage to escape from Thranduil's halls when the elves that were supposed to be watching the cellar get drunk and pass out. The wines of Dorwinion are strong, indeed. The fact that they were drinking wines that were supposed to be drunk in small bowls, and diluted with water, by the flagon probably contributed.
* ''Film/TheAdventuresOfPriscillaQueenOfTheDesert'' has a drinking contest between a DragQueen played by Creator/TerenceStamp, and a local Broken Hill woman. Stamp wins.
* The western ''Film/MyNameIsNobody'' featured an unusual drinking contest. A participant had to drink four progressively smaller glasses of whiskey. After he finishes each drink, he has to toss the glass over his shoulder, draw, turn and shoot the glass before it hits the ground.
* Film/{{Thor}} and Selvig go at it not so subtly. It begins with the two of them drinking their boilermaker before eyeing each other and each really chugs down their beer. Naturally Thor wins, though Selvig "makes his ancestors proud".
* In ''[[Literature/DonCamillo Don Camillo in Moscow]]'' mayor Peppone engages in one of those with a Soviet official to stall for time so don Camillo can get back to the hotel before the Russians discover that he is missing. When don Camillo finally gets back he is shocked to find out that Peppone is stone cold drunk but actually won the contest against a Russian.
* Winning a beer-drinking contest is the main plot point of ''Film/{{Beerfest}}''.
* In ''Film/{{Leprechaun 2}}'', Morty challenges the evil leprechaun to a drinking contest and beats him by cheating: while he served the leprechaun beer, he was drinking soda.

* ''Literature/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy'' features the "periodic test of skill" variant, with the skill being psychokinesis. The rules: Use your Psychokinetic powers to tip the bottle of [[GargleBlaster Ol' Janx Spirit]] into your opponent's glass, which they then have to drink. The trick is that Ol' Janx Spirit suppresses telekinetic powers, so once you start losing, you tend to ''keep'' losing. The other trick is that the loser's forfeit is implied to be sexual in nature. The combo of alcohol and sex is why Ford Prefect always plays to lose.
* The ''Franchise/DevilMayCry'' novel #1 has one of these between Dante and [[SignificantAnagram Gilver]].
* In ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire,'' [[BoisterousBruiser Greatjon Umber]] takes on three of the Freys at Edmure Tully's wedding. He drinks all three under the table. [[spoiler:It's a ruse to get him too drunk to fight as Robb Stark's party is ambushed and slaughtered. Even handicapped, he still proves to be a OneManArmy.]]
* In ''Literature/TheStormlightArchive'', we learn that the traditional form of dueling among Horneaters, referred to as an ''alil'tiki'i'' duel, is to see who can still sing coherently after drinking the most mugs of beer.
* Literature/{{Redwall}} features one in ''Lord Brocktree'', where a young haremaid goes up against the Scottish-accented mountain hare King Bucko Bigbones twice her size. She wins by virtue of taking a dainty sip for every three huge gulps he takes of strong cider, leaving her the winner by default (Bucko was used to large, brawny opponents who also thought the winner was determined by volume).
* ''Literature/EgilsSaga'': When Egil and his companions lodge at Armod's farm, the drinking turns into a drinking contest, fueled by Armod's and Egil's passive-aggressive hostility towards each other.
-->''The drinking soon became on man one horn, the horn to be drained at each toast. [...] At every cup that Armod drained he said, "I drink to you, Egil," and the men of the house drank to Egil's companions, using the same formula.''

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* In the ''Series/ThirtyRock'' episode, "Sandwich Day", the cast takes on the Teamsters in a drinking contest, but for various reasons, each character has a reason not to participate, such as Tracy's alcohol monitor and Kenneth's religious beliefs, leaving Jena as the only one taking them on, shot-for-shot. Just when thinks look bleak, one by one the other characters' reasons for not drinking fade away.
-->'''Kenneth:''' Alcohol? This smells just like Hill People Milk. I've been drinking this since I was a baby!
* ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' episode "By Any Other Name". Scotty has a DrinkingContest with one of the alien Kelvans who have taken over the Enterprise (though the Kelvan doesn't realize what's going on). When the Kelvan passes out Scotty gets his device and tries to take it to Captain Kirk, but passes out himself before he can do so.
* In ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' Nathan and Claire were trapped in Mexico. Nathan tried to use a DrinkingContest to win some cash with which to get home, but lost. Claire stepped up and won however, due to her HealingFactor making it impossible for her to get drunk.
* Another example of a rigged drinking contest was in ''Series/EarthFinalConflict''. Boone used one of these to challenge a local into revealing some information. When Lili started arguing with him about it later, he revealed his alien implant made it impossible for him to get drunk.
* In ''Series/{{Blackadder}} II'', the episode "Beer" features Edmund Blackadder trying to [[TwoTimerDate simultaneously have a quiet dinner]] with his fanatically religious relatives in one room, and have a bawdy drinking contest with some friends in the next room down the hall.
* ''Series/RedDwarf'': Lister has a drinking contest with his alternate universe female self, which leads to them sleeping together and him [[MisterSeahorse getting pregnant]].
* ''Series/ArrestedDevelopment'': Lucille Bluth plays a drinking contest against Kitty to win George Sr. back. She begins the drinking contest by grabbing a drink from a passing waiter, downing it in one go, and saying "That one didn't count." The entire time, she's sipping a glass of wine between turns, and she still manages to drink Kitty under the table. She gets a standing ovation for her one-liner at the end:
-->'''Waiter:''' Can I get you anything else, ma'am?\\
'''Lucille:''' No, thanks. I have to get back to rehab.
* Creator/WillSmith challenged another guy to a drinking contest in ''Series/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir'', he lost badly.
* On ''Series/ParksAndRecreation'', when Leslie needs to get rid of Tammy One, Ron's evil, controlling ex-wife, she enlists Tammy Zero, Ron's mother. Tammy Zero challenges Tammy One to an old-fashioned prairie drink-off, the drink being [[GargleBlaster a jug of moonshine whose only legal use is stripping paint off of speedboats]]. Leslie joins the drink-off too, but can't keep up. April tries to tag in for her, but takes one sip and spits it across the table before collapsing in a heap, shivering. All seems lost until Ron steps up and drinks half the jug in one gulp.
* In ''Series/WKRPInCincinnati'', as a public service segment against drunk driving, the station had Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap take 1 drink every 15 minutes, on the air, as a police officer measured their reflexes. Venus reacted as expected. His reflexes became slower and his behaviour more intoxicated. Johnny, on the other hand, got faster reflexes as he drank more.
* ''Series/{{Smallville}}'': ComicBook/LoisLane was expelled from Metropolis University for entering one of those.
* ''Series/{{Monk}}'' and Sharona entered a drinking contest against two frat boys and won. Monk didn't drink at all.


[[folder:Print Media]]
* ''Modern Drunkard Magazine'' had a series in which prominent historical drunks were pitted against each other in an UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny drinking ''tournament''. (It can be read starting [[http://drunkard.com/issues/09_02/09_02_clash_tightest.htm here]].)

[[folder:Puppet Shows]]
* ''WebVideo/TheFundayPawpetShow'' celebrated its 21st episode with a contest based on a ''WKRP'' episode...each cast member took a shot of Rumplemintz every half hour of the four hour program. It should be noted that all surrendered their keys and spent the night in the studio afterward.
* In ''Theatre/AvenueQ'', the Bad Idea Bears suggest Kate and Princeton play a drinking game called "I Bet I Can Drink Faster Than You!"

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'':
** When the GodEmperor of Mankind came to [[GrimUpNorth Fenris]] to collect the lost primarch [[BoisterousBruiser Leman Russ]] to lead the [[Literature/SpaceWolf Space Wolves]], Russ refused to pay homage until this stranger had bested him in a series of trials. First there was an eating contest, and then a drinking contest, both of which Russ won (This is pretty much the only time that Imperial dogma will admit to the Emperor losing at '''anything'''). But the Emperor rebuked him by calling the primarch nothing but a glutton and a drunkard, which led to the third contest: physical strength. One blow from a PowerFist later and Leman Russ was out cold, and the next day he laughingly agreed to follow the Emperor's command, all the while claiming that his headache was due to his hangover.
** The Space Wolves are often known to participate in these as a result of that meeting. Of course, given the accelerated metabolism of the average Space Marine, the victory criteria is reversed: The winner is the person who can drink enough alcohol fast enough to ''get'' drunk. The quantities involved are usually sufficient to kill groups of standard humans outright.
* One mechanic in ''TabletopGame/RedDragonInn'' is a drinking contest between the players. Each player draws a card from the "Drink" pile, and the person with the highest alcohol content (without passing out) wins.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/MonkeyIsland2LeChucksRevenge'', one of the things Guybrush has to do is to win one of these, and he does it by [[spoiler:switching grog for near-grog, which doesn't have any alcohol]].
* Usually in any fantasy RPG Game featuring Dwarves.
** ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights''
** ''VideoGame/BaldursGate''
** ''VideoGame/TheWitcher'' has these frequently. The twist is, each opponent has a set number of ''drinks'' he can handle, whereas Geralt is affected by the drinks' ''potency''. Thus, it's wise to stock up on beer, the weakest drink in the game, before trying your luck (and to have a dose of Wives' Tears potion handy to clear your head afterwards).
** In ''VideoGame/IcewindDale 2'' you can have a drinking game with a human barbarian during act 1 to win his wolf's head totem, [[GenreSavvy but he won't compete with a dwarf]] so you have to use a non-dwarven player character to duel him.
* ''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger'' has ''two'' of these, censored to soda and soup respectively in the original SNES release. One is a side game in the Millennial Fair, where Crono simply has to drink as much as he can in an effort to win some Silver Points, while the other is plot-related, when he has to out-drink Ayla to win the Dreamstone. For the latter the game will take pity on you if you fail enough times; Ayla gets so hammered that she passes out, and gives you the Dreamstone because, hey, ''you'' drank as much as she did and you stayed conscious.
* In ''VideoGame/Sly3HonorAmongThieves'', one of the missions in the Outback involves a lemonade-drinking contest between Sly, Murray and Bentley and the miners they're battling, After you win, it leads to a bar fight because "that turtle spilled more than he drank!"
* ''VideoGame/TempleOfElementalEvil'' has one in the Homlet Tavern, winning [[GoodBadBugs allows you to loot the KOed losers]] for some starting equipment. Any party member (even if they aren't the Paladin) participating when a Paladin is in the party makes them fall.
* One of the adventures in ''VideoGame/KingdomOfLoathing'' is a drinking game. You can win by out-drinking your contestants, cheating, or ''teleporting your drinks into your opponents' stomachs.''
* ''VideoGame/{{Harvest Moon|64}} [[SuperTitle64Advance 64]]'' has a drinking contest. In fact to marry one of the bachelorettes you need to beat her in the contest. It's [[HardDrinkingPartyGirl harder]] than it sounds.
** For extra fun, it's possible to out-drink everyone in town in a single contest.
* You have to win one against the [[CorruptChurch Abbott]] in ''VideoGame/ConquestsOfTheLongbow'', and you can only out-drink him with the aid of magic. Those are some hard-drinking monks.
* ''VideoGame/SunsetOverImdahl'' deconstructs this. Even if the KidHero wins the contest, his light body weight causes him to pass out just outside the inn, and his winnings are stolen.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Gothic}} II'', a character holds a drinking contest in a wilderness tavern. It is [[UnsuspectinglySoused rigged]]; but nothing prevents you from [[WateringDown rigging it another way]]!
* A variant with a MasochistsMeal is in ''VideoGame/JadeEmpire''. The LethalChef asks your character if s/he can stand up to three of their most revolting dishes. The reward (a boost to your persuasion skills) is pretty nice.
* One minigame in ''VideoGame/EphemeralFantasia'' is a drinking contest. The key to winning is to mix the drinks the player drinks to be as low-proof as possible, while mixing the opponent's drinks to be as powerful as possible.
* Recruiting [[TheAlcoholic Cass]] in ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'' normally requires a Speech check to convince her to sell her caravan, but if your Barter skill is high enough you can settle the matter with a dozen bottles of whiskey. This actually boasts the most dialogue options and voice acting for a single conversation in the ''entire game'', given that Cass' reactions and your responses depend on your Endurance score.
* ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'':
** In the Citadel DLC, your shore leave meeting with Ashley Williams involves a drinking contest with her. Sadly, very little about the situation changes if you're in a romance with her.
** Another one comes the morning after the party, where some of the crew want to take the (badly hungover) Joker to a shooting range so he can practice marksmanship. Joker agrees only if someone can beat him in a drinking contest involving his own homemade concoction, which he describes as "[[GargleBlaster three parts horse choker, one part mouthwash]]". Cortez only manages two swallows before giving up and [[ItTastesLikeFeet poetically compares it to a goat's ass]].
* In ''VideoGame/QuestForInfamy'', Roehm must win one of these to able to start on the Brigand quest-line.

* In [[http://www.girlswithslingshots.com/comic/gws109/ this]] WebComic/GirlsWithSlingshots strip, "...just one drink..." turns into an impromptu drinking contest and the prize.... a free beer.
* In ''Swords and Sausages'', this is how the important matter of who gets to buy [[BigFuckingSword an axe]] is settled.
* In ''WebComic/KillSixBillionDemons'', the devil Vladok offers to take Allison where she wants to go if she can win a drinking contest. It's also a MusicalEpisode featuring a devilish drinking song, as devils apparently start singing whenever they engage in a competition, and their magic compels anyone participating to sing as well. Cio gives Allison a magic doll to help her cheat, [[spoiler:but she wins without it. Never try to outdrink a career sorority girl with low self-esteem]].

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'':
** It's how Peter convinces his real [[AcceptableTargets Irish father]] that he's his son.
** Ulysses S. Griffin won the UsefulNotes/TheAmericanCivilWar by beating Robert E. Lee in a drinking contest.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}''[[note]]Early in the series, Bender notes that robots run on alcohol -- so for them, it would also be an eating contest.[[/note]]:
** It is mentioned that Bender and the ship's auto pilot engaged in a martini drinking contest.
** Bender claims that the (probably) fictional robot holiday of "Robanzaa" takes the form of a drinking contest.
* An episode of ''WesternAnimation/CodenameKidsNextDoor'' has Numbah Five challenging Stickybeard to a ''sugar'' drinking contest in exchange for information ("Unless you're...''sugar free''!" "Oooooh!"). They compete to see who can drink theirs fastest, but Numbah Five finishes hers in the time it takes him to blink. Later, she challenges Black John Licorice to a contest to see who can drink the most, but John outmatches her easily. [[spoiler: However, the contest was only a stalling tactic to wait until the sun came up, causing John's curse to take effect and turn him into black licorice.]]
* The ''WesternAnimation/CampLazlo'' episode, "[[PottyEmergency Hold It Lazlo]]" begins with Lazlo and Edward in a lemonade-drinking contest. Lazlo wins the contest, much to the annoyance of Edward, whose four older brothers won the contests from years past. To get revenge on him, Edward attempts to sabotage every chance for Lazlo to use the bathroom, since Lazlo now desparately needs to use it after drinking so much lemonade.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* At one time a Russian agent was ordered to challenge a Turkish official to a drinking contest in order to get information out of him when drunk. Despite the fact that the Russian knew his employers were [[YouHaveFailedMe unforgiving]], it was the Turk that won and got information out of him. This was kind of an alcoholic DuelToTheDeath.