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Death Equals Emotion
If an important character, often the Big Bad, is an Emotionless Girl or similar character, chances are that on their deathbed, they'll finally learn how to feel. Accordingly, their last words often reflect this. Often used to show that the character isn't completely emotionless but was simply not in touch with their own emotions until now.

Subtrope of Final Speech. Sometimes overlaps with I'm Cold... So Cold... or Alas, Poor Villain.

As a Death Trope, all spoilers will be unmarked. Beware.


Anime and Manga

  • In "Brutal", Russia was relieved that he'd get to see his sister Ukraine again once he dies.

  • Occurs when Brandt dies in Equilibrium.
  • In the film version of Battle Royale, Kazuo Kiriyama finally feels something when he is killed.
  • In Terminator 2, the T-800 says that he finally understands why humans cry.
    • T-1000 also displays a nice Oh Crap face before he's wasted.

  • In Robin Hobb's Liveship Traders, as a dying Kennit is absorbed into Paragon, his joining with the ship restores the empathy, memories, and emotions that he'd stored away, and he dies finally knowing love and peace.

Live-Action TV
  • On Once Upon a Time, this happens with the death of Cora. As her death is precipitated by literally restoring her heart (she removed it years ago), she is able to express her love for her daughter for the first time in Regina's life before she passes away.

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