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[[caption-width-right:350:Don't worry, she pretends they're fake.]]

->'''Janine:''' Do you have any hobbies?\\
'''Egon:''' I collect spores, molds and fungus.
-->-- ''Film/{{Ghostbusters 1984}}''

People collect things they like: movies, stamps, [[KitschCollection hummel figurines]] of [[GlurgeAddict baby animals]], bottle caps, books and action figures. It's only natural for those individuals who have a specific hobby to develop a fascination with acquiring memorabilia that is directly related to their outlet of interest. Such a pattern of human behavior is quite normal and is relatively accepted in society.

However, there are those people who, because of their unique occupation or lifestyle, collect items that are too dangerous, rare or gross for the average human being to even ''want'' to own. For those people who gather anything of the bizarre and strange, this trope page is for you.

May have a FriendInTheBlackMarket. A group of these might form an ArtifactCollectionAgency. For the super hero version, see SuperheroTrophyShelf. A more mundane version would be the TrophyRoom. RoomFullOfCrazy is this taken to its logical conclusion. See also SecretGovernmentWarehouse. A specific variant only wants things (and at times people) who are [[WhatMeasureIsANonUnique unique]] and [[LastOfHisKind one of a kind]]. Compare CreepySouvenir, for when morbid items (often body parts) are acquired as trophies.

See also TheCollector, driven by the need to collect ''someone'' in particular, or the LivingDollCollector, who transforms the living into a collection of custom toys.


[[folder:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]
* Abiru from ''Manga/SayonaraZetsubouSensei'' shows her love for animals by collecting their tails.
* The ''Manga/XXXHolic'' movie, not only does the movie take place at a gathering of strange collectors, but it turns out the man throwing the party collects [[spoiler:collectors themselves]].
* In ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'', Negi collects antiques which more often than not turn out to be powerful magic items.
* In a darker take, Noah in the ''Manga/SoulEater'' manga uses the Book of Eibon to "collect" various artifacts he found interesting. He's not too picky, people, swords, {{Eldritch Abomination}}s.. It's all the same.[[spoiler: He even gets Death the Kid at one point.]] Oh, and and [[spoiler: it turns out he's actually just a personification of the Book's will. He's nothing but the madness of obsessive collecting given form.]]
* [[MsFanservice Shizuoka]] of ''Manga/KenkoZenrakeiSuieibuUmisho'' is too embarrassed to let her clubmates know that she collect strange little statues in a secret closet. [[ComicallyMissingThePoint That's not what she should]] [[LingerieScene be worrying]] [[VaporWare about]].
* Ruby, the penguin in ''Manga/RaveMaster''. What all he collects is unknown, but things he's at least attempted to add are Plue, a bell that becomes a sword, a man-like crab, and a [[WhoWouldWantToWatchUs Bluun doll]].
* Anju of ''Manga/{{Karin}}'' collects {{Creepy Doll}}s, one of which [[spoiler: houses a serial killer.]]
* Old Cho of ''Manga/{{Domu}}: A Child's Story'' collects little trinkets as trophies from each person he kills.
* Madara of ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' apparently has a warehouse-sized room dedicated to storing pairs of eyes. It becomes apparent after events concerning [[spoiler: Pain's corpse and Konan]] that he does this so he can swap them around at leisure.
* In the manga story "The Collection" by Creator/ShintaroKago, a high-school girl is intent on collecting everything the boy of her dreams touches...''EVERYTHING!!!''
* Luctiana, an elven researcher in ''LightNovel/TheFamiliarOfZero'', likes to collect human artifacts from Halkeginia. However, she tends to mistake the functions of those artifacts, leading her use them in strange ways, such as hanging a bucket on a hat-stand, or using an upturned umbrella as a container.
* [[spoiler:Miranda Barma]] from ''Manga/PandoraHearts'' is rather manic about collecting skulls. While it's unknown how she goes about ''acquiring'' said skulls or even ''why'' she does it, it has been established that she has a certain desire for [[spoiler:Glen/Oswald]]'s head, and the way in which she attempts to secure it very nearly leads to [[spoiler:TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt]], so it may not be [[AxCrazy hard to guess the how or why]].
* ''Manga/TonoToIssho'': UsefulNotes/DateMasamune and his collection of absurd eyepatches.
* Sakura from ''LightNovel/{{Kampfer}}'' collects entrails animals, stuffed animals with various mutilations.
* The D'Arby brothers from ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventureStardustCrusaders'' combine this with YourSoulIsMine, using their [[FightingSpirit Stands]] to claim the souls of those who lose to them in games of chance. There are a few key differences between them: Elder brother Daniel (TheGambler) puts his victims' souls at rest and turns them into poker chips, while younger brother Terence (The Gamer) hand-carves marionettes of his victims and puts the souls into them, keeping them conscious so he can talk to them occasionally. [[spoiler:Both end up defeated by Jotaro (who's a better cheater than them), which frees all their victims.]]
* The unnamed MadArtist from ''Manga/PanoramaOfHell'' collects deformed fetuses and animal parts preserved in jars full of formaldehyde, among other grotesque stuff. He's even seen ''[[{{Squick}} licking]]'' them.
* Itsuki Sumeragi of ''Manga/{{Kakegurui}}'' has a collection of fingernails she won from all of the girls she's defeated in card games.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Through his years of crime fighting Franchise/{{Batman}} has amassed quite a large stash of villain weaponry and gadgets that he keeps on display in his Batcave. His older incarnation is not opposed to using some of this technology if the situation calls for it.
** Of which three of the most iconic objects are a giant Joker playing card, a giant penny, and a giant dinosaur. Originally, the penny came from a 1947 comic ''strip'' story about "The Penny Plunderer", and the dinosaur from a 1946 adventure in a "Dinosaur Island" theme park. More recent continuities (such as ''WesternAnimation/TheBatman'') have changed up these origins.
*** In ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries", the giant penny comes from a failed attempt by Two-Face to kill Batman in "Almost Got Him".
** JLA Classified #1 establishes that Batman has a [[Series/DoctorWho Dalek]] in storage. We don't know where he got it, we don't know what he [[CrazyPrepared plans to use it for]], but he does have one.
** In a silly comic that may not have been canon, Gotham City has a museum of the villains' failed death-traps and other ridiculous props, and the Riddler is curator as part of his rehabilitation, where he figures out the flaws that allowed Batman to escape.
** In the Silver Age, Franchise/{{Superman}}'s Fortress of Solitude seemed to exist mainly as a place to house ''his'' collection of geegaws. Including statues of his friends and things related to them. A few of said friends managed somehow or another to see their wing of the Superman Museum of Stalkees, and most of them were flattered rather than creeped out.
* The Elders of the MarvelUniverse are each defined by their obsession. Each one the LastOfTheirKind, they devoted their entire immortal life to something, the most famous example being The Collector.
* Cain and Abel of DC Comics fame. Cain collects mysteries, and Abel collects secrets.
* Both the Four and members of ComicBook/{{Planetary}} maintain large collections of the world's secrets, including mementos from dead superheroes and alien artifacts. As Mr. Snow observes when visiting a parallel earth "They killed an entire world so that they had somewhere to store their weapons."
* Comicbook/DoctorStrange does this. Generally he has a pretty good idea of what everything is supposed to do.
* Agent Orange, the [[GreenLantern Orange Lantern]], is driven by the light of avarice to acquire other beings. He does so by killing and consuming them. His ring then replicates their personality and creates an orange energy construct in their image which serves Agent Orange. This is the Orange Lantern Corps; they aren't welcomed. They are owned.
* ComicBook/{{Brainiac}} in ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' comics collects ''cities''.
* Minor Avengers villain The Collector collects superheroes.
* One issue of ''Agent X'', featured two rather strange people who collected famous people's underwear.
* The ''Eagle'', original home of ComicStrip/DanDare, ran a short-lived series called ''The Collector'' in the early 80s. A horror anthology, each week's story was a horror story featuring an object from the collection of the title character. Possibly inspired by the radio series "Tales from the Black Museum", in which Creator/OrsonWelles would relate the stories of items from Scotland Yard's "Black Museum" - see Real Life, below.
* Exploited by ComicBook/IronMan in one of Creator/MattFraction's early issues. Tony Stark naturally knows several wealthy people who collect bits of Iron Man memorabilia, up to and including pieces of destroyed suits. When Tony discovers that someone has been buying up these pieces and using them to create one-shot disposable supervillains, he deliberately seeds the market with some choice bits—all of which have been tagged with a special tracking virus so he can find the mystery buyer.
* ComicStrip/ThePhantom has a huge collection of treasures in his Skull Cave. It helps that he's a LegacyCharacter and that the Phantoms have BeenThereShapedHistory for centuries. His collection is divided in two: The Minor Treasure room with gold and jewels, and the Major Treasure room which includes invaluable, historical treasures like the snake that killed Cleopatra, Excalibur, the diamond cup of Alexander The Great, Shakespeare's original Hamlet script, and one of Alfred Nobel's first sticks of dynamite
* ''ComicBook/DisneyMouseAndDuckComics'' examples:
** Scrooge [=McDuck=], when one thinks about it: his collection includes rare coins, rare books, the Goose Egg Nugget, the Striped Ruby, the majority of the Fabergé Eggs, ''the'' NumberOneDime, his old prospector tools, a cannon from the Boer War (his sisters freaked out when he sent that one home. It was actually a way to not pay for the ship plane ticket for himself, as he was hiding inside the cannon, but he still kept the cannon and acquired more), a teddy bear (the first one), and many other things, including ''all the money in the Money Bin'' (it's actually petty cash, by his standards). The common theme is that it's things he earned himself during his adventures and wouldn't give up, but considering the collection he still qualifies.
** Donald Duck has made some strange collections from time to time, and in [[ComicBook/PaperinikNewAdventures Paperinik]] stories he's shown to keep some weapons and tools from the supervillains he defeated and lots of his own old and damaged weapons.
** Gladstone keeps some of the things he won through his luck instead of selling them, depending on his fancy.
** Goofy collected ''his ancestors' collections''. His attic contains literally almost ''everything''.
* In the ''ComicBook/{{Tintin}}'' story "The Secret of the Unicorn", the pickpocket that's been plaguing the city turns out to be an eccentric old man who keeps a collection of the wallets he's stolen, without bothering to empty the contents.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7896387/10/Food-for-Thought Food for Thought]]'' Colin Creevey has a collection of restraining orders and subpoenas, including an entire ''room'' of ones served on Harry's behalf.
* There's a sidekick statue collection revealed in ''{{WebAnimation/Ducktalez}} 6''. It also keeps track of their deaths, and it is owned by [[spoiler: Darkwing]].
* FanFic/TheMansionverse has [[AwesomeMcCoolname Philidore Gastley]], an early 20th century collector of cursed or otherwise mind-boggling item who gathered them into what would become the Museum of the Weird. The Ghost Host himself also has clear shades of this, though it's just a hobby for him and he only has a RoomFullOfWeird to show for it against Gastley's Museum.
* The Raptor Squad in ''Fanfic/ItsNotTheRaptorDNA'' have a curious habit of decorating their nests with various junk and toys, similar to modern birds. Delta uses bottle caps whilst Blue has a boot that she stole off of Owen a long time ago. [[{{Troll}} Blue also gloats and taunts Owen with this boot.]]
* ''FanFic/RosarioVampireBrightestDarkness'':As explained in Act III chapter 46, Issa Shuzen is a collector of rare and powerful magical spells and artifacts, though he never actually intends to use them. Unfortunately, one of those spells/artifacts is the dangerous [[TimeTravel Chrono Displacement spell]], and Akua and Kahlua steal it from his archive for Kiria to use in his EvilPlan.
* In the Literature/{{Worm}} x Videogame/{{Dishonored}} crossover fanfic, ''FanFic/AChangeOfPace'', Vicky notes that Taylor is becoming one, what with her disturbing amount of human body parts she keeps for her powers.
* ''FanFic/TheRWBYLoops'' gives us the Romantic Weapons and Ballistics of Yggdrasil Museum, maintained by Ruby Rose and stocked with duplicates of weapons from across the multiverse. Given the MegaCrossover of the setting, that actually spans quite a large scale--think of every weapon from every movie, book, video game, anime, television series, cartoon, toy line... the centerpiece is [[StarWarsTheForceAwakens Starkiller Base]], which is also where most of the museum is located, and various snips imply Ruby is still looking to collect.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* In Creator/FritzLang's ''Film/SecretBeyondTheDoor'' (1948), Creator/MichaelRedgrave plays the role of Mark Lamphere, an architect who "collects" rooms where murders have taken place by reconstructing the rooms using as much of the original crime scene material as possible.
* Nino in ''Film/{{Amelie}}'' collects footprints, strange laughs and flawed ID photos.
* Maguire from ''Film/RoadToPerdition'' has a collection of photographs of corpses.
* Franchise/{{Predator}}s, which collect [[CreepySouvenir the skulls of their victims]].
* Egon from ''Film/{{Ghostbusters 1984}}''. "I collect spores, molds and fungus."
* Owen, Danny [=DeVito=]'s {{Manchild}} character in ''Film/ThrowMommaFromTheTrain'', collects coins. Not rare, valuable or mint-condition coins, just coins. The coins are meaningful to him because he acquired them during times he spent with his father as a kid.
* In ''Film/{{Micmacs}}'', one of the arms makers has a collection of the body parts of famous people, such as Marilyn Monroe's molar and the heart of Louis XIV (I think), and he's trying to get Mussolini's eye.
* ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000: TheMovie'' showcases Tom Servo's underpants collection.
* Jack from ''Film/{{Oblivion 2013}}'' collects a variety of pre-war memorabilia artifacts he managed to scavenge, keeping them on a secret cottage he built in a somewhat-untouched grotto.
* ''Film/CitizenKane'': Charles Foster Kane collected... everything, including a lot of junk from his past, even a little sled.
-->'''Newsreel Narrator:''' [at beginning of news reel on Charles Foster Kane's death] ''Legendary was Xanadu where Kubla Khan decreed his stately pleasure dome. Today, almost as legendary is Florida's Xanadu, world's largest private pleasure ground. Here, on the deserts of the Gulf Coast, a private mountain was commissioned and successfully built. One hundred thousand trees, twenty thousand tons of marble are the ingredients of Xanadu's mountain. Contents of Xanadu's palace: paintings, pictures, statues, the very stones of many another palace — a collection of everything so big it can never be catalogued or appraised, enough for ten museums — the loot of the world. Xanadu's livestock: the fowl of the air, the fish of the sea, the beast of the field and jungle. Two of each, the biggest private zoo since Noah. Like the pharaohs, Xanadu's landlord leaves many stones to mark his grave. Since the pyramids, Xanadu is the costliest monument a man has built to himself. Here in Xanadu last week, Xanadu's landlord was laid to rest, a potent figure of our century, America's Kubla Khan — Charles Foster Kane.''
* Several of the {{Pinball}} fans in the {{Documentary}} ''Film/SpecialWhenLit'' are presented like this; two examples include Steve Keeler, who collects pinball machines and ''Film/{{Jaws}}'' memorabilia, and Josh "Pingeek" Kaplan, who collects and sells ''videos'' of pinball games being played.
* While much of the movie ''Mondo Collecto'' is faked, some real collectors of esoteric items are featured. Filmmaker Ted V. Mikels displays his medieval weapon collection, and Earl L. Luckes (as a character named Harutak) displays his collection of ''Film/PhantomOfTheParadise'' memorabilia (including an original prop helmet).
* In ''Film/TheWrongBox'', Morris Finsbury collects rare eggs.

* The Literature/CharlieParkerSeries has The Collector, who collects relics of murders and other crimes that he believes are important on some cosmic level.
* In the book ''DragonSlippers'', each of the dragons collects something - windows, shoes, even dogs.
* [[Literature/TheDresdenFiles Harry Dresden]] has a collection of vampire fangs. And not the hinged plastic kind.
** Other odd spell ingredients he used to keep on hand include sunshine wrapped up in a handkerchief, mainly for use on vampires. And in {{Literature/Changes}}, he has to remove stuff from his apartment in a hurry that the FBI might be interested in. The list of stuff he's bundling up includes two swords (one of which the police would call a murder weapon in a local case), depleted uranium and a human skull. (The skull isn't actually a souvenir, incidentally; [[DemBones He's called Bob and he's on Harry's payroll.]])
* In ''Literature/BlackLegion'', Abaddon has a staggering collection of trophies, weapons and curiosities aboard ''Vengeful Spirit'', from the Talon of Horus to advanced biomechanical cogitators (computers) and a head of an enormous sea serpent. He has acquired them during centuries-long pilgrimage through the [[NegativeSpaceWedgie Eye]].
* According to ''Discworld/MakingMoney'' Lord Vetinari has, somewhere in the palace, the death masks of most of his predecessors as Patrician of Ankh-Morpork (those whose bodies were in any state to have a death mask made). When asked if he finds it creepy to have them all looking down on him, he replies that generally ''he'' looks down on ''them'' because they were fat, greedy, corrupt and incompetent, and he's [[MagnificentBastard awesome]].
** When Gaspode the Wonder Dog is bathed against his will at the end of ''Discworld/MenAtArms'', he runs away from his adoptive home and returns to the streets, complaining: "Every flea, gone! And I had nearly the complete set!"
** In ''Discworld/GoingPostal'', the invention of the stamp attracts a new collecting craze, mostly among people who previously had collected ''pins''. Let us clarify: these are not brooch-style decorative pins (''a la'' Disney "Pin Trading"), but the sort of pins you'd use to fasten two pieces of cloth together temporarily.
** A number of Literature/{{Discworld}} novels make reference to people collecting pressed lizards. An unpleasant child from ''Discworld/{{Hogfather}}'' requested a "lizard press" as a Hogswatch gift, indicating it's a sufficiently-popular hobby that someone invented such a device.
*** Tiffany Aching once told a passerby that she was making a collection of pressed ''toads'', but this was only a lie to justify her picking up the (talking) toad who accompanied her on a journey.
** In ''Discworld/{{Snuff}}'', Young Sam starts a poo collection, inspired by the one assembled by Geoffrey in ''Discworld/TheWorldOfPoo''. There's a brief mention of some Ankh-Morporkians having ''smell'' collections, in carefully stoppered bottles.
--->It was all a mystery to Vimes, who was absolutely sure that it was impossible to tell the difference between a chicken fart and a turkey fart, but there were those who professed to be able to do so, and he was glad that such people had chosen this outlet for their puzzling inclinations rather than, for example, fill their sink with human skulls, collected on the high street.
* The Collector is a series regular in the ''{{Literature/Nightside}}'' novels, a compulsive hoarder who seeks out anything exotic, unique, or historically significant, then stashes it in various super-secret locations (on the Moon, inside a live tyrannosaur's cage, etc). As one of the things he maintains a collection of is ''time machines'', many of the historical artifacts he's picked up were taken directly from their periods of origin.
* In Creator/HPLovecraft's "The Hound", the jaded protagonists turn to GraveRobbing to find new goodies. They live just long enough to [[ArtifactOfDeath regret it.]]
* Orfeo Culzean, TheChessmaster for hire from ''Literature/{{Ravenor}}'' collects deodands - random, innocuous items that have caused people's deaths.
* In ''Literature/GoodOmens'', the angel Aziraphale collects books of prophecy and "infamous Bibles", antique Bibles with amusing misprints such as the Unrighteous Bible, the Wicked Bible, and the Bugger Alle Thys Bible. Apart from the Charring Cross and Bugger Alle Thys Bibles, all the misprinted Bible editions in Aziraphale's collection [[http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bible_errata really do exist]] in RealLife.
* Horace Slughorn of ''Literature/HarryPotter'' fame collects people. He doesn't want to be in the spotlight himself; instead, he purposely acts to collect the trust and affection of hopeful and talented students.
** Arthur Weasley collects Muggle artifacts. Some of them, like a Ford Anglia he enchanted to become invisible and fly, are pretty neat, but a lot of it is junk like electrical plugs and batteries. Considering the average Wizard is disinterested to the point of indifference regarding Muggles, and most of those who aren't are downright hostile towards them, he comes off as more than a bit weird due to his obsession.
* Richard Knaak's ''DragonTome'' in his DragonRealm series has a magic-user who collects unusual people.
* Creator/JenniferRoberson also has a character who collects the unusual, including people, in her TigerAndDel series.
* In Creator/MarkTwain's "The Canvasser's Tale" a traveling salesman tells the sad story of how his formerly-rich uncle died and left the storyteller nothing but his vast collection of ''echoes''.
* The Weaver from ''Literature/PerdidoStreetStation'' collects scissors, apparently because the sound they make appeals to its otherworldly aesthetic sense. Previously it'd collected chess sets.
* Morollan of the Literature/{{Dragaera}} novels collects [[SoulCuttingBlade Morganti weapons]].
* One of the proudest claims of the appropriately-named BadGuyBar the Last Mistake from the Literature/GentlemanBastard Sequence is that it has secured a memento of every ship that has foundered within sight of Camorr over a period of seventy years. The walls are covered in "a bewildering variety of souvenirs, each one telling a visual tale that ended with the phrase 'not quite good enough.'" such as broken bits of ships, split helmets, and a suit of armor with a square hole punched into it by a crossbow bolt.
* In ''Literature/TheWestingGame'', dressmaker Flora Baumbach tells Turtle that her late [[spoiler: mentally-challenged]] daughter collected fabric swatches from her shop's sample collection.
* Snazz, a gremlin murder victim from ''Literature/DanShambleZombiePI'', collected ''lint'' as a child.
* In ''Chronicles of a Strange Kingdom'' king Shellar III of Ortan collects... his own coffins. No, he's not a vampire, [[spoiler: although later he gains the ability to [[AstralProjection manifest as a ghost while near death]]]]. A RunningGag in the series is whenever Shellar risks his life [[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething for the sake of his kingdom]] or his loved ones, or generally is in trouble, at some moment he is falsely presumed dead and a new coffin is ordered for him. Eventually his collection becomes so well-known he starts receiving new additions to it from other monarchs, as sincere birthday gifts. This actually has some plot importance: Shellar's bloodline was cursed to die out [[CurseEscapeClause unless one of them cheats death thrice]], which he did much more than that, and in later books the Archmage actually considers that Shellar's coffins became a sort of good luck charm for him and orders a new one on purpose when the king is in grave danger. [[spoiler: It seems to have worked - Shellar survived, although spent several weeks as a ghost with his body comatose. Interestingly, he does not plan to use any of his collection ever, instead going to remain as SpiritAdvisor to his descendants via aforementioned manifestation.]]

[[folder:Live Action Television]]
* Gil Grissom's office from ''{{Series/CSI}}'' mirrors the owner's fascination with insects where he keeps full preserved bodies of giant spiders and other bugs that catch his fancy. This isn't particularly strange by the standards of this trope -entomology is a well-established and perfectly respectable field of study- but bringing his hobby to work with him like that must make his coworkers nervous.
* ''Series/NightGallery'' episode "A Death in the Family": a mortician collects preserved dead bodies.
** ''The Night Gallery'' itself might qualify, if one assumes that the narrator actually collects the paintings.
* ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000:'' Tom Servo's underwear collection was first shown in TheMovie, but it also figured in the TV show from time to time. For example, in the episode where an alien doppelganger tries to replace Tom, the others play SpotTheImposter by asking how many pairs of underpants he has in his collection. The alien insists that no one would be dumb enough to collect that, while the real Tom rattles off his collection from memory. [[TooSpicyForYogSothoth At which point the alien flees in horror.]]
* Rimmer in ''Series/RedDwarf'' collects photos of 20th century telegraph poles. Meanwhile the Cat collects clothes, while Lister contents himself with growing the mould in his used coffee cup. (Admittedly that last one's mostly because it annoys Rimmer.)
* Mike on ''Series/TheYoungOnes'' claimed that he'd donated his used-tissue collection to the household kindling supply. He's also referred to his ''passport'' collection.
** Knowing Mike, he probably never actually collected used tissues, but simply tossed a fresh one on the fire and ''claimed'' that he'd been collecting them. That way, he didn't have to forfeit anything he actually valued.
* Marshall Teller from ''Series/EerieIndiana'' collects leftovers from all the strange adventures he's been in, and stores them in an evidence locker in his attic in the hopes of using them to prove that he lives in the centre of weirdness for the entire world.
* Everything from ''Series/{{Warehouse 13}}''. See SecretGovernmentWarehouse and ArtifactCollectionAgency.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'':
** Van Statten of [[Recap/DoctorWhoS27E6Dalek "Dalek"]] collected and studied alien artifacts. Collecting a live Dalek may not have been the best move...
** Done again with Grayle in [[Recap/DoctorWhoS33E5TheAngelsTakeManhattan "The Angels Take Manhattan"]], who does much the same thing with a Weeping Angel, and meets an unpleasant fate.
** For that matter, considering the Second Doctor had all sorts of weird stuff in his pockets for every occasion and the TARDIS has all sorts of cool stuff in it the Doctor whips out for use in various episodes and serials, he's this too, though it overlaps with CrazyPrepared when you consider his lifestyle.
* Berry Weiss on ''Series/StorageWars'' bids on storage lockers looking mostly for weird and cool collectables. He's found things like a really creepy wooden head sculpture, and metal work-helmets etched with oil-industry images.
* Gonzo on ''Series/TheMuppetShow'' kept a mildew collection.
* This is the premise of ''Series/{{Oddities}}'' produced by Discovery.
* In an episode of ''Series/MidsomerMurders'', the fact a suspect for the murder is somewhat mentally distressed is lampshaded by the fact he is an obsessive collector of and wargamer with Creator/GamesWorkshop fantasy armies. He is also a CannotTalkToWomen type whose obsessive love for a female character is condensed into his trying to paint a warrior woman miniature figure to look ''exactly'' like her. In TV drama, nobody ''ever'' collects toy soldiers who is mentally balanced, psychologically normal and socially integrated. This is always a lazy TV shorthand for ''obsessive deranged loner''.
* Gammil in the ''Series/{{Charmed}}'' episode; "Size Matters" makes statuettes out of witches.
* ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine''; in "Treachery, Faith and the Great River", Nog mentions one Al Lorenzo, chief of operations on Dagos Prime, who collects holo-photos of himself sitting behind the desks of Starfleet captains. Nog helps him borrow Sisko's desk for a photo as part of an elaborate ChainOfDeals.
* In the live-action puppet series ''Bookmice'', the cat that would later call himself call himself "Exit"[[note]]He took his name from an "EXIT" sign in the library; it was the first word he ever learned to read.[[/note]] is revealed to have a collection of keys.

* The Carnival in Emerson, Lake, and Palmer's "Karn Evil 9 (First Impression), parts I and II." Given that the song takes place after a nightmarish war between man and machine, the Carnival's wares (the remnants of the world before the war) would seem very unusual to the crowds.
* How strange these things ([[spoiler: a silver spoon for Greed, a glass tainted with red for Gluttony, a clockwork doll for Sloth, four mirrors for Pride, a pair of scissors for Envy, a sword with poison on its blade for Lust, and a yet unknown object that is heavily implied to change forms for Wrath]]) are is up for everyone to judge, but in Music/{{Vocaloid}} song-producer Music/{{Mothy}}'s songs, Gallerian Marlon (sung by Kaito) strives to collect the 'Vessels of the Seven Deadly Sins'- so much, that he is nicknamed The Collector, apart from his first name sounding very similar to 'gallery'.

* Robert Ripley (and the player) take this role in ''Pinball/RipleysBelieveItOrNot,'' traveling the world to document and collect various oddities.

[[folder: Podcast]]
* ''Podcast/TopDownPerspective'': The three often talk about Toy/{{amiibo}} collecting and trying to track down amiibos, especially when new waves are released. Jon in particular quests to acquire eight Captain Falcons.

[[folder: Professional Wrestling]]
* While Jim Londos had done something huge in lucha libre when he took the mask of El Enmascarado Rojo, it was Bobby Segura who gained a reputation for ''collecting'' the masks of luchadors and in fact was [[TraumaticHairCut humiliating shaved]] as a result of failing to take Rojo's after Londos gave it back. Although this isn't so strange anymore what with some luchadors having "collections" that dwarf that of the entire Segura [[WrestlingFamily family]] combined, but in 1946, yeah.
* In Wrestling/{{WCW}} in 1997, {{Heel}} manager [[Wrestling/JamesMitchell James Vandenberg]][[note]][[Wrestling/{{SMW}} Daryl Van Horne]][=/=][[Wrestling/{{ECW}} the Sinister Minister]][=/=][[Wrestling/{{TNA}} Father James Mitchell]][[/note]], the manager for [[Wrestling/{{Kanyon}} Mortis (Kanyon)]] and [[Wrestling/BryanClarke Wrath (Bryan Clarke)]], was supposedly the curator of the Museum of Medical Abnormalities in [[UsefulNotes/{{Taiwan}} Taipei]] and a collector of [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment "rare oddities"]].
* Wrestling/SaraDelRey brought up Wrestling/ChrisHero's t-shirt collection, slamming it in comparison to her "[[Wrestling/ClaudioCastagnoli very European]]" garbs.
* According to Silas Young, ACH is an avid collector of Japanese cartoon [=DVDs=]. This went so far as to be the catalyst of a feud between the two in Wrestling/{{ROH}}, where Young decided he was going to make ACH [[RatedMForManly act more like a man.]]
* Hayley Shadows collects action figures, but ''don't'' give her a Barbie Doll.

[[folder: Puppet Shows]]
* ''Series/SesameStreet''
** Bert and his collection of paper clips. He also collects bottle caps.
** Telly likes to collect triangles.

* Linda in ''Linda Smith's Brief History of Timewasting'' collects ceramic birds. But she has to smash them when they become endangered.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/Warhammer40000'':
** Khorne, the Chaos God of war and bloodshed, collects blood and skulls, which form a ''lake'' and a ''mountain'', respectively.[[note]]Not a normal lake and mountain of course. It was said that just one of Khorne's servants collected enough skulls to form a small planetoid. Said servant was powerful, but mostly an ordinary daemon, overshadowed by monsters like Anngrath, Doombreed or Angron.[[/note]]
** The Necron special character Trazyn the Infinite. Think Doctor Doom if he was a killer skeleton robot from space and you have a decent idea of what he's like. His collection includes, among other things, the wraithbone choir of Craftworld Altansar, the preserved severed head of Sebastian Thor, an [[http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Enslaver#.Ues7iI2koTc Enslaver]] husk, and baroque set of Space Marine power armour (with the accompanying Blood Angels marine; it's implied that the poor sap is ''far'' from the only technically living thing in Trazyn's collection), and the world spirit shrine of Maiden World Carnac. And Trazyn is always looking to add more things to his bizarre gathering of oddities.
* The Sindarans in ''TabletopGame/{{Talislanta}}'' have collecting as one of their [[PlanetOfHats hats]]. Most of them collect the things you'd expect - art, books, antiques, etc - but not all of them. A fandom suggestion list for "things for your Sindaran to collect" included "lint" and "other collectors' collections".
* In ''TabletopGame/VampireTheMasquerade,'' one of the [[MadHatter Malkavian]] character templates is named "[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin The Collector]]" who collects obsessively out of a desire to understand the world. To that end, he'll collect, examine and catalogue every single variation of a certain item for months at a time; eventually, he'll exhaust all the insights the item has to give, put the collection in storage and move onto another series of object- no matter how bizzare or macabre: insects, oak leaves, human hands, anything.
** The Maeghar ([[TabletopGame/ChangelingTheDreaming fae-blooded]] vampires) typically have large collections of small objects, such collections often being of disturbing things such as finger bones, children's teeth, pieces of tattooed skin, and broken dreams.

* In the 2013 musical ''Theatre/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory'', Charlie Bucket collects '''other people's''' thoughtlessly-discarded Wonka Bar wrappers at the dump near his home, where a sweet stall passes each day. He's too poor to enjoy an actual Wonka Bar more than once a year, but he loves them so much that he faithfully collects the wrappers, with Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight wrappers ([[YourFavorite his favorite]]) especially cherished. His family doesn't see this as strange (Grandpa Joe practically encourages it!) but it does garner bemused questioning from an observer in the opening scene.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Dante from ''Franchise/DevilMayCry'' adorns his office with trophy heads. While this is not unusual in itself, the skulls on his walls are of all the demons he's killed during his career as a bounty hunter.
** A bonus art from 3 takes this to its logical conclusion, where Dante's office is so filled up with corpses of all the monsters he's killed and gear he's collected over the game, there's almost no walking room left. Presumably that's why he only keep trophy heads in the later games, room's an issue when your business is also your house.
* Gutten Kisling from the video game ''VideoGame/{{Okage}}: the Shadow King'' collects toenail clippings.
* Admiral ZEX from ''VideoGame/StarControl II'' collects beings from various races.
* Geo Strigau in ''VideoGame/TalesOfHearts'' collects Spirunes, which are roughly peoples' ''souls'' in crystal form. He truly pisses off both Innes and the player when he takes the Spirune of one [[MoralityPet Lapis Silver]].
* Carlos, from the ''VideoGame/BattleClash'' duology, collects the heads of the mecha he's defeated in battle. He's made it his life's mission to defeat ST Falcon, the world's only known two-manned mecha, which he considers an abomination (all other ST models do not have a separate pilot and gunner).
* In the second ''VideoGame/SimonTheSorcerer'' game, the two gargoyles guarding the entrance to the Fortress of Doom discuss how far Simon would be able to make it without dying, followed by expressing hope that they are allowed to keep his kneecaps.
* ''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates'' has [[LittleBitBeastly Keaton and his daughter Velouria]], who share a hobby of collecting "treasures" like broken plates, discarded thread, clumps of dirt, and other random objects their human comrades tend to consider garbage or are ordinary to the point of being above their notice.
* ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV'' Add-On ''[[VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIVTheBalladOfGayTony The Ballad of Gay Tony]]'' has Yusuf Amir. The son of a rich Arabian businessman says himself that he wants things that he couldn't buy, so he pays you for illegally getting him a chopper with miniguns and rockets (later he plated with gold), a subway car and a S.W.A.T. Tank. He never uses anything for himself, he is lucky enough for having the stuff.
* Over the course of the ''Franchise/BaldursGate'' series, you can collect quite a few interesting items. A vampire's hand, golden, silver and bronze pantaloons, a couple of heads, hearts from demons, sharks and humans, a brain, a soul and weapons of all kinds. Fortunately you also get a HammerSpace bag.
* ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls''
** In each game in the series since the [[VideoGame3DLeap 3D Leap]], as well as in its ''VideoGame/{{Fallout}}'' sister series, you can easily turn [[AHomeOwnerIsYou your home]] into a SuperheroTrophyShelf with all of the questing treasures you acquire. There are far more in each game than you can possibly put to use, so most will go toward decorating your home. Many {{Game Mod}}s exist which aid in this process.
** In ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIIIMorrowind Morrowind]]'', [[BadassGrandpa Divayth Fyr]] has amassed quite the collection of legendary artifacts, and has even set up a LockAndKeyPuzzle for those willing to risk their lives (to either his violent [[BodyHorror Corprus victims]] or catching the disease themselves) to try to steal them. In particular, he has a number of [[OurDwarvesAreDifferent Dwemer]] artifacts and items associated with the Imperial Battlespire event.
** In ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Skyrim]]'''s ''Dragonborn'' DLC, the [[TheMagocracy Telvanni]] [[TheArchMage Mage-Lord]] and legendary enchanter Master Neloth collects the staffs of Azra Nightwielder, a legendary master of "Shadow Magic".
** ''[[TheElderScrollsIVOblivion Oblivion's]]'' ''Shivering Isles'' DLC has characters who obsessively collect things such as forks or bones. One can also assist the curator of the Museum of Oddities with new acquisitions.
* Marisa Kirisame, of ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' fame, has a reputation for stealing and acquiring random objects, many of which are magical in nature. [[TrashOfTheTitans She can't be bothered to sort or identify them.]] Legendary artifacts have been discovered in her house.
** Earlier, in the PC-98 games, Kotohime was fond of collecting "things no one else finds interesting". [[CloudCuckooLander She also thought she was a police officer.]]
** Rin "Orin" Kaenbyou collects ''corpses''. It is [[LampshadeHanging mentioned in game]] [[http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Double_Spoiler/Spell_Cards/Stage_8 how weird this is]].
** Kosuzu Motoori collects youma books, books that are written by and/or contain {{youkai}}. They are usually indecipherable by humans, but Kosuzu has a special ability to read them.
* In the LetsPlay of ''VideoGame/SonicUnleashed'' done by [[LetsPlay/{{pokecapn}} pokecapn and company]], LetsPlay/{{medibot}} names all the collectibles in the game. Sonic ends up collecting everything from a lost sock to an umbrella that only works if you don't look at it.
* Xenon in the Black Emporium DLC of ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'', who owns a store of items he's collected in his quest to find immortality (which he succeeded in, but [[AgeWithoutYouth not the way he wanted]]) that Hawke and his group can browse around for.
* In ''VideoGame/GhostbustersTheVideoGame'', Edmund Hoover, later known as "Azetlor, the Collector," collected ancient and extremely rare books and tomes, some of which were ''very'' powerful. He seduced (and later murdered) Eleanor Twitty, a librarian at the NYCPL, so that he could get his hands on [[TomeOfEldritchLore The Gozerian Codex]].
** The Ghostbusters themselves fit this trope, what with all the Cursed Artifacts found throughout the game.
* In ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIIINocturne'', the Collector Manikin was known for his collection of human-made stuff. Since this is AfterTheEnd, they're not in wide supply. To progress in the game, you need to steal a yen note from Loki's room for him.
* In ''E.P.I.C. Wishmaster Adventures'' a sergeant in the villain's army collects the skulls of mine slaves he's ordered to be killed.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyV'''s Gilgamesh collects rare swords from all the worlds he's visited. His ultimate goal is to find [[InfinityPlusOneSword Excalibur]].
* The Worm from ''VideoGame/TheAdventuresOfMassmouth'' collects unique artifacts and creatures, and in fact has his own ArtifactCollectionAgency to acquire new items.
* Brainiac from ''[[VideoGame/LEGOAdaptationGame LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham]]'' takes this even further than the comics counterpart. He still collects cities, but is now growing bored with that. He's escalated it to collecting ''worlds'', and also has the Lantern rings on his agenda.
* In ''VideoGame/PrincessMaker 2'', a Travelling Salesman will show up [[RuleOfThree times]]. He has many weird things, which range from useless to very useful for the Daughter's stats.

* In ''Webcomic/DemonEater'', considering demons don't have much time to worry about anything, the fact that the human club exists, and the fact that it has actual human things definitely brands them for this trope.
* ''Webcomic/ScandinaviaAndTheWorld'': Iceland collects [[NightmareFetishist penises]]. Inspired by the [[http://www.phallus.is/ Icelandic Phallological Museum]]. (Link SFW, against all odds.)
* Vrill in ''Webcomic/ShadowsOfEnchantment''. He's an artifact trader, but if he finds particularly interesting stuff he tends to just keep it (or buy it, or in some cases have it stolen). What he's really after is enchanted items, but anything rare and strange might catch his eye.
* The Fox in ''Webcomic/TallyHo'' collects golfballs.
* In ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'', all the kids' parental figures collect weird things: Dad collects harlequin paintings and figurines [[spoiler: because he thinks [[RoomFullOfCrazy John likes them]]]], Mom fancies wizards, Bro fills the house with uncanny amounts of puppets, and Grandpa Harley collects everything from faded beauty salon posters to globes to mummies to suits of armour to taxidermy.
** Dave Strider himself is said to like to collect things preserved in jars.
* Daniel Ti'Fiona in ''Webcomic/DanAndMabsFurryAdventures'' collects muscle-powered weapons, swords are his favorite, but his collection includes axes, cross-bows, pole arms, etc. They're displayed on the walls of his room.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* David Wong in ''Literature/JohnDiesAtTheEnd'' has a garden shed full of things that simply should not exist. For instance, an issue of TIME magazine about the assassination of Bill Clinton.
* Olimar aka End of Days on ''WebVideo/ThereWillBeBrawl'' have a stash of various things from video games including the magic flute.
* WebVideo/AgamemnonTiberiusVacuum collects planets (and is currently trying to add the Earth to his collection).
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick's sidekick Elisa has a large collection of skulls (...well, fake skulls, presumably), and another collection of ''Franchise/ThePhantomOfTheOpera'' merchandise. These are real!Elisa's actual collections.
* Tara, co-host of TGWTG's weird news show, WebVideo/WhatTheFuckIsWrongWithYou collects toy hippos. In fact, she's said on the show that she has a hippo for every occasion, and there seems to be no reason to doubt this. She has become so identified with hippos that a fan created fanart of her as a superheroine with a cuddly hippo sidekick. This, in turn, spawned [[http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hippo-Lantern-Corps/129852640446826 the Hippo Lantern Corps]].
* WebVideo/AskThatGuyWithTheGlasses collects boils because they apparently taste nice and souls because that's part of his job of working for the devil.
* Suzy Hanson of ''WebVideo/GameGrumps'', ''[[WebVideo/SteamTrain Steam Rolled]]'', and ''WebVideo/TableFlip'' fame has started a taxidermy collection.
* The protagonist of ''WebVideo/AshensAndTheQuestForTheGameChild'' collects {{Shoddy Knockoff Product}}s. Anything that is a genuine product or of actual value, he rejects.
* Ross Scott of ''[[WebVideo/RosssGameDungeon Ross's Game Dungeon]]'' is very skilled at hunting down rare and absolutely bizarre games that nobody's ever heard of before. A good example of this is ''[[MindScrew Bip Bop II]]''. A better example is ''Bip Bop '''III''''', which basically had UnPerson status until he managed to track down a copy by contacting the original developer, who no longer had the source code to the game, but did have a few remaining retail copies on floppy disk, and wasn't sure if they even still worked or not (they did).
* ''WebOriginal/SeventeenThousandSevenHundredSeventySix'' devotes half a chapter to the exploits of a group of friends who made a game out of collecting footballs signed by [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koy_Detmer Koy Detmer]]. To them, it's SeriousBusiness.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Ren from ''WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow'' collected used celebrity underwear, opera records, fossilized dinosaur droppings, and jars of rare incurable diseases; his cousin Sven collected used bandages and spit in a jar; and Stimpy collected ''boogers'', which he calls magic nose goblins.
* Finn and Jake of ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' do this to some degree. They have a whole room in their house ''filled'' with treasure from their exploits. They are never seen spending it or selling it, so presumably they just keep it around to look at it. Jake, however, is a collector of the strange in a different sort of way... He's a kleptomaniac, so it's inevitable that he'd pick up a few odd bits and bobbles from time to time. Finn also collects glass eyeballs.
** The Ice King collects PRINCESSES. He has been shown kidnapping various princesses and sticking them all in a big cage. Unfortunately for him, they always escape or get rescued eventually.
** Lemongrab's castle has multiple rooms, each containing nothing but a single left-handed catcher's mitt on a pedestal. "The Mountain" eventually reveals that this is because [[JerkassWoobie he wants to play catch with his mother figure]].
* Helga from ''WesternAnimation/HeyArnold'' made [[StalkerShrine a statue devoted to her love]] out of wads of used chewing gum that the object of affection cast aside.
** Arnold's cousin Arnie collects lint and it is usually mentioned at least once per episode he appears in.
* WesternAnimation/WallE keeps a wide assortment of random trinkets that catch his fancy. The items he collects don't seem to have any particular theme, they're just anything that strikes him as interesting. (At one point he throws out a diamond ring and keeps the little velvet box instead, for example.)
* Egon's collection of spores, molds, and fungus is mentioned twice in ''WesternAnimation/TheRealGhostbusters'', both times when he decides to bring home food served to him by a CordonBleughChef.
* Jefferson Twilight from ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'' collects the fangs from the blaculas he hunts and makes them into a necklace.
* The Autobot Pipes from ''WesternAnimation/TheTransformers'', who collects interesting human knick-knacks.
** [[BountyHunter Lockdown]] from ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'' collects the mods from his victims.
** Rattrap in ''WesternAnimation/BeastWars'' mentions having a collection of Predacon parts, including a very impressive one of [[TheChewToy Waspinator]].
*** To clarify, he claims to almost have enough parts to build his OWN Waspinator.
* WesternAnimation/KimPossible collected Cuddle Buddies, local equivalent to Beanie Babies that look like combinations of two animals; not that weird. [=DNAmy=] collects the same toys, but then she turns around and uses her knowledge of bio-engineering to make the living equivalent; very weird.
* The Collector from ''WesternAnimation/SushiPack'' originally appeared as a connoisseur of fine art who somehow figured out how to animate the figures in paintings, but in his later appearances became a collector of anything, from spoons to hotel soap, and information. In one episode, in fact, he attempts to [[TheCollector collect the Sushi Pack]].
* Skulker wanted to add WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom to his collection of unusual ghosts.
* ''WesternAnimation/CodenameKidsNextDoor'': [[CreepyChild The Delightful Children From Down The Lane]] collect toenails.
--> It's not "gross"... it's a ''hobby''.
* Ariel from ''Disney/TheLittleMermaid'' salvages items crafted in the surface world, most of which are quite strange by merfolk standards (e.g. shoes).
* Mayor Jeff from ''WesternAnimation/PBAndJOtter'' collects toilet seat covers. A little [[{{Squick}} too enthusiastically for comfort.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/JimmyTwoShoes'' gives us Beezy's collection of chewed gum.
* Mandy from ''WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy'' was once credited as a napkin collector.
** In the episode "Fear and Loathing in Endsville" a truck driver is shown collecting fingernails...but don't tell anyone he uses toenails as a substitute at times.
* On ''WesternAnimation/InvaderZim,'' Dib collects haunted Gummi bears, aside from his general assortment of paranormal stuff.
* In a ''[[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Simpsons]]'' SuperheroEpisode, Comic Book Guy was a villain called TheCollector, who kidnapped celebrities and stored them in plastic wrap. He also had other various nerd collectibles, like a working dual lightsaber a la ''Film/ThePhantomMenace.''
* ''[[WesternAnimation/{{Thundercats 2011}} [=ThunderCats (2011)=]]]''
** Prince Lion-O searches the BlackMarket of his [[FriendInTheBlackMarket friend]] Jorma in search of fairy-tale objects called [[LostTechnology "technology"]], collecting, tinkering with and ratholing {{Black Box}}es that most people in his [[MedievalStasis medieval kingdom]] dismiss as WorthlessYellowRocks.
** The Duelist is a MasterSwordsman who loves unique, well-crafted swords, carrying his collection in a [[WalkingArmory rack on his back]], the catch being that these are all ''trophies'' he's taken from challenging the unwary to duels. Lion-O's Sword of Omens is unique, and Lion-O is unwary...
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'' Buster collects interesting food which he keeps in a glass case in his room. His mother periodically throws it out before it starts to moulder ''too'' badly.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Kaeloo}}'': Stumpy has collections of normal things like comic books and stamps, and some unusual things as well. In one episode, Mr. Cat even manages to trick Stumpy into buying a toilet by claiming that Stumpy has a toilet collection he could add it to. Stumpy, being a complete idiot, believes this and starts a toilet collection.
* Buck Tuddrussel in 'WesternAnimation/TimeSquad'' loved to collect random objects from his travels through history. These objects include some minor things like a telescope and various war helmets, to strange or outrageous things like George Washington's wooden teeth, King David's slingshot, and the American Bill of Rights.
* Push from ''WesternAnimation/ChalkZone'' collects assignments that Mr. Wilter has erased from his chalkboard after they manifest as sheets in [=ChalkZone=].
* In ''WesternAnimation/TwiceUponATime'', BigBad Synonamess Botch shows our unwitting heroes around his castle, where he has collections of all sorts of weird things, including dried salami, stretched cats, and stuffed and mounted bat heads.

* George Carlin, in a comic routine about losing things, made references to collections of things no one would really want: used bandages, or nude pictures of Ernest Borgnine.
* British cartoonist/musician Gerard Hoffnung in a radio interview: "I like to collect various types of sauerkraut". Interviewer: "And what do you do with them?" Hoffnung: "That shouldn't be any concern of yours."
* The plot of the ''Alone'' house at Ride/BuschGardens' Theatre/HowlOScream.
* A man goes to a psychiatrist:
--> Well doc, it was my wife's idea to consult you, I like scrambled eggs and thinks it might be a mental illness.\\
What? Oh come now, I'd know if it was a disease, I like scrambled eggs too.\\
Really? Then you need to come and see my collection.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabinet_of_curiosities Cabinets of Curiosities]] and early museums in general.
* There used to be a museum in Alabama, USA called the Museum of Miscellanea. It had a collection like this, featuring a wide variety of oddities.
* Dave Barry has one of these collections in real life. In his work as a humorist, he has collected the following [[http://maryland.lib.overdrive.com/AA745038-F5D4-4DAD-86C9-0905B950460F/10/295/en/ContentDetails.htm?ID=%7B72CA3615-33EE-4F89-AC6C-5BC180DF55E3%7D bizarre objects]].
* Adam Savage is a real life example, he has even produced a realistic replica of the Maltese Falcon from the movie, as well as a dodo skeleton, and many many other things he's collected over the years, this was showcased in one of the get to know the cast better episodes of ''Series/{{Mythbusters}}''.
** And [[Series/{{Firefly}} gorram]] it, [[http://twitpic.com/1j7id these papers...]]
** The Mythbusters themselves could be considered for this, given how many of their strange machines built in previous episodes are seen in future ones hanging from the ceiling or walls.
* [[http://www.neatorama.com/2008/05/14/neatoramas-guide-to-25-of-the-strangest-collections-on-the-web/ This Neatorama post]] catalogues many Real Life eccentric collectors and their collections. Highlights (lowlights?) include the collectors of belly button lint, toilet seats, airplane barf bags, and posters of fish.
* Jeffrey Rowland, the creator of ''Webcomic/{{Overcompensating}}'' is an avid collector of [[http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/06/10/admiral-ackbar-action-figures-jeffrey-rowland/ vintage Admiral Ackbar figurines]].
* The ''Franchise/RipleysBelieveItOrNot'' family of museums and associated books and shows are such collections. The museum's oddities include diseased skeletons, weird art, torture implements, sideshow hoaxes and plenty of other randomness.
* Pathologists and hematologists tend to keep collections of slides from histological samples or blood smears.
* Creator/CharlesAddams, creator of ''Series/TheAddamsFamily'' collected macabre objects, like torture devices and execution implements, mostly sent by fans.
* The new TLC show called ''My Crazy Obsession'' features weird collections. The first episode featured a couple with the largest collection of Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, with over 5000 dolls. Each doll has its own name and personality, and they even built 6000 sq. ft of space to put them in. Other collections featured include wigs and Mickey Mouse memorabilia.
* The show ''Series/{{Oddities}}'' on The Science Channel is about a pawn shop of sorts...where one can find taxidermy, outdated medical equipment, coffins, and other creepy memorabilia.
* Alex Jordan, architect and builder of The House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin. The House features everything from pipe organs (yes, ''pipe organs'') to old, cast-iron mechanical banks to miniature circuses.
* ''Games'' magazine once did an article on people with odd collections such as nuts (the edible kind), Mack trucks, doorknobs and maps of Transylvania.
* ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Museum The Black Museum]]'' crosses the line between this and an ArtifactCollectionAgency. Beginning as a collection of prisoners' property, it was expanded into an official museum in 1875 (although it is not open to the public). It collects items from criminal cases, including some infamous ones such as Dr. Crippen[[note]] Murdered his wife and fled to America; was arrested getting off the boat thanks to a Transatlantic telegram.[[/note]], Ruth Ellis[[note]] Murdered her lover, the last woman to be hanged in Britain.[[/note]], and John George Haigh[[note]] The 'Acid Bath Murderer', who despite the name did not murder his six (official) victims by putting them in baths of acid; the acid bath was to destroy their bodies after the fact, due to the mistaken belief that he could not be charged with murder if the victim's body could not be produced.[[/note]]. The items collected are definitely strange, although the reasoning is not: the Museum is used as an educational resource for Police Officers. Creator/ArthurConanDoyle, who had [[Literature/SherlockHolmes his famous detective]] say "there is nothing new under the sun" of Crime, was one of the museum's famous visitors. The rather bland official website is [[http://www.met.police.uk/history/crime_museum.htm here.]]
* ''Many'' specialist museums have some element of this; as an example, we offer the [[http://stjosephmuseum.org/museums/glore/ Glore Psychiatric Museum]] in St. Joseph, Missouri. They do have a purpose, but for those outside the field in question they may seem a bit odd or even macabre (especially true of those where the specialization is some branch of medicine).
* Bowerbirds and pack rats are famous for collecting inedible items. Male bowerbirds use elaborate displays of shiny and/or colorful objects to impress females, while pack rats gather both natural materials and trash into large "middens" that they urinate on to mark territory.
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