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Body and Host
It's not as dirty as it looks.

When a foreign entity like that of a Symbiote, Body Snatcher, Puppeteer Parasite, or even a Hacker (when regarding machines like robots and computers) enters/outright hijacks a body, the possessed subject becomes what is usually called: the Host.

The basic purpose of the host varies on what the point was for it to have been hijacked in the first place. Sometimes it's used as a disguise, other times it's used as a decoy and destraction, even simply being used as a weapon and piece of armor that the possessor uses to cause sheer chaos and destruction, but sometimes... a host can be used for Fetish Fuel.

For details on the passive/aggressive relationships a Host can have with its "Guest," view The Symbiote. Has absolutely zilch to do with The Host.


  • Meat Puppet: the basic and most common Host, always being biological in origin.
    • Big Dumb Body - A meat puppet that holds little intelligence, but is desirable for its physical prowess and durability.
    • Empty Shell - A Host that's without resistance from being taken over.
    • Heroic Host - a Host that gets "powers" or "abilities" from their guest.
    • Living Bodysuit - when a host is chosen as a disguise for reasons of secrecy and espionage.
    • Seeing Through Another's Eyes - when a host temporarily has their senses borrowed.
    • Two Siblings In One - When a sibling lives on within you... literally.
    • Wetware Body - a biological body possessed by a computer.
    • Willing Channeler - a Host who "wants" to be controlled, or at least isn't against having his/her body used by an outside party.
  • Mechanical Shell: A host who's mechanical or has a digital representation within cyberspace.
    • Wetware CPU - A computer possessed by the mind of a (once) living creature.
    • Hacked Cyborg - An arguably hybrid host who is mechanical enough that their body can be hacked into, and manipulated, either manually or remotely. Can also be biologically possessed in some cases.
  • Haunted Fetter: An inanimate object or place that is possessed by a ghost or spirit as a way of binding itself to the realm of the living.
  • Planetary Parasite: An entire planet, whether sentient or not, is the ghost.

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