-> ''If I hurry, I can still make it to the BIG GAME!''
--> WebAnimation/HomestarRunner

-> Hella Jeff, [[StylisticSuck (sic)]]: ''"bro i got a ticket for the BIG GAME (its sports)"''
-> Sweet Bro, [[StylisticSuck (sic)]]: ''"dog........ i AM SO JEALOUS you KNOW i love the the the big game."''
--> ''SweetBroAndHellaJeff''

The BigGame is the end all and be all of existence. The OpposingSportsTeam is prepared to win, and everything is riding on the RagtagBunchOfMisfits. There's some bet riding on the game where the orphanage/family restaurant/park/camp can only be saved by winning the BigGame. Alternatively, winning the BigGame may inspire the LittlestCancerPatient to live.

Typical formula for a Big Game:
* The first half of the game consists of the OpposingSportsTeam ripping our heroes to shreds, building up a huge lead.
* At the halftime break, the rest of the team has [[DespairEventHorizon just about given up]] when the coach or team captain comes in with a heroic speech inspiring his team to greater heights against the unstoppable juggernaut. That, or they [[PutMeInCoach put in the one player]] who can make the difference.
* The second half is the MiracleRally; the fired-up underdogs close the gap to tie the game, usually with the help of a montage.
* Finally, it comes {{down to the last play}}; the game is tied, or the OpposingSportsTeam is just slightly ahead. There's [[DownToTheLastPlay just enough time for one more play, shot, or run]]. The entire game rides on this one. I'm sure we can all guess what happens next; the game is won in the most spectacular fashion possible.

After all, blowouts only happen in real world [[SuperBowl Super Bowls]] and {{FIFA World Cup}}s.

Not to be confused with [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Game_%28American_football%29 a football game played by a couple California universities]].


* ''Film/AsOne'', a movie about table tennis, climaxes with the two former bitter rivals competing as doubles partners for the table tennis world championship.
* ''TheLongestYard'' (both versions, as well as ''[[ForeignRemake Mean Machine]]'')
* ''Lucas'' - Lucas doesn't catch the ball (though it was ruled a fumble apparently since the play was not whistled over.) and we never see the ending, though it is implied that they lose.
* ''The Match''
* ''Mystery, Alaska'', although the protagonists ultimately lose the game by one goal.
* ''NotAnotherTeenMovie'' parodies this, specifically parodying both ''Film/VarsityBlues'' and ''Lucas''.
* ''Film/TheReplacements''
* ''Film/VarsityBlues''
* ''Film/TheMightyDucks'' and its sequels.
* ''The Big Green''
* ''RememberTheTitans''
* Subverted in ''WhipIt''; the teams are tied pretty much all the way through, [[spoiler:and the Hurl Scouts lose.]]
* ''{{Film/Leatherheads}}'', although the protagonists ultimately [[spoiler:win by cheating. Although since the real antagonists are those attempting to add and enforce rules in football, this is treated as a good thing.]]
* ''TheBadNewsBears'' and its remake famously subverted this by [[spoiler:having the team of the title lose in the end as they realized the game was more about fun and self-respect than winning.]]
* ''TheWaterboy''
* ''RookieOfTheYear''
* ''AngelsInTheOutfield'' and all of its remakes/sequels/spin-offs.
* ''MajorLeague'' and sequels. The first puts a memorable spin on the typical DownToTheLastPlay ending.
* ''BendItLikeBeckham'' - The team is not a bunch of ragtags. They were one of the best teams in the league and if not the favorite to win that game, they certainly weren't a huge underdog.
* Both in the film of ''Film/FridayNightLights'' and several times in the subsequent [[Series/FridayNightLights TV series]].
* ''HighSchoolMusical'', climax of the first movie and beginning of the third.
* ''WebVideo/ATrailerForEveryAcademyAwardWinningMovieEver''. It's parodied, like all other tropes in it.
* ''Film/TheFreshman''
* ''HorseFeathers''
* ''{{Film/Mash}}''
* ''SlapShot'', although it skips the MiracleRally part. [[spoiler:The Chiefs win when the other team is disqualified after one of their players punches the referee.]]
* A very unusual example in the 1998 indie film ''Possums''. [[spoiler:The protagonist team is totally thrashed by the rivals, but scores their first touchdown in over ten years and leaves the field, cheering and holding the scoring player aloft like a hero, leading the opposing coach to ask the referee if his team had actually won.]]
* ''Film/{{Thunderstruck}}'' features two Big Games in two days, one for the high school team and one for the NBA team, both to qualify for the respective playoffs.
* ''Film/SpaceJam''
* "Muffy's Soccer Shocker" on ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'' has one against Mighty Mountain Elementary. It ends [[spoiler:with a tie.]]
* A big soccer game was also featured in ''Back to School with Literature/{{Franklin}}''. [[spoiler:This one, too, ended in a tie.]]
* Subverted in ''Film/NecessaryRoughness'', where despite fitting this trope to a T, the final game is simply the last of the season, and the only stakes on the line are to win just one game (though it is against the top ranked team in the nation).