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[[caption-width-right:300:His intern [[DisproportionateRetribution got him decaf]].]]
->''"Slippin' rippin' dang fang rotten zarg barg-a-ding dong!"''
-->-- '''[[NoNameGiven Calvin's dad]]''' [[http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/1987/12/24 dropping a Christmas present]] [[AgonyOfTheFeet on his foot]], ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes''

RAAAAAGH! A character is so angry, pissed off, or shocked that he or she is literally unable to form a coherent sentence. Other strong emotions are sufficient to render a person unable to speak proper English (or whatever language is being spoken at the time), but shock, anger, and pure rage are the most common. GYAAARRRRGH! It usually takes a little while for him or her to recover, at which point he or she explodes into rage normally.

Often includes ClusterFBomb, although these days it's popular to have a normally foul-mouthed character to just be [[UpToEleven too mad to even]] ''[[UpToEleven swear]]'' [[UpToEleven coherently]], reducing them to CurseCutShort at best and GoshDangItToHeck at [[Literature/TheHorseAndHisBoy wor-hor-hor-hor-horst]]! Alternately, enraged gibberish can serve as a kid-friendly ''substitute'' for profanity, with [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar hints]] of what the character ''meant'' to say slipping through. GRRR!

Do not confuse with [[GratuitousEnglish Engrish]], or with "Anglish".[[labelnote:*]](A [[ConLang reconstructed version of English]] where words with Latin or Greek roots are replaced by Anglo-Saxon-derived equivalents, such as "waterstuff" for hydrogen.)[[/labelnote]] Also compare SarcasmFailure, GaggingOnYourWords and ForeignLanguageTirade. [[VideoGame/{{Spore}} FAAAAAAIIIIIIIII!]]!

TruthInTelevision. Remember the last time you stubbed your toe? GRAAAAAGH!
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[[folder:NAAAAPAPAAA KOMAAAAA!!!! (Newspaper Comics)]]
* ComicStrip/{{Calvin|AndHobbes}}'s dad lets out a burst of angry gibberish in one Christmas strip after [[AgonyOfTheFeet dropping a heavy present on his foot.]]
* One ''{{Popeye}}'' strip had Roughhouse so fed up with Wimpy's constant mooching that he had to be constrained to the hospital. He spends his recuperation growling and muttering Wimpy's catchphrases, such as "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." or "I'd like to have you to a duck dinner. You bring the duck."
-->'''Popeye''': Wimpy's got his goat so bad he's almost crazy!

[[folder:PAAAABAAAAAA!!! (Pinball)]]
* Lt. Dekker in ''Pinball/LastActionHero,'' who roars unintelligibly whenever his spinner is hit.
* In ''Pinball/TheAddamsFamily,'' Cousin It does this whenever you hit him during "Hit Cousin It." Mind you, It's always been TheUnintelligible.

[[folder:PRAFASIANAAA WRASSAAA!!! (Professional Wrestling)]]
* Wrestling/ScottSteiner is probably the most prominent example. He'll be so pumped-up that he'll tell you he's "wrestled a lot of countries," and that Wrestling/KevinNash "doesn't get (his) sympy (sympathy) at all."
* Shortly before the aforementioned Mr. Steiner began butchering the English language over in WCW as "Big Poppa Pump," the then-WWF had their own example in Ahmed Johnson, who spoke Angrish so well that he inspired the long-running Website/YouTube series "Fun with Ahmed," which tries its best to translate Johnson's shouted, mush-mouthed promos (Usually with footage from the video game ''WWF War Zone'',) with entertaining results.
* Sid Vicious (aka Sycho Sid/Sid Justice in WWF) may be well-known to fans as the guy who stabbed Wrestling/ArnAnderson with a pair of scissors in a real-life fight and as someone who'd rather play softball than wrestle, but he's also well-known as a fluent Angrish speaker when cutting promos. After all, he has half the brain that you do.

[[folder:RAAAADIAAAA!!!! (Radio)]]
* Karl Pilkington sometimes drove Ricky Gervais (who's very inarticulate when excited anyway) to Angrish on the old radio shows. A sample as quoted by a diligent Website/YouTube commenter:
--> I'm leavin'... I'm never... I'm never doing this show again... you talking... I... I've never heard anything... such bol--... you are... play a record.
* On Air America, [[http://airamerica.com/montelacrossamerica/blog/2009/sep/29/lets-not-kid-ourselves-roman-polanski-rapist-audio#close Montel Williams]] reacts with a combination of this and high articulation to the people in Hollywood who are defending Roman Polanski for raping a thirteen-year-old girl.
* Mayor [=LaTrivia=] of ''FibberMcGeeAndMolly'' was frequently reduced to this after suffering an interminable ChainOfCorrections with the title characters.

[[folder:STEEEEED AAAAP CAMAAAIYY! (Stand Up Comedy)]]
* Creator/BillCosby discussed how his parents were prone to this:
--> "Did you ever make your mother so mad that she forgot your name? 'Come here, Roy -- I mean Ralph -- Roquefort -- Rutabaga -- ''[[AccidentalMisnaming what is your name, boy?]]'' And don't lie to me, 'cuz you live in this house and ''I'll find out who you are!'''"\\
"I used to think my father was an idiot [{{beat}}], because the man could never complete a sentence. Now I understand. Had it been a ''grown'' person, you'd have cursed: 'What the (foul filth foul foul filth filth filth foul foul), and ''you're'' (filth and foul)!' But when you talk to your child, you don't want to do that, [[CurseCutShort so you censor yourself]], and you sound like an idiot. 'What the -- Get your -- I'll bust -- Get outta my face!'"
* Creator/LewisBlack often ends up bursting into Angrish in his stand-up routines.
** According to his friends, he does this in Real Life, as well.
* Kevin Hart at one point said that you knew his mother was getting really angry because her sentences would stop making sense.
* In his new special "Neverlution," Creator/ChristopherTitus talked about his father being so mad that he used "angry consonants."

[[folder:THEEEETAAAAA!!! (Theatre)]]
* A character in Judith Thompson's ''Lion In The Streets'' says to another character, if memory serves, "shut up, [[YouAreFat you fat]]!"
* Theatre/KingLear's less than articulate threat 'I shall do such things......I know not what they are but they will be the terrors of the earth'.
* Susan Silsby in ''Theatre/TheCatAndTheCanary''.
* ''Theatre/TheProducers'': Frustrated, facing jail time for massive fraud, and having just lost a tug of war for some very important documents, Leo Bloom stares at Max Bialystock, gibbers a bit, and shouts: '''"FAT!"'''

[[folder:VISIAAAA NOVAAAAA! (Visual Novels)]]
* In ''VisualNovel/GrisaiaNoRakuen'' Thanatos whispers "Senpai" over the phone to Yumiko, causing the latter to try to get clarification before turning up the phone's volume to max, at which point Thanatos speaks normally, startling Yumiko and causing her to explode into incomprehensible, angry gibberish.
* Quite frequent in ''Franchise/AceAttorney'', particularly during the real culprit's breakdown, often accompanied by BigNo. Also, Edgeworth is quite prone to odd sounds, when a major problem in his case is exposed or during the moments of general surpri--[[http://youtu.be/JQx1XnCQGhQ?t=2m14s MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!]]
* In ''VisualNovel/AtomGrrrl'', this happens to Jessica and Anna, seemingly traumatized by [[spoiler:dissolving the cop's corpse]]. Jessica starts muttering the lyrics to "Amazing Grace".

[[folder:WAAAB ANIMAAAAOOO!!!! (Web Animation)]]
* [[WebAnimation/HomestarRunner Strong Bad]] devolved into a pretty hilarious example of this when his new computer, the Compé, crashed on him as soon as he turned it on. Luckily for him, it was all just a joke. According to the wiki, it was a little bit like:
--> What the-eugecheut-rROOOAagegit-[=REEHgegitich=]..."
** At the end of the email "[[Recap/StrongBadEmailE118Virus virus]]", Strong Bad also goes on a incoherent rant after Bubs shoots his Compy.
** While Coach Z speaks somewhat incoherently by default, getting frustrated while trying to correct his speech only makes it worse.
* Yusuke has difficulty even thinking coherently after Kotomaru shows off his secret power in ''WebAnimation/GirlchanInParadise''.
* In ''WebVideo/UltraFastPony'', Fluttershy survives an attempted lynching, then she can only wail incoherently when trying to describe it to Twilight.
-->'''Twilight:''' Fluttershy, you were supposed to be here an hour ago. Where were you?\\
'''Fluttershy:''' Hooaaaaauuuuuuoooooooaaaaaaaawwwwooooooouuuuu...\\
'''Twilight:''' I don't have time for whatever that was supposed to be!
* ''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation'': In one review Yahtzee describes the exclamations he made when he died in-game as "made-up words that couldn't decide if they were a swear or not, like 'Fugbar!' or 'Daygunt'!" In a different review, his "Black Knight Sword/Hotline Miami" combo, he is discussing the gameplay of the second. When he died from a surprise guard dog attack during a well thought-out infiltration plan, his next move was to make a throaty growl, "GRAAARHL!" and go on a berserker rage with a katana as soon as he ressed.
* [[WebAnimation/TheMostPopularGirlsInSchool Mackenzie Zales]] is known to devolve into this when she's really pissed. Trisha devolves into this in Episode 30 when chewing out Ashley.
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