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->''"I defeated his minions, and he cackled and said, 'Exactly as I planned.'''
->''I discovered his secret fortress. 'Exactly as I planned.'''
->''I breached his defenses, and still he said, 'Exactly as I planned.'''
->''I slew him in single combat, and with his dying breath he gasped, 'Exactly as I planned.'''
->''I stood over his grave and I said, 'You never really got the hang of planning, did you?'"''
-->-- '''Jenna Moran''', ''TabletopGame/{{Nobilis}}''

Looks like there's trouble for the villain. The heroes destroyed his {{Phlebotinum}} research facility, the government realized that the man they thought was the president was actually an evil robotic duplicate, and his entire accounting staff has just [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking turned into mimes]]. What's his response?

''[[OminousAdversarialAmusement Excellent.]]'' Everything is going according to plan.

That one little phrase is all it takes to cause even the most apparently monumental loss to be completely turned on its head. Was the villain CrazyPrepared enough to ensure that [[XanatosGambit even his failure somehow turns into a victory]]? Did he prepare a plan only just incompetent enough that the heroes could [[BatmanGambit predictably defeat him]]? Or was his EvilPlan something else entirely?

Well, we're not going to find out anytime soon. In all likelihood, he's relying on the UnspokenPlanGuarantee to catch everyone off guard so that we can [[YouCantThwartStageOne proceed to the real plot]]. Stay tuned next week for the exciting new development!

In terms of writing, this is a relatively meta trope in that in most cases it's technically irrelevant. Regardless of whether anyone actually says the phrase, whatever gambits are floating around are still floating around. This is because the phrase is used primarily as reassurance, either for the audience or other characters. Strictly speaking it can be used with plans that as far as anyone can tell are ''already'' going as planned -- it's just a status update so that we only ever worry when people stop saying it.

At the same time, watch out for the SpannerInTheWorks. They're notorious for popping up [[TemptingFate right when something like this gets said]]. When it's too late for the SpannerInTheWorks to do anything, and the whole plan gets explained, then the trope is CheckAndMate.

Compare GambitRoulette where ''even probability itself'' goes all according to plan.

Sister trope to OminousAdversarialAmusement.

'''Since complex schemes are often involved in this trope, be wary of spoilers.'''


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Light Yagami of ''Manga/DeathNote'' uses this phrase when his MemoryGambit and BatmanGambit to [[spoiler:convince the police and his own family that he is not in possession of the Death Note, and is not the known serial killer, Kira]] goes perfectly right. Just as Light regains [[spoiler:his memories, after touching the Death Note once more]], he mentally cants, "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HQXtqIu_b8 Exactly as planned,]]" a phrase that has reached memetic status.
** The Japanese subtitled version will most likely say "Just as planned," rather than "Exactly as planned".
** Light also thinks a phrase very close to this during the final showdown, after [[spoiler: Near explains his plan to prove that Light is Kira. Of course, things [[OutGambitted don't go according to plan]] for him...]]
* In ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'', [[ManipulativeBastard Gendo Ikari]] (along with his right-hand man, Fuyutsuki) and the members of [[OmniscientCouncilOfVagueness SEELE]] were fond of saying things were going "all according to the scenario." Should be noted that they were ultimately pulling for different scenarios, but no matter what, whatever happened was ''always'' according to the scenario or irrelevant to it. Their differing scenarios diverge at the end, so it makes sense. At the point where something went according to Gendo's scenario that was NOT according to SEELE's scenario, [[spoiler: SEELE sent in the JSSDF to kill every single last person at NERV HQ]].
* Lelouch of ''Anime/CodeGeass'' is fond of saying "All tasks at hand have been cleared"... and that line is roughly his version of "What could possibly go wrong". The [[SpannerInTheWorks Spanner always hits the Works]] about 2 nanoseconds later - things are going just as planne-Oh no, IT'S THE [[SuperPrototype LANCELOT]]! *boom*
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' has Sousuke Aizen. When things go not quite as planned, he still has a backup plan. Sometimes he doesn't but being the MagnificentBastard he is he'll make you think he did '''and then''' it goes all according to plan because you gave him time to make it so.
** That being said, pretty much every battle in Bleach will have multiple of these moments. Pretty much the entire of the Aizen and Thousand Year Blood War arc involve characters telling each other that they had planned for their opponent to plan for their plan that had planned for their plan that had been planned ahead of time to counter their opponents plan.... Before their opponent says "But I planned for you to do that..." %%[[spoiler: At one point, Yhwach blatently states that he planned for his entire army to be defeated and all of his men destroyed, as well as almost getting wiped out of existance, only surviving because of some ass-pull ability.]] To make a long story short, Bleach villains don't understand the idea of "Just because it's going to plan, doesn't mean it's a good plan."
* ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle'' inverts the trope. With all the ScryVsScry going on the BigBad admits that "It looks like my plan won't go exactly per my prepared script." There are entire chapters with one [[TheChessmaster chessmaster]] or another detailing what did or did not go wrong after a major event.
* Zeo from Manga/OnePiece both subverts this and takes it to ridiculous extremes, claiming that absolutely ''everything'' goes according to his plans. Even the bad stuff. ''[[ButtMonkey Especially]]'' [[ButtMonkey the bad stuff.]]
** For example, his response to getting knocked down and Brook standing on his head? [[spoiler: He's actually slowly wearing him down by headbutting his foot.]]
* PlayedForLaughs, naturally, in ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler'', with a combination of BriarPatching and someone failing to see that the situation was NotWhatItLooksLike. The silly part? The character who does the spot-on Light Yagami ShoutOut is [[spoiler: Shiranui, a 12-week old kitten]].
* Subverted in the FinalBattle of ''Manga/JojosBizarreAdventureBattleTendency''. Just when it looks like TheBadGuyWins, [[TheHero Joseph Joestar]] manages to turn everything around: he uses the [[PlotDevice Red Stone of Aja]] to intercept and amplify [[BigBad Kars]]' deathblow, causing the volcano they're on to erupt and launching them skyward on a giant slab of rock. Kars attempts to escape, only to get hit by [[AnArmAndALeg Joseph's severed left arm]] (also launched by the blast after Kars cut it off), which distracts him long enough for rocks launched from the landmass at high speeds to strike him and propel him into space. Before he leaves the atmosphere, Kars angrily demands to know if Joseph planned all of this out; Joseph says "Of course, you dolt!" but thinks to himself "Actually I didn't, but thinking that I did will drive him crazy!"
* Yuuji Sakamoto acts this way in ''LightNovel/BakaAndTestSummonTheBeasts'', but his tactics {{ZigZag|gingTrope}} for [[RuleOfFunny comedic effect]].
* [[TheChessmaster Reiji Akaba]] of Anime/YuGiOhArcV says this line after witnessing Tsukikage's defeat against Shinji in Synchro Dimension. The dimension's chairman council are understandably surprised because Reiji came from Standard Dimension to ask for cooperation with Synchro Dimension as warriors to end an interdimensional war and yet his comrades keep losing to residents from their dimension in an ongoing torunament there. It is later revealed in following episodes that Tsukikage is impiled to lose on purpose and his defeat is essential; Those who lose the tournament are sent to underground facility as slaves while those who advance to the next round are confined inside individual rooms with constant surveillance. With Tsukikage's defeat, he's free from the tournament's constant watch and able to move freely. Escaping from the facility is not a problem since Tsukikage is a ninja. This way, he can give reports to Reiji regarding his other comrades' condition in the facility and the season's BigBad and contribute in freeing others when an invasion occurs.

[[folder: Comic Books]]
* Lampshaded by Pip the Troll after getting captured by the Myth/NorseMythology death goddess Hela in ''ComicBook/XFactor'' #212.
-->'''Hela''': You tell me nothing I do not already know, nor expect. Indeed, all is going--
-->'''Pip''': Accordin' to plan? That's what'cha were gonna say, right? That's what [[TheChessmaster mooks like you]] always say... [[TemptingFate Right before ya get the boom lowered on ya.]]

* ''Fanfic/TheChildOfLove'': In the first chapters Gendo reiterates everything is going as planned when he gets notified details about Asuka’s pregnancy. That was the first hint that something was very, very wrong behind Asuka getting pregnant.
-->'''Gendo''':''"As planned..."''
* ''Fanfic/DoingItRightThisTime'': When Rei gets informed about Shinji's arrival to Tokyo-3 she is glad because all is going according her plan.
-->'''Rei''':''"And all proceeds according to the Scenario."''
* ''Fanfic/LastChildOfKrypton'': Parodied in an {{omake}} when Pen Pen revealed he was behind the entire plot, and all went as he planned.
* ''The Hope of the Senju Clan'' has Sarutobi "The Professor/God of Shinobi" Hiruzen (3rd Hokage) explain at length to Kakashi, Kushina, Yamato, Kurenai and Asuma how Senju Naruto (Tsunade's his mom) is to be trained and by who as well as other incidental things showing that he's got his bases covered with Naruto's training and safety. The next scene has a council meeting where Danzo tries to make a ploy to get Naruto trained under him. The reader can then see and predict how different parts of Sarutobi's plan come in to block Danzo. No matter what tactic Danzo uses.
* Exaggerated in ''Fanfic/TealovesSteamyAdventure'', where Tealove getting captured by a cave troll, meeting a new ally in captivity, and escaping was somehow exactly according to Baron Zeppeli's plan. Then parodied in the sequel, ''Fanfic/DiamondAndSilversExcellentAdventure'', where someone asks Zeppeli what the plan actually ''is'', and he can't remember. And then it turns out he's actually saying a Zebrew phrase that happens to ''sound'' like "Exactly as planned!" Translated, it actually means [[OhCrap "These matters are very concerning to me."]]

* ''Franchise/StarWars''
** TheEmperor is quite fond of this. In ''Film/ReturnOfTheJedi'', he tells Luke "Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design."
** Dooku too. In ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars'' he even tells Ventress word for word "All is going according to plan."
* Subverted in ''Film/TheDarkKnight''. While the Joker says these (or nearly these) exact words, he's describing how ''other'' people tend to make intricate plans and schemes, while he (nominally) is an agent of chaos.
* This is used as a SequelHook in ''Film/WarriorOfTheLostWorld'', where the defeat of Omega and the [[ActuallyADoombot "death"]] of Prosser were (apparently) all part of the master plan to destroy [[LaResistance The New Way]] for good.
* ''Film/UndercoverBrother''. An alarm goes off at Multinational Inc. and reveals that the BROTHERHOOD agent Undercover Brother has infiltrated the building. Instead of being dismayed, TheDragon Mr. Feather says "The Brotherhood is making their move. Just as I expected."
* In ''Disney/TheLittleMermaid'', Ursula the sea witch, transformed into the human woman "Vanessa," sings "''What a lovely little bride I'll make / My dear, I'll look divine / Everything is working out according to my ultimate design.''" This, however, is actually something of a subversion in that Ursula is experiencing a SanitySlippage because her original plan ''isn't'' working out. She had thought that she could just take Ariel's voice and this would be enough to keep her from ever getting Prince Eric to give her the [[TrueLovesKiss kiss of true love]]. After a near-miss only just stopped by her eel henchmen, she hastily concocted this plan to put Prince Eric under her spell and marry him herself.

* ''Literature/{{Foundation}}''. Throughout the series, Hari Seldon did this from [[VideoWill beyond the grave]], planning for several millennia worth of events. He did this to the point that he was looked upon as a near-godlike being whose periodic, pre-recorded predictions helped govern the galactic civilization. In the midst of a massive war sparked by a mutant called [[SpannerInTheWorks "The Mule"]] it came time for one of his predictions, and governments from all across the stars flocked to hear it. He cheerfully announced that, after the brief turmoil with the trade guilds had been so quickly pacified, everything should now be going nicely again and here's how you set up reparations.[[note]]The reason it fell apart was that Hari Seldon had influenced future history through psychohistory. It is a statistical science, one that relies on the actions of massive populations. It's fairly useless on single individuals, especially one like the Mule, who possessed powers Seldon could not have predicted.[[/note]] Cue the most high-population MassOhCrap in possibly any medium, ever. To be fair to Seldon, the chief of the trade guilds says something like "We ''were'' planning a rebellion before all this shit came down."
* The {{TabletopGame/Warhammer}} tie-in novel ''The Master of Death'' is a complete send-up of this trope. The VillainProtagonist W'soran spends the entire book manipulating the disparate human and undead residents of the region in a centuries-long plot to get him in a room to duel his more powerful rival and take the throne of Mourkain. Every seeming reversal is revealed to have been accounted for in his labyrinthine master plan. After everything falls into place perfectly he fights his way through the unwinnable battle for the capital to seize the crown for himself and win in one final stroke... and then he realizes he never actually thought of a way to do that. Despite what he had constantly assured his followers, himself,and the reader he never ''really'' had a plan.
* At the end of ''Literature/GoodOmens'', the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley speculate that the aversion of Armageddon due to a large number of improbable coincidences (including an [[AntiAntiChrist anti-Christ who decided that he liked the world the way that it was]] may well have been what God -- who is supposed to be infallible, after all -- intended all along.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In the ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'' episode "Needs," Adelle [=DeWitt=] uses a somewhat different phrase to give the same effect:
-->'''Dominic:''' "I was just informed that we have four actives planning to escape."
-->'''[=DeWitt=]:''' ''(smiles)'' "...Right on schedule."
* In the season six finale of ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'', three senior members of the ''Voyager'''s crew (including Captain Janeway) beam over to a Borg ship. After infiltrating it, they are eventually caught and assimilated. The crew on the ship has been monitoring their life signs, and they detect the assimilation of the three. Commander Chakotay's response?
-->"[[BatmanGambit So far, so good.]]"
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''
** The Mayor (the BigBad for Season 3) is smart about this. [[TheDragon Faith]] is eager for some action and asks her boss if there's likely to be any fighting. The Mayor replies no, not if everything goes according to plan "but since when do things go according to plan?"
** Played straight with the heroine in "The Freshman". Buffy is spying on a nest of vampires when she falls through the skylight into their midst.
-->'''Sunday''': I must say, you've really got me now. I mean, it's a diabolical plan, throw yourself at my feet with a broken arm and no weapons of any kind. How'm I going to get out of this one?
-->'''Buffy''': You got a nice set-up here, but you made one mistake.
-->'''Sunday''': Yeah? What was that?
-->'''Buffy''': Well, I'm not actually positive, but statistically speaking people usually make at least-- (Sunday makes Buffy TalkToTheFist).
* On the ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' episode "Jaynestown", the contact Mal meets up with is upset the townspeople have embraced Jayne as a hero. Mal assures the contact that it's all according to their new plan.
-->'''Kaylee:''' (''after the contact leaves'') Sir, how exactly is this part of our-
-->'''Mal:''' Still workin' the details.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'': During a conversation at the beginning of ''Genesis of the Daleks'', a Time Lord smugly tells the Doctor that he is a "special case" in Time Lord history, that they "allow" him his freedom to roam about the universe doing whatever he feels like. Never mind that he ran away in a stolen TARDIS before anyone could stop him. Not to mention the Master, or the Rani, or the Meddling Monk. It turns out he's referring to what the Doctor is allowed to do after he was caught and served his penance on [[InsignificantBluePlanet Earth]].
* While not necessarily a villain, Barney Stintson in ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' suffers the worst possible [[spoiler:bachelor party, complete with a terrible hotel room, the worst entertainment (including the stripper being his ex-fiancée), losing a ton of money in a gambling game, and ultimately Robin seemingly ending their engagement.]] It's not until after this final devastating blow do we find out that [[spoiler:it was all orchestrated by his fiancée Robin in order to exceed Barney's unrealistic expectations for his bachelor party.]]
-->''(After Barney's life has seemingly fallen apart)''
-->[[spoiler:'''Robin''']]: (''on the phone'') Ted... We're right on schedule.
* In Episode 5 of Radio/TheFrantics' television show ''Four On The Floor'', [[https://youtu.be/w8NfQqj7VAQ?t=18m7s a sketch]] involving two burglars breaking into a building to crack a safe parodies this by having the mastermind repeatedly inform his partner that everything that happens, including ''a security guard conveniently dropping dead from a heart attack at just the right moment'' is "Just like I planned it!"

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}''
** This is part of the Tzeentchians' hat. Tzeentch is essentially the GodOfEvil plans, gambits and other schemes, worshipped by sorcerers and the ambitious, who sees so far into the future that all his plans are mutually contradictory: the success of one means the failure of another and vice versa. It is customary, when reducing your opponent to incoherent rage and [[SkywardScream skyward screaming]], to [[SmugSmiler smile smugly]] and declare [[{{AllAccordingToPlan}} Just as planned.]]" ([[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Gendo]] [[ScaryShinyGlasses glasses]] and [[FingerTenting hands]] optional). [[http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Just_as_planned More information here.]]
** Games Workshop has hinted that the failure of all thirteen Black Crusades, which has given Abaddon the Despoiler a reputation as a GeneralFailure, were actually this trope. How better to gauge your enemy's strength over the millennia? Moreover, the assumption that the Black Crusades failed contradicts the manifest unwillingness of the [[BadBoss Chaos]] [[EldritchAbomination Gods]] to [[YouHaveFailedMe tolerate failure]], and their equally manifest willingness to allow Abbadon to remain [[BigBad Warmaster]] for 10,000 years. [[FridgeHorror This line of thought makes Abbadon even more horrifying]] than he ''prima facie'' is: he has convinced players of the game that he's incompetent, even while giving his unholy patrons exactly what they want.
*** To clarify: the Imperium, and many players, interpret the Black Crusades as failures because the invaders are always driven back and never hold territory. What's actually happening is that the vast bulk of the invaders are independant forces joined together by the most fragile of alliances, and so most of the war is little more than a smokescreen from Abaddon's perspective. Once he and his actual loyalists have achieved whatever their real objective is they return to their own territory and leave the rest of the Chaos forces to their own devices, where lacking any central leadership or direction they are inevitably defeated eventually.
*** This was confirmed in the ''The Gathering Storm'' supplement. He'd been systematically demolishing an ancient pylon network the Imperium didn't know about, so that finishing off the main cluster on Cadia unleashed a warpstorm that covered the galaxy.
* This trope is played for laughs in one of the margin-quotes from ''TabletopGame/{{Nobilis}}''.
* In the ''Dune'' board game, when playing the Bene Gesserit faction, at the beginning of the game you secretly write a faction name and a turn number on a paper. If the written faction wins the game on the written turn, you reveal it and win the game instead, showing that everything that happened had in fact be been planned long in advance by the Bene Gesserit to serve their own goals. This is one of the most pleasant ways to win the game.
** It is very rare to actually win a ''Dune'' game this way, but it can be used for manipulative ends ("Wait... It seems I can win now, but could it be some Bene Gesserit trick ?")
** The worst thing (or the best, if you're playing BG), is that it works even if the predicted faction wins as part of an alliance, and ''even if the Bene Gesserit are themselves part of that alliance''. In this case, the Bene Gesserit is the only winner instead of winning as part of the alliance. This make many players quite distrustful of the Bene Gesserit as allies.
* This is part of the Scorpion Clan's [[PlanetOfHats Hat]] in ''TabletopGame/LegendOfTheFiveRings''. They would have people believe that ''everything'' they do is part of a XanatosGambit, including the clear failures where the "just as planned" benefits cannot possibly be worth the costs.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* After he has the negative emotion of [[CoDragons Prometheus and Pandora]] [[EmotionEater sucked into the]] [[ArtifactOfDoom Model Ws]] in the background, awakening them and forming the {{Ouroboros}}, Master Albert from ''VideoGame/MegaManZX Advent'' said:
-->''Just as I planned!''
* Similar to the ''TabletopGame/{{Nobilis}}'' quote above, [[spoiler: [[BigBad Arthas]]]] of ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' plans himself right into a grave. Spending half the Wrath of the Lich King expansion [[YouHaveFailedMe killing off sub-bosses]] as if they were mooks, until finally [[spoiler: when the players in their 10 or 25 man group face him, claims it was all according to his plan to train and equip the most powerful people in the world so he can kill them and use them as generals in his army.]] He nearly ''succeeds'', though, letting you cut him down to 10% health before [[spoiler:[[OneHitKill instakilling the raid]] and putting all your souls in his grip, ready to implement his plan]]... and it takes something of a DeusExMachina for his plan to finally be derailed.
** Kil'jaeden's plans are pretty much ALL this. Even failures, because he EXPECTS most of his minions to fail. If they succeed, great. If not, well, he hadn't planned for them to succeed, so no real loss. He's also immortal and plans really, really long-term. He finally lost his cool when he honest-to-goodness for real failed when he came to [[SpannerInTheWorks Azeroth]]...which is also where his brother, whom he's been chasing for [[TimeAbyss 25,000 years]] currently resides. Said brother ends up having a hand in his defeat, so yeah, Azeroth was literally his ONLY real failure in over 25,000 years. [[spoiler: And he still isn't dead. All it takes for him to come back is some schmuck opening the Sunwell portal. Blood Elves never have been too responsible with magic...]]
* In ''VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}}'', [[spoiler: Kohaku pretty much says this once it's revealed that she was behind almost the entire plot of the Far Side routes.]]
-->[[spoiler: ''That's right. All of it was something I wished would happen, Shiki-san.'']]
* Ocelot in nearly every ''VideoGame/MetalGear'' game he appears in. There's a reason he's renowned for his ChronicBackstabbingDisorder.
* The ''VideoGame/HalfLife'' series started with an accident when a sample of an unknown material was rushed through an experiment, which happened to fall on a day when the computers had crashed earlier and where still acting somewhat strange from time to time. Which lead to the scanning machine and the material sample acting as a kind of teleportation device, opening an interdimensional rift through which aliens invaded Earth. [[spoiler:The sample happened to come from another project at the research facility, which used the crystals in interdimensional teleportation devices, and at the same time a human looking alien manipulated things in the background so the protagonist Gordon Freeman would kill the leader of the invading aliens, which benefited another unknown power he was working for. 12 years later, ''VideoGame/HalfLife2: Episode 2'' reveals that it wasn't an accident at all and the strange alien had set everything up to cause the interdimensional rift from the very beginning.]]
* In ''VideoGame/KirbySuperStar'', we have [[spoiler:[[FromNobodyToNightmare Marx.]]]] In ''Milky Way Wishes,'' the sun and moon are fighting. A little puffball named Marx asks Kirby to summon NOVA to wish for the sun and moon to stop. In the end, when Kirby finally gets to NOVA, [[spoiler:Marx pushes Kirby out of the way, and wishes to control Popstar. Cue him morphing into an EldritchAbomination and saying this:]]
--> [[spoiler:I did it! It all went according to plan! [[TheChessmaster I got the sun and moon to fight. I got you to go into space...]] It was all according to my perfect little plan!]]
* Subverted by Kuja in ''Videogame/FinalFantasyIX''. He says this trope, almost word-for-word, as his common {{catchphrase}}, but later it's revealed that he wasn't as in control as he thought. (Or, more accurately, it really ''did'' go all according to plan as far as using the heroes was concerned, but he didn't account for [[TheManBehindTheMan his boss predicting his actions]].) Fortunately for Kuja, while his [[TheChessmaster Chessmastery]] needs polish, he plays a damn good game of XanatosSpeedChess.
* When [[spoiler: Robert Baxter]] is revealed to be the BigBad of ''[[VideoGame/TimeCrisis Time Crisis 5]]''.
--> [[spoiler:If you had just died this would all have gone according to plan.]]
* Happens in ''VideoGame/Persona5''. [[spoiler:You have been arrested, TheDragon has just finished scraping your brains off the interrogation room floor, and there is nothing standing between the BigBad and the Prime Minister's seat]]... right?
-->'''[[spoiler:Ryuji]]:''' You're shitting me... we got 'em.

* Subverted in the ''Webcomic/ErrantStory'' strip "[[http://www.errantstory.com/ Nick of Time]]":
--> [[spoiler: '''Sarine''':]] '''Whew!''' Oh thank Anilis! I thought I was about to die any second... ...
--> [[spoiler: '''Sarine''':]] -I mean, ''just as planned''.
* Used a lot in ''Webcomic/TouhouNekokayou''. It even got inverted in one of the newer strips.
* ''The Prime of Ambition'' ChristmasEpisode filler had this [[http://jaadrih.comicgenesis.com/d/20101225.html twice in a row]]. Oh, well...
* Discussed in ''Webcomic/MonsterOfTheWeek'':
-->'''[[TheMole Sexy informant]]''': My triple-dog agenting against Skinner went according to plan, sir.
-->'''[[BigBad Cancer Man]]''': You don't know the plan.
-->'''Sexy informant''': Eh, everything always turns out to be according to plan.
* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'': John meets the ghost of Meenah, a troll girl [[spoiler: who is an alternate-universe counterpart of the Condesce]]. When she finds out she's dead, she exclaims happily that her plan worked. [[spoiler: Turned out her plan was to kill herself and the rest of her session's players with a bomb to avoid oblivion when the Scratch happened.]]
** Previously, [[spoiler:Doc Scratch]] managed to pull a version of this on ''the entire cast'', with the event that went as planned being [[spoiler:'''the entirety of Acts 1 through 5'''. It's only after his own death that the full machinations of Doc Scratch are finally revealed; in fact, [[MyDeathIsOnlyTheBeginning it's Doc Scratch's death that allows his master,]] [[EldritchAbomination Lord]] [[BigBad English]], to finally make his appearance.]] It's his [[FamousLastWords final line]] that really sells it:
--> [[spoiler:[[WhamLine S U C K E R S.]]]]
* Augusgus from ''Webcomic/TowerOfGod'' utters this regarding the outcome of the Room Game and FUG's plans.
* In {{Webcomic/Helper}}, the main character's CatchPhrase is "as expected, as expected", hinting that he's actually [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass much smarter than he appears.]]

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Referenced in the Podcast/{{Rifftrax}} commentary for ''Film/ThreeHundred''. ("I know it looks bad but its all part of the plan!" during one of the many scenes when Spartans are slaughtering large numbers of Persians.)
** They use it again in ''{{Film/Avatar}}'', when the ColonelBadass is escaping his flaming aircraft.
* At the end of episode eleven of ''WebAnimation/IfTheEmperorHadATextToSpeechDevice'', the Emperor is shown sitting on his throne and musing that everything is going ''Just. As. Planned.'' So far, the viewer's idea of what the plan is is pretty sketchy.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/CodenameKidsNextDoor'' that Cree says this when modifying the garbage disposal rocket she was inside to fly towards the KND Moonbase.
* ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'' episode "The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne", when Bruce Wayne is chained and Alfred is tied in Doctor Hugo Strange's basement:
--> '''Alfred:''' Oh, Master Bruce! I am so sorry. This is [[ItsAllMyFault all my fault]]!
--> '''[[TheChessmaster Bruce Wayne:]]''' Nonsense, Alfred. Believe or not, this is working out just as I planned.
--> '''[[ServileSnarker Alfred:]]''' How reassuring.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' "[[Recap/TheLegendOfKorraS1E6AndTheWinnerIs And the Winner Is...]]", when [[TheDragon The Lieutenant]] tells [[BigBad Amon]] that the city is defying his threat.
--> '''The Lieutenant:''' We just got word. The council has defied your threat. They're leaving the pro-bending arena open.
--> '''[[TheChessmaster Amon]]:''' Perfect. Everything is going according to plan.
* The ''WesternAnimation/{{WITCH}}'' episode "Q is for Quarry" begins with a battle which results in defeat for the resident villains, leading to this exchange:
--> '''Shagon:''' We were soundly defeated. Cadma will be quite proud of herself.
--> '''[[TheChessmaster Nerissa:]]''' Then everything's going according to plan.
* In ''WesternAnimation/JackieChanAdventures'' episode "Black Magic", [[ManipulativeBastard Tarakudo]] says this after he has tricked the resident [[MaskOfPower Oni]] [[EvilMask Mask]] wielder [[spoiler:Captain Black]] to summon the Sumo Khan (beginning his [[DemonicPossession corruption by the Oni General]]) and allowed him to [[spoiler:take [[QuirkyMinibossSquad the Enforcers]] into custody and imprison them in Section 13 where three other Oni Masks are stored]].
-->'''Tarakudo''': Ahh, things are going exactly as I envisioned.
-->'''Finn''': This is the plan?