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Literature: The Tailor of Gloucester
An early story by Beatrix Potter about an impoverished tailor (who lives in Gloucester) who is hired to make a suit for the Mayor's wedding. He runs into trouble when he can't buy the right kind of thread to finish the suit's button-holes, but fortunately he receives some unexpected help from the mice living in the wainscoting of his shop.

This book provides examples of:

  • Arc Words: No more twist!
  • Butt Monkey: Simpkin
  • Civilized Animal: Simpkin is a mixed example; he can only speak in meows, but he also wears clothes, walks on two legs, and runs errands for the tailor.
  • Costume Porn: The descriptions of the tailor's creations are gorgeous. Of course this being a Beatrix Potter story, even the mice get in on the Costume Porn action.
  • Nice Mice: They help the tailor when he's bedridden with illness and on a time crunch.
  • No Name Given: The tailor.

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