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Literature: The Friendship Song
The Friendship Song is a Young Adult novel by Nancy Springer.

Harper is not having a good day. Her dad's married a woman named Gus, they're moving in with her, and now she must adjust to a new school and a new mother. There's something strange about Gus and her house, too. The backyard is littered with junk, people have been known to get lost in it, and Harper can hear faint music playing at night. Thankfully, it's not as bad as it seems, as she also meets a new friend, Rawnie. Together with their love of rock band Neon Shadow—and especially lead singers Nico and Ty—the two friends vow to stick together.

One day Harper and Rawnie learn Neon Shadow is coming to town. Despite a fight spurred on by mean people at school, the girls procure tickets. But when Nico collapses onstage and hovers between life and death, Harper and Rawnie must brave what they find in the backyard to save him...

This book contains examples of:

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