Literature / The End of Mr. Y


A 2008 Novel by Scarlett Thomas

Ariel Manto is a literature student, intrigued by dusty books and old, abandoned science. Her true interest is the work of Thomas Lumas, Victorian scientist, writer, and crackpot.

So when she wanders into a secondhand book shop and finds his most obscure book "The End of Mr Y", nearly forgotten and rumoured to be cursed, she wastes no time in getting to grips with the mysterious story. The story tells of a potion that lets you travel to the troposphere note —a bizarre world of dreams, ideas and memories.

It's not long before she finds the recipe for the potion and tries it herself, regardless of risks or costs. And within the Troposphere, she learns things aren't what they seem, as she faces big questions of self, time and reality.

This book provides examples of: