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Literature: Tales of the Big Bad Wolf
Tales of the Big Bad Wolf is a series of fantasy Web Serial Novel with fantasy, Victorian, and fairy tale elements.

The core character is Maximilian Wolfram who has the role of The Big Bad Wolf in the first Volume, "Red Riding Hood."

The first volume, "Red Riding Hood," focuses on the introduction of Elanore Redley, Little Red Riding Hood, into his life. Edmund Ormond - the Hunter - follows shortly thereafter to supposedly flesh out a Love Triangle.

While the seeming direction of the story is to suggest a stereotypical romance, the Wolf is the center of several conflicts — including one that deals with a failed quest, the tug of war between unseen enemies and his family, and a Cupid And Psyche relationship that comes back to haunt him.

This series explores questions about fate and Free Will.

In addition it makes nod to many traditional European fantasy elements including elves and magical beasts and objects.

In the second volume, "The Queen of Swans," Maximilian Wolfram plays the role of observer to changes happening in his part of the world and struggles with the expectations all have of him. This role includes historian and storykeeper for his clan of wolves.

Events in this second book appear to be leading towards the connection of Wolfram with a key figure from his past — a woman who appears to be based on the heroine of Hans Christian Andersen's The Wild Swans.

This show provides examples of:

  • Childhood Friend Romance - Although Elanore is not from the immediate area, she met Edmund through the grandparents she visited annually. After a period of several years of not seeing one another, their meeting as young adults prompts feelings in Edmund.
  • Love Triangle - It would appear that the Count is a rival for Elanore's affections, but his interests in her may be motivated by curiosity in her budding powers.
  • Fairy Tale - The main characters appear to be based on the story of the Big Bad Wolf
  • Fairytale Motifs - This series tends towards symbolic retellings rather than literal incorporation of fairy tales.
  • High Fantasy elements including magic, castles, lonely woods, and allusions to witches and other powerful beings such as the Snow Queen.

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