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Literature: Pilots
A Web Original short story about the discovery of human psychic teleportation, its consequences for society, and the indeterminate future. Can be found here.

Tropes found in Pilots:

  • A God Am I: X and Y, though they never call themselves gods, can do pretty much anything (on their own they routinely carve messages to each other in asteroids, and throw those asteroids around the solar system; working together and with the other ADPs, they can kidnap Ganymede) and are explicitly described as gods by the narrator.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Averted with the pilots and especially ADPs; while they have sufficient power to do most anything, including major destruction, they're almost invariably True Neutral, and so never really intervene in anything military.
    • Though the accidents are another matter, as X found to his cost.
  • Space Is Cold: Water teleported into space is described as freezing instantly.
  • True Neutral: The pilots, most of them. Anyone who cares extremely strongly about anything, and in particular anyone military, doesn't have the brain layout to switch, so switching never became a military threat.
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