A novel written in 2004 by Cecelia Ahern about a young woman, Holly, dealing with the death of her beloved husband Gerry. Distraught and depressed, Holly withdraws from family and friends until she received a cake with a message, sent by her deceased husband. The cake is the first of several letters - all ending in [[TitleDrop P.S. I Love You]] - which Gerry had arranged to be sent after his death to help her push forward to the future.

Made into a film in 2007, starring Creator/HilarySwank, Creator/GerardButler, Creator/LisaKudrow and Creator/KathyBates, which [[BigApplesauce moves the setting to Lower Manhattan]].

!!Tropes in the film:

* BetterAsFriends: Holly and Daniel decide this at the end of the movie.
* DeadManWriting: The book/movie revolves around this entire concept.
* DisappearedDad: Holly's father.
* HappilyMarried: Holly and Gerry until his death.
* TheHeroDies: Gerry himself. The audience knows this from the start.
* MessOfWoe: After Gerry dies, Holly stops leaving the house, eschews bathing or cleaning up the piling trash and dishes in favor of slumping around in her dead husband's shirts, reenacting old movies line-by-line. The entire point of Gerry's letters is to help her start to live again.
* RomancingTheWidow: Daniel and William.
* ReunionKiss: Holly once had made a bet with Gerry that if she happened to meet him again by chance, she would return his jacket. Some time later, by luck, she entered the pub where he was singing and he swept her off her feet for a kiss.
* SerenadeYourLover: Gerry sings [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUcT__6WlIU&list=PLA216C593285D7770 Galway Girl]] to Holly.
* ShipTease: There were some moments between Holly and William [[spoiler: a childhood friend of Gerry's]]. Also at the end, Holly's mother and William's father.
* TestKiss: Holly and her friend Daniel kiss before pulling away and laughing and claiming it felt more like [[LikeBrotherAndSister kissing a sister.]]
** Holly's friend Denise asks a few questions when she is interested in a guy and then kisses him. Hilariously inverted when this was how her future husband met her.
* TitleDrop: Occurred at the end of every single letters/messages from Gerry.