Literature / Love the Beastie

Here is Beastie. His best friends are Paul and Judy.

Love the Beastie is the sequel to Henrik Drescher’s parody of Dorothy Kunhardt's classic children’s book Pat the Bunny, Pat the Beastie. It was published in 2011.

In this story, after Paul and Judy ended up being eaten by their pet Beastie in Pat the Beastie, they pleaded for their beastie to let them out of his stomach and the Beastie decides to let Paul and Judy out of his stomach. The remainder of the book is spent on Paul and Judy playing friendly games with the Beastie such as playing hide-and-seek and helping Beastie brush his teeth.

''Love the Beastie contain examples of:

  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: The blue dog and the green bird are back, this time joining in the playtime with Paul, Judy and the Beastie.
  • Art Shift: The artwork in this book is much lighter in the colorings and the characters are drawn in a more simple style, unlike its predecessor Pat the Beastie where the artwork is much rougher and the colorings are much brighter and chaotic.
  • Character Development: Paul and Judy went from torturing the Beastie to becoming friends with him after they learned their lesson when the Beastie ate them in the first book.
  • Gentle Giant: The Beastie becomes friendly in this book after he befriends Paul and Judy.
  • Lighterand Softer: Much more than its predecessor Pat the Beastie due to Paul and Judy becoming friends with the Beastie instead of torturing it like they did in Pat the Beastie. Also, this book rarely deals with gross out humor while in Pat the Beastie, the gross out humor was more prevalent.
  • Toilet Humor: Towards the end of the book, when the Beastie, Paul, Judy, the bird and the dog all slept in the bed together, the dog remarks about who farted in the bed.