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Literature: Iggie's House
Iggie's House is a 1970 young adult novel by Judy Blume. The story concerns Winnie Barringer, whose best friend Iggie has moved away. The new family moving into Iggie's house are the first African Americans in the neighborhood, the Garbers. While Winnie is quick to make friends with the new kids, she realizes that some people, possibly including her own parents, have trouble seeing past a person's color.

This book provides examples of

  • Black Best Friend: The Garber kids become this to Winnie.
  • The Ghost: Iggie. Winnie keeps trying to write a letter to her, but something ends up happening that causes her to tear up her previous letter and start over.
  • Playing House: Winnie Barringer and the three Garber children play house in a house that's being constructed in the neighborhood while they're on their way to a picnic near the end of the story.
  • The Runaway: Winnie wants to run away from home when her parents think of also leaving the neighborhood, with the intention of stowing away aboard a ship to find her friend Iggie in Japan, but after her parents change their minds about moving, Winnie decides not to run away.
  • Terrified of Germs: Dorothy Landon is so terrified of her daughter Clarice touching, eating, or drinking anything that isn't hers, that Winnie Barringer often refers to the mother as Germs, Inc.
  • Tomboy: Winnie Barringer.
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