Literature / David Isaaks Shock And Awe

Shock And Awe (not to be confused with the trope, which completely doesn't apply) is a technothriller novel by David Isaak.

Carla Smukowski has seen better days. A former member of a US Army special forces Amazon Brigade, her career was ended when she lashed out at Arabs celebrating 9/11, in which her brother died. Now bumming through life, never having forgiven nor forgotten, she cautiously accepts when mysterious billionaire Rex Atwater offers her the resources to lend a hand to The War on Terror.

Boyce Hammond is a FBI Agent. He has been undercover with a Right Wing Militia so long he is not sure where his loyalties lie. His path crosses with Carla's when Rex dragoons his group for the next stage of his plan - hijack a transport carrying fissile material to build a dirty bomb and use it against Mecca.

As they work to build the militia into something resembling a coherent squad that can carry out the operation, Carla starts to have doubts, while Rex seems to not have been entirely on the level.

This novel contains examples of the following: