Literature / Comes The Blind Fury

Comes the Blind Fury is an extremely creepy 1980 book by John Saul. It takes place in the charming small town of Paradise Point, where, a long time ago, a blind girl being taunted by her schoolmates took a fatal tumble off a cliff into the sea.

Now, many years later, Dr. Cal Pendleton, his pregnant wife June, and their adopted twelve year old daughter Michelle move to the town, hoping to get away from Boston. Cal takes over an aging friend's practice and the family also moves into the house the old man previously inhabited, complete with furniture, a strange stain in the gardener's shed, and a doll Michelle becomes quite attached to. Everything seems well...until Michelle falls off a cliff running from her teasing peers. She survives, but is permanently crippled and holes up in her own world more and more often, speaking only to "Amanda" (her doll, and, as it happens, the name of the blind girl who fell off the cliff).

Cal, already shattered because of a boy who died on his operating table due to a misdiagnosis, begins spending less and less time with Michelle and more time with his new child. Then local schoolchildren begin dying in a string of accidents...and Michelle was the only one at the scene every time...

This book contains examples of: