Welcome to the Troper Board on Multiversal Travel and thank you for choosing or being chosen to join the Classification section of our Task Force. This Board was assembled after the [[NoodleIncident Great Multiversal]] [[GreatOffscreenWar Incident]] of 09 to regulate and control interuniversal travel to prevent travelers from getting into difficulty, regulate trade in between universes and prevent certain universes from coming into contact with others.

This section of Administrative deals with the classification and description of universes, their known inhabitants, the local tech base, known supernatural and psionic phenomena and most importantly; how dangerous they are to the common traveler. This section is the heart of our operation. In many ways, we are the policy setters. Intelligence is the eyes. Rescue and Enforcement are the hands. We are the brain which makes sense of what they see and after a fashion, directs their actions. Billions of dollars in business and thousands and sometimes millions or even billions of lives are affected by our designations and their accuracy... or lack thereof. So, no pressure, huh?

-Internal Document 66-Classification Section Operative Manual, excerpt from pages 1-2 (Introduction).

!Scales and Classification


This scale is based on the course of technological development which most cultures follow to a greater or lesser extent. While there are major deviants from this course, they are generally rare. Not all technologies on a level need to be achieved to qualify, only most.

* '''N/A: Non-sentient''' No signs of sentient life.
* '''-9: Epipaleolithic''' Crude stone tools; some evidence of abstract thought.
* '''-8: Neolithic''' Complex stone tools; clear evidence of abstract thought.
* '''-7: Copper age/bronze age''' Early metal smelting; beginnings of civilization and agriculture.
* '''-6: Iron age''' Advanced metal smelting.
* '''-5: Roman/medieval tech''' Simple mechanisms.
* '''-4: Early Gunpowder''' Moderately complex mechanisms; early firearms.
* '''-3: Early industrial age''' Complex mechanisms; steam power.
* '''-2: Mid industrial''' Simple automation; electricity.
* '''-1: Fission Age''' Atomic power and weaponry; complex automation; primitive computing.
* '''0: Information Age''' Modern Earth, starting in the 1970s.
* '''1: Advanced Computing/Early Fusion age/Dawn of Biotech''' Customizable lifeforms; highly-interconnected computing; development (if not deployment) of fusion technology.
* '''2: Fusion age/Advanced Biotech''' Uplifted species; sophisticated biological warfare; beginnings of artificial intelligence.
* '''3: Age of Colonization''' Interplanetary travel; first offworld colonies. Primitive terraformation.
* '''4: Early Starflight''' Interstellar trips, often using the first [[FasterThanLightTravel FTL]] technology.
* '''5: Starflight Age''' Young interstellar polities. Generally post-FTL but before major interstellar polities (none bigger than 9-14 star systems.) Often at least one alien species known by this point.
* '''6: Advanced Starflight''' Mature nanotech or better, antimatter power sources, Gravitic Technology usually in use. Mature terraforming capabilities.
* '''7: Early Hypertech''' Not much more powerful or advanced than previous level, but the beginnings of Smart matter, Godlike AI, Planet cracking or Matter Transmission have been established. Many cultures undergo [[TheSingularity Technological Singularity]] at this point. This is generally the lowest tier which precursor cultures are to be found.
* '''8: Hypertech Era''' Matter Transmitters are often commonplace, planet cracking is often in reach, Smart-matter is not uncommon at this point and Zero point energy technologies are not unknown. Most of the Precursor cultures are to be found here.
* '''9: Übertech''' Godlike AI, advanced smart matter, picotech, controllable TimeTravel.) The most well-known examples are Literature/TheCulture and [[Series/DoctorWho the Time Lords]]. Most [[{{Precursors}} examples]], however, are long since extinct or have otherwise disappeared.

(Please note and concisely explain major deviations from the scale.)

!!Magic/Psionics rating

This rating is based off abilities demonstrated. Not all phenomena have to be present to qualify for a rating. The max number is determined by the highest level power shown in that universe or by the culture in question. As with technology, major deviations from median are to be noted and explained.

* '''0''': No Magic/Psionics
* '''1''': [[PsychicDreamsForEveryone Clairvoyant/precognitive dreams]], conversations with spirits, minor transmutation, basic 'glamor' (a magical, psionic ability to obscure the nature of something from others), low level combat, minor to well developed empathic ability, low level telepathy, minor and clumsy telekinesis.
* '''2''': Competent magical attacks, charms, wards and curses. Advanced glamor, moderate transmutation, moderately active spirit world/Advanced empathic abilities, well developed telepathy, moderate and/or fairly dexterous telekinesis.
* '''3''': Effective magical attacks, long lived and high power environment effects, very active and moderately interventionist spirit world/Powerful and long ranged telepathic abilities including basic manipulative abilities, such as addition or subtraction of memories or minor psionic compulsion, powerful and/or highly dexterous telekinetics and uncommon cases of more exotic effects. Combat disciplines beyond predicting enemy actions begin to become practical.
* '''4''': Very powerful magical attacks, indefinite and extremely powerful environment effects, Extremely active spirit world that is generally highly interventionist/ Extremely powerful telepathy with highly advanced manipulative abilities, Extremely powerful and/or extremely dexterous Telekinesis, fairly common occurrences of more exotic effects such as teleportation or astral projection and/or well established combative disciplines.
* '''5''': Magic attacks capable of reaching Megaton level outputs. Warping of reality itself. Spirit world of extreme power and easily capable of making its will felt upon 'mortal planes'/ Long range interstellar telepathy, telekinetic molecular manipulation, teleportation or astral travel quite common and combat disciplines are almost always to be found here.

!!Hazard rating

This scale is determined by two things: (1) how dangerous the universe in question actually can be, I.E the prevalence of such things as [[TheVirus assimilation entities]], [[BrownNote memetic]] [[MindRape hazards]], violently xenophobic cultures or religions/cults/subcultures and the degree which the latter are embraced by the mainstream of the society in question, how common warfare is in the universe and how intense that warfare gets, the prevalence of piracy and other banditry or the stability of local government and (2) how likely travelers are to run afoul of these hazards. For example, a universe with horrific assimilation entities but little chance of encounter rates lower than a universe with naught but comparatively mundane warfare but in which warfare is prevalent and conscription is widespread.

A breakdown of the hazard ratings follows:
* '''X''': No more hazardous than contemporary Earth. Please note that this does ''not'' mean ''no'' hazards, and certainly does not imply that any particular visit will go smoothly.
* '''XX''': Somewhat hazardous, but reasonably safe for the prepared and sensible traveler.
* '''XXX''': Significant hazards. Prior transworld experience recommended. Travelers must prepare and file a travel plan. Casual travel not advised.
* '''XXXX''': Extreme hazards. Prior transworld experience highly recommended. Travelers must prepare and file a travel plan; cognizant supervisory personnel must prepare and file an emergency retrieval plan. Casual travel strongly disadvised.
* '''XXXXX''': Crossover warning. These universes are prone to drawing in neighboring universes and tearing them apart. Travel even into the vicinity is restricted. Rescue or military missions require a 90% majority vote and at least 5 experts on inter-universal travel, as well as at least one expert on each universe involved in current entanglements, and two for every XXXX or higher danger rating. Note: a universe does not qualify for this level unless they would otherwise be a XXXX+, and have frequent in-canon crossovers noticeable on both sides by bystanders.

A '''+''' or '''-''' is used to show variance in hazard level small enough to not warrant a change in class.


!Chronal Entry Points (CEP)

Most universes have only one chronal entry point: that is, the local time period in which travelers arrive; some universes have several, years or even centuries apart. Statistics for the universe may highly vary between these points, so in some cases separate stat blocks are provided for different periods. Due to the inherent danger involved, travelers are required to take the utmost caution in assuring that the timeline remains unchanged. Any deliberate attempts to alter the timestream will be met with swift and severe disciplinary measures.

!Worlds of the Metaverse

[[folder:Warhammer 40000]]
* '''Special Advisory to All Travelers:''' legal Release From Liability is required before entry. All visitors please be advised that retrieval teams will ''not'' be dispatched if you run into difficulty. A commission on interdiction has been convened and a Quarantine order has been issued. [[Wiki/SCPFoundation SCP team]] on loan will examine all travelers and items brought back for contamination. Agents of board and SCP are authorized to employ lethal force up to and including [[NuclearOption kiloton]] yields to [[ItsTheOnlyWayToBeSure enforce quarantine]].
* '''Tech Level: T7''', going down to T6 and up to T8. Effective tech level varies, due to ill understanding by dominant polity (See Dossier 12-Imperium Of Man, section 5-Technology [pages 93-105]).
* '''Magic/Psionics Level: 5''', with major reality warpers present in large numbers.
* '''Hazard Rating: XXXX+''' Large Numbers of Assimilation entities extant. Leading power known for xenocidal policies. Major Memetic Hazards Present in large numbers. Main Polity in state of ongoing collapse.
* '''Notes:''' Visitation discouraged by all but highly trained encounter teams. Nonhuman visitors strongly discouraged.

[[folder: City of Heroes]]
!! Paragon City
* '''Tech Level:'''
** '''Majority of populace: 0''' (Similar to Earth)
** '''Government and select individuals: 6-7''' (dimension breaching, but no interstellar travel)
* '''Magic/Psionics Level:'''
** '''Majority of populace: 0'''
** '''Government and select individuals: 2-4'''
* '''Hazard Rating: XXX'''
* '''Notes''': Populace very accepting of unusual phenomena and beings.

!!Rogue Isles
* '''Tech Level:'''
** '''Majority of populace: 0''' (Similar to Earth)
** '''Government and select individuals: 3-4''' (dimension breaching, but no interstellar travel)
* '''Magic/Psionics Level:'''
** '''Majority of populace: 0'''
** '''Government and select individuals: 2-4'''
* '''Hazard Rating: XX'''
* '''Notes''': Populace very accepting of unusual phenomena and beings. However, local government (Arachnos) is liable to conscript beings of power into its service.

* '''Tech Level:'''
** '''Majority of populace: 2'''
** '''Government and select individuals: 2-4''' (dimension breaching, but no interstellar travel)
* '''Magic/psionics Level:'''
** '''Majority of populace: 0'''
** '''Government and select individuals: 2-4'''
* '''Hazard Rating: XXX-''' Prominent thought police, all beings of power required to serve government.
* '''Notes''': Unusual phenomena are the norm in this dimension. Entry into this world is not discouraged, but should remain discreet. Individuals with superhuman abilities are advised to enroll with the locations' respective governments to avoid arousing suspicion. All travelers should be advised of the large number of hostile groups present in each location and that rescue parties will only be launched in extenuating circumstances.

[[folder:Forest Tales]]
* '''Tech level: 7''' Matter Transmitters in common use, antimatter power is standard on military shipping, FTL commonplace. However, nanotech and non-wetware AI technologies are somewhat stagnated.
** '''Bio-engineering: 8''' Large numbers of uplift and chimera species species present.
* '''Magic/Psionics Level: 2-3''', going up to 4 or more in rare individuals. Psionics are not uncommon, mostly Empaths/Telepaths with Telekenetics and Astral projectors making up most of the remainder. Teleporters are not unknown.
* '''Hazard Rating: XX-''' Much of populace in major polities friendly to aliens, however there are comparatively minor polities where non-dominant species slavery is legal. Law and order is well enforced out until the frontier colonies of the dominant polity. Significant pirate activity in outer regions and unclaimed areas, mostly depending on sabotage to incapacitate target ships. Not insignificant slave trade active in those regions, mostly trafficking in non-humans, often fed by piracy, trading the spoils to the slave-holding polities. There have been tenuous reports of Assimilation entities active in this universe.
* '''Notes''': Most varieties of alien will not be remarked upon in most regions of the dominant polity. There have been unsettling reports of anti-nonhuman activity on earth and human majority colonies however. Recommended tourist destination for uplifts and anthropomorphics. Those with phobias and aversions to such are recommended not to visit. As well, there have been have been reports of a highly expansionist race (see Dossier 458-Faleshkarti) noted for extreme reproductive rates. However, recent breakthroughs in biotech may have resolved these issues. As well, one of the regional capitals and more interesting tourist destinations is noted for harsh drug policies (See tourists' brochure "Visiting Chakona: A tourist's guide to local laws, culture and mores")and because of this visitors are recommended to divest themselves of any recreational chemicals they may possess.

* '''Tech Level:'''
** '''Terran: 6''' FTL travel commonplace, kinetic weapons are the norm for man-portable armaments, laser and plasma weapons not uncommon for larger platforms.
** '''Protoss: 8''' Highly dependent on innate psionics for many applications, including a unique 'Psi-blade' technology that is favored by their common infantry. Plasma cannon, Advanced FTL, teleportation quite common.
** '''Zerg: 6''' Products of assimilated biologies
* '''Magic/Psionics Level:'''
** '''Terran: 0-3''' Runs the general gamut, mostly under governmental control)
** '''Protoss:0-4''' Large Numbers of combat oriented abilities and skills known. Much of technological base is derived from these. Two main disciplines, Khalai and Dark Templar.
** '''Zerg: 0-4''' Depending on breed. Mostly non-combat abilities.
* '''Hazard Rating: XXXX-''' Major Assimilation Entity active, All major powers in the region (See Dossier 866-Koprulu Sector) in a state of war. Main Human power noted for heavy use of brainwashing in conscription. Reports of external manipulation of situation by an unknown entity, possibly one of the local precursor races, possibly through a an agent(see Dossier 999A-Samir Duran and b-[[spoiler: Voice in the Darkness]]).
* '''Notes''': Local sector in current state of war involving a swarm assimilation entity (see Dossier 642-Zerg). Full conscription in effect in most areas. Little is known about the state of Earth in this Universe (See Dossier 875-United Earth Directorate). Digressional travel is strongly discouraged, especially by non-humans that are unable to disguise themselves as Human. Use of a brainwashing process native to the universe is widespread in the dominant human polity in the most well mapped region(See Dossiers 701 and 566-Neural Resocialization and Terran Dominion)and Board Psis have had little success in reversing the damage done by it.

[[folder: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann]]
* '''Tech Level: 6-9''' Level is erratic due to an indigenous energy source that allows for such things as powering giant humanoid mechanical constructs, the spontaneous creation of mass, breaking through the barriers between dimensions, probability manipulation, and the defiance of nearly every known law of physics.
* '''Magic/Psionics Level: 1-5''' Certain individuals are able to manipulate reality up to and including the cosmic level.
* '''Hazard Rating: X+''' Popular tourist destination. There is no excessive conflict, but giant robot use is rampant and accidents do happen.
* '''Notes''': Most of the human population is not registered in any kind of government database, allowing travelers to integrate themselves into society relatively easily. The local giant mecha are powered by a vaguely defined but extraordinarily powerful energy source known as Spiral Power. As a possible byproduct of this energy, a memetic trigger is contained within each mecha that gives the pilot innate knowledge of the machine's functions and controls without any prior training. This factor has made the dimension a popular vacation destination, but travelers should keep in mind that use of Spiral Power has been strictly regulated by the local governments for fear of causing a YK class end-of-the-world scenario (see Dossier 374-Spiral Nemesis). Travelers are advised to adhere to these rules for their own safety as well as others. Anthropomorphs and aliens may travel freely, but be wary of light social prejudice.

[[folder:Kingdom Hearts]]
* '''Tech Level: Highly variable''', as this "world" is composed of a large number of smaller worlds. Lowest is -9 (Pride Lands- basically no technology), highest is ??? (Space Paranoids, technically a subunit of Radiant Garden)
* '''Magic/Psionics Level: 1-4''' Magic-based combat (and architecture, if Hollow Bastion is any indication) is common, as well as usage of summoned weapons and travel via crossing another plane of existence. Or something like that, anyway--the cosmology around here is a bit complicated.
* '''Hazard Rating: XX''' Recently downgraded from XXX. A major assimilation entity (see Dossier-673 "Heartless") has been pushed back recently, but travelers should exercise caution as minor breakthroughs [[AsLongAsThereIsEvil may still occur.]] There is no other major conflict occurring at present, and locals are largely friendly to anthropomorphs and aliens.

[[folder:Two Kinds]]
* '''Tech Level: -5 to -6''' Fairly standard late/post iron age technologies. Nothing particularly notable.
* '''Magic/Psionics Level:'''
** '''Baseline: 4''' Highly interventionist spirit world, but seemingly little in the way of natural magic effects. Reports of "Dragons" with considerable magic power are as of yet unsubstantiated.
** '''Human: 0-4''' Advanced combat disciplines, possibly some architectural augmentation, astral projection onto the focus of a familiar. There have also been reports of a artificial magical hub, based around a tower serving ends currently unknown.
** '''Keidran: 0-3''' Dependent upon crystalline magical 'batteries' for any magic use. Other than certain medical operations involving what basically can be described as a 'soul transfusion', effects used run the usual gamut.
** '''Basitin: 0''' Magic use is actively detrimental to members of this species. Medical examination of those who attempted use of it reveals severe central nervous system degradation. (See Dossier 559-Basitin, Section Biology, Subsection Neurology, pages 23-30)
* '''Hazard Rating: XXXX''' Widespread interspecies warfare between Humans and Keidran, with multiple reports of ethnic cleansing by both parties. Slave trade of fairly standard size for technological level is thriving amongst the two combatants, fed by the current state of warfare. Slaves are commonly bound by enchantments and there have been reports that these enchantments cause mental degradation in the victim. Travel is strongly recommended against. However, Recovery teams will be sent after those who signal difficulty, as local arms are easily overpowered by the standard equipment of Enforcement and Rescue.

[[folder:Middle Earth]]
* '''Tech Level: -5''' Technological progress is not a priority for this world, and two of the four major sentient species actively dislike it. That said, this world boasts extremely sophisticated metalworking capabilities.
* '''Magic/Psionics Level:'''
** '''Men, hobbits, dwarves: 0-1'''
** '''Elves: 1-2'''
** '''Maiar/Valar: up to 5'''
* '''Hazard Rating: Varies.''' Highly variable from time period to time period, from X during the years of calm up to XXXX for some potent conflicts. The peak, XXXX+, was registered during the last century of the First Age.
** '''Known hazards''': Warlike, xenophobic and very fecund Orcs, mind-warping willful artifacts, NighInvulnerable monsters serving the Enemy, moderate memetic hazard registered, entities with assimilating powers exist but are rare. Most of the high-level hazards are associated with the faction known as the Shadow (see Dossier 1379-9); travelers are advised to avoid contact.
* '''Notes''': Two major chronal entry points exist: Point 3019-LOTR and Point 1A-SILM. Point 3019 has median Hazard Rating XX, but the world is preparing for a major military conflict at this point, so the Hazard Rating is likely to increase. Point 1A is temporally located near the HR peak and is HR XXXX; casual or freelance travel through this point is highly discouraged.

[[folder:Narnia and environs]]
* '''Tech Level: -5'''
* '''Magic/Psionics Level: most individuals 0-1; magicians are not uncommon and seem to peak out at 3-4; one level 5 entity known. Magical artifacts are common.'''
* '''Hazard Rating: X- within Narnia and Archenland; XX elsewhere'''
* '''Notes:''' Main CEP is within the (mostly) temperate and pastoral nation of "Narnia", a charming country that boasts an unusually wide variety of nonhuman intelligent species. Humans are ''extremely'' well-received in Narnia, doubtless accounting for its perennial popularity as a tourist destination. Outside Narnia and its protectorate Archenland are at least three hostile nations: the Human-eating Giants to the north, the slave-owning Carlormene to the south, and pirates among the islands to the east.

[[folder: Avatar the Last Airbender]]
* '''Tech Level: -4''' Some industrial-level technological analogues exist, but they're actually {{Magitek}}. Mundane, well-understood technology is a little behind the Industrial Era.
* '''Magic/Psionics Level''':
** '''Baseline: 0'''
** '''Benders: 2-3'''
** '''Avatars: 4'''
** Some larger, older creatures may be level 5, but this is unconfirmed due to their secretive nature.
* '''Hazard Rating: XX''' Governments are notoriously easy to topple and warfare is prevalent, but travelers who avoid causing trouble are unlikely to be harassed. Bandits, raiders, and pirates are fairly common, but can be handled by the wary traveler without using the local AppliedPhlebotinum. Never underestimate the children of this universe, especially 15-year-old girls. While the [[MixAndMatchCritters local fauna]] is fascinating and many of the small towns are friendly, insightful travelers know that staying in large cities is the best way to avoid the hazards listed above. Ba Sing Se is easily the cleanest and most accommodating, and any connoisseur can tell you that it also has some of the best tea shops in the world.
* '''Notes''': While travel to this universe can be rewarding, it does not pay to involve yourself in local politics. Traveling in a group is recommended, as is some kind of transportation.

[[folder: Strait Jacket]]
* '''Tech Level: -2''', achieved through copious use of [[{{Magitek}} magically enhanced technology]].
* '''Magic/Psionics Level''':
** '''General populace: 1-3'''
** '''Sorcerists: up to 4'''
* '''Hazard Rating: XX-''' The resident civilization is generally stable and prosperous, but the local method for magic use contains the constant underlying threat of magical contamination(see Dossier 993-Molds, subsection B-Demons). Travelers coming into contact with these entities are advised not to engage them in combat unless your magical capabilities exceed their own.

[[folder: Ben 10]]
* '''Tech Level: 2''' on Earth, varies on other planets.
* '''Magic/Psionics Level: 3''' on Earth, varies on other planets.
* '''Hazard Rating: Ranges from X- to XXXX+++'''
* '''Notes:''' The average traveler will find the main body of this 'verse fairly welcoming and unassuming. The average non-terran lifeforms are usually just passing through. And there is an established force for keeping peace on the planets, one of whom is a celebrity on this 'verse's Earth. Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, known to the general public as "Ben 10" is the most well known of the galactic peacekeeping force known as The Plumbers. Their symbol looks like a green hourglass inside a circle, operates as multiplanetary translator, and is recognized by most sentient planets in the galaxy. Non-Earth destinations include:
** Legerdomain (Hazard Rating: XXXX- Travel discouraged unless the traveler is particularly gifted magically/psionically),
** The Null Void (Hazard Rating: XXXX+)
** The Forge of Creation (Hazard Rating: X, but difficult to reach)
** Plumbers Academy (No Hazard Rating unless one attends as a student)
** Incarceron (Intergalactic prison. Hazard Rating XXXX+++)
** Perplexahedron (Hazard Rating: XXXX+)
** Pisciss (Hazard Rating X- with proper equipment)

[[folder: The Wizarding World (Harry Potter)]]
The Wizarding World exists side-by-side with contemporary ("Muggle") Earth. The wizards in this world retain their masquerade with a series of magical charms that make it difficult to find if you are not magical.
* '''Tech Level: -2''' Electricity and magic appear to be inimical, but wizards can and do adapt Muggle technology to meet their needs. "Muggle" Earth is TL 0.
* '''Magic/Psionics Level: 2-3''' Exceptionally gifted individuals may reach 4.
* '''Hazard Rating: XX''' Non-magical travelers strongly discouraged from visiting when the so-called "Death Eaters" are in power. In addition, while more an annoyance than a hazard, those who visit this world should be aware that magical wards may make it difficult to find the wizarding parts if you are not properly prepared. Nonhuman travelers should be aware of existent prejudices against nonhumans.

[[folder: Stargate 'Verse]]
* '''Tech Level:'''
** '''Majority of Terran population: 0'''
** '''Terran Government and select individuals: 4''' Most advanced Earth technology has either been gifted by aliens or adapted from alien technology.
** '''Majority of Non-Terran population: Between -9 and 1''' Non-Terran human technological development has been intentionally stalled by former major powers of Milky Way and Pegasus to prevent potential threats from attacking.
** '''Few alien races: Between 2 and 8'''
* '''Psionics Level:'''
** '''Majority of universe's population: 0'''
** '''Near-Ascended/Ascended individuals: 1-5'''
* '''Hazard Rating:'''
** '''Earth: X'''
** '''Rest of Milky Way: X+'''
** '''Pegasus: XX-'''
** '''Rest of universe: XXX-''' The only way to exit the Milky Way and Pegasus Stargate networks is via ''Destiny''.
* '''Notes:''' The majority of travelers to this 'verse will find few differences to their own universe. However, if one manages to gain access to the Stargate, they can travel between many different planets in a galaxy. With access to certain power sources, one may gain access to the Pegasus galaxy, or the Ancient spaceship ''Destiny''. The Pegasus galaxy is slightly more dangerous than the Milky Way, as it has an active hostile entity that will most likely use you as food if you are found by them. However, there is not much chance of that happening, due to the efforts of the Atlantis expedition. Travel to ''Destiny'' is not recommended, as there is no real way to get back to the known 'Gate networks, outside of extraordinary and/or potentially dangerous circumstances.

[[folder: Firefly 'Verse]]
* '''Tech Level: 5-6''' No FTL travel, but terraforming technology is unusually advanced.
* '''Magic/Psionics Level: 0''' Some individuals may reach 1, but they are extremely rare and seem to only result from prolonged psychological torture.
* '''Hazard Rating: XX''' Extraordinarily violent and cruel Reavers; a central government (possibly intertwined with a MegaCorp) that is prepared to [[GovernmentDrugEnforcement drug its citizens into passivity]].
* '''Notes:''' Quality of life varies widely, from the civilized Core worlds to the still-developing Rim worlds. Personal freedom tends to vary inversely with civilization.

[[folder: BattleTech 'Verse]]
* '''Tech Level: 6''' FTL travel and communications are notably backward for the degree of galactic development demonstrated. Major entities came close to dropping to levels 5 or 4 during periods of prolonged total warfare.
* '''Magic/Psionics Level: 0''' No known displays of supernatural or physic abilities; less than half a dozen individuals have shown the ability to scramble targeting systems but this remains highly controversial and evidence is inconclusive at best. (see Dossier-3025-Phantom Mech)
* '''Hazard Rating: XX''': The major occupied areas of space have existed in a state of near constant low intensity warfare for several centuries. The majority of political entities are militaristic but unwilling to risk total warfare and the resulting loss of technology and resources. Most major worlds are well policed and safe ('''X''') provided travelers do not antagonize the authorities but war zones and borders should be avoided. Piracy is rampant in some frontier regions and travelers should bring enough protection to repel raiders but at the same time avoid attracting the attention of civil authorities. A return to previous states of total warfare (see Dossier-2785A-Early Succession Wars and B-Word of Blake Jihad) would likely lead to a danger rating of '''XXX+'''.
* '''Notes:''' Non human travelers are recommended to not reveal their actual species; due to all major entities lack of previous contact with alien species and tendency to use violence when faced with perceived aggression. Involvement in intergalactic politics is not advisable; any disruption of the status quo tends to lead to additional violence. Most major political and military entities are not dangerous unless provoked; mostly because they to prefer to focus on their traditional foes. As a final note, many registered mercenary entities are considered trustworthy and, provided the issue of affordability can be addressed, can provide extra security or assistance to travelers capable of reaching them.

This entry actually covers [[AlternateContinuity multiple different continua]] whose biology consists of the Kingdom known as "[[{{Mons}} Pocket Monsters]]". This Kingdom is of the Eukarya Domain. Most of these continua occupy [[FantasyCounterpartCulture the same physical space as our own Earth]] and seem to have temporal locations in common, though that common position is as yet unknown. There is [[WMG/{{Pokemon}} speculation]], however, those continua under the [[VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeon Mystery Dungeon]] rubric, as well as certain limited others, do not occupy this common position.

* '''Tech Level: +2 in most regions''' (Artificially created entities, Reference Dossier-P0137 "[[FanonPokedex/{{Porygon}} Porygon]]" and Dossier-P0150 "[[FanonPokedex/{{Mewtwo}} Mewtwo]]")
** '''Enhancing Factor''': Matter transmission and conversion is in widespread use (Reference Dossier-P5011 "[[FanonPokedex/{{Pokeball}} Pokeball]]") [[WhatMeasureIsANonHuman except for human teleportation]], though experimental systems in the hands of corporate and government interests have been reported.
** '''Mitigating Factor''': [[FantasyGunControl limited standard conventional weapons development]]. Primary continuity had -5 in antiquity (Reference Dossier-P5185, "Sinnoh Myths"); multiple continuities have exhibited -2 weapons. Combat is primarily Pokémon-based, which is addressed in Psionics below.
** '''[[Videogame/PokemonConquest Ransei CEP(s)]]: -2'''. Electric power generation, early automation, and lighter-than-air flight technologies have all been observed, but no higher technology is evident.
* '''Psionics:'''
** '''0 for most Humans''', though a handful of humans per continuum have demonstrated Class 2 abilities.
** '''3 for most Pokémon''' (A handful of Arts are Class 4).
** '''5 for''' those Pokémon classified as '''[[OlympusMons Legendaries]]''' (Reference: Dossier-P5100 "Extant Mythological Pokémon")
* '''Hazard Rating: Varies per [=CEP=]''', though higher in regions where fanatical factions are active. Memetic Hazards are multiple, though well documented, extant mainly in the native fauna. Government is mostly [[SkeletonGovernment non-intrusive]], though veterinary and law enforcement services are extant.
** '''[[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Kanto]], [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Johto (K+3)]], [[VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite Unova initial (roughly K+15)]], and [[Videogame/PokemonRanger Fiore (timepoint unknown)]]: XX+''': [[TheFamilyForTheWholeFamily Organized Criminal Activity]] is extant in these [=CEPs=] but does not presently utilize Class 5 Psionics.
*** Travel around the Cinnabar Island area ([[FanonPokedex/CinnabarIsland Dossier-P8017]]) should be undertaken with caution warranting a rating of '''XXX''' (see also [[FanonPokedex/CinnabarAnomaly Dossier-P6000 "The Cinnabar Anomaly"]]).
*** Unova's Team Plasma (Reference Dossier-P6501) is rumored to be seeking Class 5 Psionics, but is focusing on a [[AnimalWrongsGroup Fauna "Rights" Agenda]] (could be a cover).
** '''[[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire Hoenn (K+0)]], [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl Sinnoh (K+3)]], [[VideoGame/PokemonBlack2AndWhite2 Unova initial+2]], Ransei (timepoint unknown), and [[Videogame/PokemonXAndY Kalos (Ui+2)]]: XXX''': Fanatical organizations are actively pursuing Class 5 Psionics in these regions & timepoints. Furthermore, there is an active state of war in the Ransei CEP.
** '''[[VideoGame/PokemonColosseum Orre XD]]''': Recently downgraded from XXXX- to '''XXX-''', due to the removal 5 years previous of a rogue faction possessing quasi-assimilation technology (Reference: Dossier-P6610 "Cipher" and Dossier-P6611 "'Shadow' Pokémon".) However, partially due to the aforementioned rogue faction and its operations, the local fauna have been driven to near-extinction in the wild. Rehabilitation efforts have commenced, so interaction with wild or unknown fauna in this sector is restricted (which precludes further Threat Rating reductions). There are also rumors of said organization mounting a resurgence (which would warrant an upgrade back to XXXX-). Finally, the citizens of that region seem [[DarkerAndEdgier less amiable]] than their trans-continental counterparts in Unova.
*** '''Note:''' "Orre Initial" (a CEP 5 years prior) has the aforementioned '''XXXX-''' rating due to the activities of the aforementioned organization. It is unclear at this time what the relationship of the Orre [=CEPs=] have chronologically to the K-Point.
** '''[[VideoGame/PokemonRanger Almia and Oblivia]]''': '''XXX+'''. Oblivia includes many of the most dangerous fauna, including several Class 5 psionics, of this world in a small set of islands. The situation is aggravated by the existence of a rogue faction known as the 'Pokemon Pinchers' controlled by a group called the 'Societea'. This faction is known to use underhanded methods to control the local fauna, making them far more aggressive than would otherwise be the case. A similar organization called 'Dim Sun' operates in the Almia region located southwest of Sinnoh, using MindControl technology on the local fauna. Travelers are advised to seek out members of the Pokemon Ranger organization upon arrival, as they are the best equipped for stopping the fauna that have been aggravated in this manner. The relationship between these [=CEPs=] and the K-Point is, as yet, unknown.
** The hazard rating could vary from these above if a CEP is [[FanWorks/{{Pokemon}} adjusted]] [[FanficRecs/{{Pokemon}} temporally]]. However, said HR will never be lower than '''XX''' due to the fauna's memetic hazards.
* '''Special Travel Advisory:''' Whether combat purposed or not, [[TeamPet animals not officially registered as under ownership]] should not be taken to these dimensions on risk of possible capture by natives. Registered ownership through a Board-approved agency is the only way to guarantee legal assistance in ownership disputes. Non-Human sentients and especially non-Humanoid sentients should also take additional precautions against potential capture.

'''Note on [=CEPs=]:''' As noted in the Hazard Rating section, there are several [=CEPs=] in the primary and directly related continua. Some of these have indicators allowing the approximation of [[YearZero a time estimate relative to]] [[Videogame/PokemonRedAndBlue the Team Rocket situation in Kanto]]. Alternate continuities also seem to have multiple near-adjacent CEP, though [[ComicBookTime the flow of time in some alternate continua seem either]] [[HaveAGayOldTime retarded]] [[NotAllowedToGrowUp or]] [[TimeSkip volitile]]. It must be noted that certain Class 5 Psionics are purported to have time- and/or dimension-altering powers (Reference: Dossier-P0251 "Celebi", Dossier-P0483 "[[FanonPokedex/{{Dialga}} Diagla]]", and Dossier-P0484 "[[FanonPokedex/{{Palkia}} Palkia]]"), but these have not been generally verified in captivity (see {{Power Limiter}}s below.)

As multiple scouting missions to each sector of this primary set of continuities (Hereafter Codenamed "Zed") indicate [[OneGameForThePriceOfTwo multiple yet extremely finite variations in the biosphere]], (with the exception of the Orre region, likely due to the massive fauna dieback, and the Ransei, Fiore, Almia, and Obliva regions) these variations shall be considered as Sub-Continua of Zed. Also, Player-Interactions ''do'' incur [[ForWantOfANail minor-to-moderate changes]] to the timeline, though [[InSpiteOfANail most significant effects are in common]]; therefore, only significant deviations from these common changes will receive a separate full designation. (If a sub-designation is desired, the "Trainer Identification Number" may be utilized as such a designator, with suffixes as necessary.) [[Anime/PokemonOrigins One well-chronicled sub-continuity]] has received the designation of Zed-Omicron.

'''Note on Tech Level & Psionics:''' The chief reason for the lack of conventional weapons is human ownership of Pokémon. Owned Pokémon seem subject to a PowerLimiter (See Dossier-P5011 "[[FanonPokedex/{{Pokeball}} Pokéball]]", and Dossier-P5482 "Red Chain"). While this does allow for a sense of order in this apparently wild world, it does make scientific verification of local folklore re: Class 5 Psionics difficult.

Travelers to any location in any covered continua should consult [[JustForFun/ThePokedexExtendedFanonEdition the compendium on this series of dimensions]] for more information.

!!Dimensions in the "'''[[VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeon Mystery Dungeon]]'''" subset, Codenamed Mu Series
* '''Tech Level: Presumed -6''', as while there is no direct evidence of metalworking, themed architectural facades have been observed. It is notable that the native fauna have created an agrarian society in the apparent absence of traditionally-recognized sapients (see Hazard Rating, below). Minor examples of LostTechnology may be present.
* '''Psionics:''' As Zed (but no Humans present).
* '''Hazard Rating''': Varies from '''XXXX-''' to '''XXXX+''' per CEP. In addition to various assimilation entities (Reference Dossier-P5183, "Primal Dialga") and the normal Memetic Hazards extant in the Pokemon region of universes in general, there is [[FisherKingdom an as yet undocumented power]] which transforms the few humans or anthropomorphs that have tried to explore these worlds into specimens of the local fauna.
* '''Travel Warning:''' Due to the above, travel is strongly discouraged, legal Release From Liability required, and Search and Rescue will '''not''' be dispatched to these realms. Furthermore, due to the notices under "Tech Level", the AlienNonInterferenceClause is in force for those few able to make contact and maintain form.

!!Other known Active Dimension subsets
Readouts are as Zed unless otherwise indicated:
* Alpha - The particular continuity notable for the existence of a particular Pikachu and his owner, [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Satoshi of Masara]]. This latter individual has some latent PsychicPowers, but has largely discarded them in favor of [[ToBeAMaster pursuing notoriety in the world's predominant sport]]. A member of the Meowth species that can converse with humans directly is another notable being in this continuum and its subcontinua. An [[SubbingVersusDubbing alternate version]] of this continuity, wherein the owner is known as "Ash Ketchum" is [[IncrediblyLamePun Sub]]-classed as "Alpha Epsilon". Other alternate versions may exist, [[TokyoIsTheCenterOfTheUniverse but are not]] [[WeAllLiveInAmerica well documented]].\\
Current theory that Satoshi's/Ash's interactions with very powerful beings is within the same respective continua, though this is not confirmed. Documentation of such events should identify the continuity as "Pokemon Alpha Prime"/"Pokemon Alpha Espilon Prime". There are lesser known alternate-continua involving the distinctive beings, designated [[Manga/TheElectricTaleOfPikachu Alpha Tau]] and Alpha Pi[[note]]'''Ash & Pikachu'''[[/note]].
** '''Hazard Rating Note:''' Due to the aforementioned interactions, [[WeirdnessMagnet Satoshi and his equivalents]] have been given a Hazard Rating of '''XXX''' except [[TournamentArc when participating in sanctioned tournaments]] in which case it returns to the world default of '''XX+'''.
* [[Manga/PocketMonsters Gamma]] - The particular Continuity notable for the existence of a human named Izamu Akai and a Clefairy in his companionship that can converse with humans directly, much like the Meowth in the Alpha series of continuities. [[EvolutionaryLevels Species Metamorphesis]] is reversible in this universe.
* [[Manga/PokemonReburst Rho]] - The particular continuity notable for the existence of {{Amplifier Artifact}}s capable of giving humans Class 3-4 Psionic powers similar to noted Class 5 beings. Travelers to the Unova region are advised to be on the lookout for mentions of "BURST Warriors," the aforementioned human psionics unique to this dimension. Investigation into this dimension is ongoing.
** '''Tech Level''': As Zed (specifically Unova Initial).
** '''Psionics: 3-5''', including several of the local humans through the aid of {{Amplifier Artifact}}s.
** '''Hazard Rating:''' Currently at '''XXX+''' due to a present threat in the Unova region and abnormal psionics which have not yet been extensively analyzed. Search and Rescue will deploy to this dimension if necessary.
* Tau - The continuity exhibited in the [[TabletopGame/{{Pokemon}} non-electronic game medium]]. [[EvolutionaryLevels Species Metamorphosis]] is reversible in this universe. Precautions to be utilized for this dimension are similar to ones required to travel [[MagicTheGathering in the realms of the Planeswalkers]], though the Threat Rating is the same as Zed.
** [[VideoGame/PokemonTradingCardGame Tau Prime]] - A continuity where people have the societal structures of Zed but the distinctive fauna are non-existent; instead, they utilize totem utilizing the depictions based in the Tau continuity.
*** '''Tech Level: +1'''
*** '''Psionics: 0-1''' (As Humans in Zed)
*** '''Hazard Rating: X+''': The fauna in the other dimensions are limited to cardstock representations in this world, so the greatest threats come from human criminal factions.
* [[PokemonSpecial Sigma]] - The particular continuity notable for the existence of [[TheChosenMany approximately twenty children (known)]] entrusted with advanced analysis technology. One of these children has been observed exhibiting PsychicPowers of a quasi-defensive sort. It is otherwise mostly non-distinctive ([[DubNameChange aside from certain names not matching between translations]]; such discrepancies are designated as "Sigma Prime").
** '''Hazard Rating Note:''' Fanatical and Criminal Factions in this continuity are generally more active and more devious than those in other dimensions. Therefore, the regions of this continuity would have a Hazard Rating increase of a half-grade versus their Zed counterparts. (i.e. '''XX+''' becomes '''XXX''' and '''XXX''' becomes '''XXX+'''.)

Other notable continuities are listed in [[Manga/{{Pokemon}} this index]]

* '''Tech Level: -5 to -3.''' Reports of beings at or near level T9 are unconfirmed.
* '''Psionics:''' Varies, ranging from '''3''' outside the Dragaeran Empire to '''4''' within it, with exceptionally powerful individuals (particularly the entity known as Sethra Lavode (see Dossier 1734-51)), [[SufficientlyAdvancedAliens the gods]], and [[StarfishAliens the Jenoine]] reaching as high as '''5'''.
* '''Hazard Rating: XX''', increasing to '''XXX''' during the Interregnum. The powerful Dragaeran Empire usually maintains law and order, but humans are [[FantasticRacism considered second-class citizens at best]], so terran travelers are advised that violence against them is likely to be overlooked.

[[folder:The Dresdenverse (The Dresden Files)]]
Like the Wizarding World, above, the Dresdenverse [[UrbanFantasy exists alongside contemporary Earth]].
* '''Tech Level: 0'''
* '''Psionics: 0-5'''. The majority of human residents display no unusual powers, but among those that do, power great enough to [[ColonyDrop pull satellites out of orbit]], initiate volcanic eruptions, and cause [[TheTunguskaEvent large-scale, devastating explosions]] has been reported. Certain nonhuman entities, particularly those known as [[EldritchAbomination the Outsiders]] and [[TheFairFolk the Faerie Queens]], have demonstrated abilities that are, if anything, greater.
* '''Hazard Rating: XXX-'''. There are many, ''[[FantasyKitchenSink many]]'' beings that prey on unwitting humans, but the majority of the populace still remains ignorant of their presence. It is recommended that visitors particularly avoid [[DoomMagnet the Chicago area]].

[[folder:Scadrial (Mistborn)]]
* '''Tech Level: -4''' to '''-2''', depending on CEP; as-yet-unexplored [=CEPs=] seem likely to show higher levels of technological sophistication. Development of firearms was deliberately suppressed under [[EvilOverlord the Lord Ruler]], so despite possessing metalworking capabilities which should have allowed their production, they remained unavailable until well after his death.
* '''Psionics: 3'''. Several disciplines of metal-based psionics are indigenous to the world, with approximately 6.25% of the population displaying the ability to utilize them. Would-be visitors are advised to familiarize themselves with at least the basics of allomancy to avoid difficulties.
* '''Hazard Rating:''' Varies. During the period following the collapse of the Final Empire, it reached as high as '''XXXX-''', with planetwide natural disasters, rampaging armies of Koloss, and considerable interference from a malevolent being of Psionics level 5 (see Dossier 1680, "Ruin"). Before the collapse, it is rated '''XXX-''', and travelers with asthma or other respiratory conditions are strongly discouraged from visiting due to the constant fall of volcanic ash. By the second CEP, the rating has dropped to '''XX''', although it is higher in the lawless outlying areas.
* '''Notes:''' Multiple [=CEPs=], not all of which have been explored.

[[folder: Equestria (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)]]
* '''Tech Level: -2 to 0.''' For the most part, Equestrian technology is comparable to 19th century Earth, but sightings of advanced communications technology (such as phonographs and radios) have been reported.
* '''Magic/Psionics Level:'''
** '''Alicorns (and some individuals from other races): 5.''' Two alicorns rule the planet and are responsible for maintaining its day/night cycle. Other, equally powerful beings have been confirmed (see Hazard Rating below).
** '''Unicorns: 2.''' All Equestrian unicorns have inborn telekinetic powers.
** '''Other races: Varies.''' Magic is a part of everyday life, although not all locals use it, and those who do have varying amounts of skill. Reports of [[Characters/FriendshipIsMagicPinkiePie one earth pony]] being a RealityWarper who is somehow aware of other worlds remain unconfirmed, and there may or may not also be an [[Series/DoctorWho alien visitor]] among the general populace.
* '''Hazard Rating: Varies.''' Under normal conditions, Equestria is a peaceful world ranking no higher than X, possibly even X-. However, it is subject to occasional attacks by powerful, malevolent beings, including two (known) Assimilation entities (see Dossier 1110-King Sombra and Dossier 414-Queen Chrysalis). During these invasions, the hazard rating may increase to as much as XXXX+. However, so far all these enemies have been defeated, and some have even been rehabilitated, becoming productive members of Equestrian society.
* '''Notes:''' Popular tourist destination. The citizens are well-known for their friendliness. Under normal circumstances, your visit should be very pleasant, but be prepared to call for a Search and Rescue party should another invasion occur.

[[folder:A Song of Ice and Fire]]
* '''Tech Level:''' -5 to -4. Knowledge of medicine and chemistry is more advanced than is common in feudal worlds, but gunpowder is unknown.
* '''Magic/Psionics Level:''' 1
* '''Hazard Rating:'''
** In the Seven Kingdoms and Essos, usually X+, but the main CEP is around a {{civil war}} known as the War of the Five Kings, during which the rating rises to XX on Westeros. Women in particular are advised to travel in groups.
** North of the Wall, XXX due to extreme cold, zombies, and the Others.
* '''Notes:''' This world is famous for its wide variety of delicious, locally grown, organic {{food|porn}}, making it popular among gastronomes. However, availability of said food varies with time and location; our tour guides will be happy to help you find a location during the summer years where feasts are frequent. Women should be aware that they may be excluded from certain activities or locations due to cultural bias.

[[folder:Gensokyo (Touhou)]]
* '''Tech Level:''' -4 to -3. Since Kanako's arrival, -1 techs (mainly nuclear energy) have become possible. Residents are aware of tech level 0 and 1 but not pursuing.
* '''Magic/Psionics Level:''' 2 to 3 for most people, 4 for the great powers (read: [[RealityWarper Yukari]]).
* '''Hazard Rating:''' XX within control radius of human settlements, XXX+ everywhere else.
* '''Notes:''' It's possible to enter this world inadvertently through ''anything'' that can conceivably serve as a portal.

[[folder:Destroy the Godmodder]]
* '''Special Advisory To All Travelers''': All travel without a permit is banned. Only those experienced with inter-universal travel are allowed to request sanctions for missions here.
* '''Tech Level:''' Varies dramatically, with spikes as high as as 9, and (very rare) drops as low as -5 depending on what is happening.
* '''Magic/Psionics Level:''' once again, great variety, although the predominant being seems to be a solid level 5.
* '''Hazard Rating:''' XXXXX+ This is an extremely dangerous universe, fighting is perpetual and universal. The predominant being known as the Godmodder is highly hostile and various entities of great power are constant threat to all denizens. This universe also presents great danger to all neighboring universes, and frequently draws in people and things, distorting them heavily until teams can be dispatched post-disruption to repair things and resurrect the dead.
* '''Notes:''' Due to the parasitic nature of this universe, all attempts to travel here are illegal. Rescue missions first require an official sanction from the Troper Board on Multiversal Travel.
** A large watch-group has been set to keep watch on this universe's travel patterns, due to its erratic nature and occasional jumps that have resulted in unsuspecting universes being drawn in without prior warning. Any and all knowledge of deliberate interference with its movement patterns is to be immediately reported to the council, all quarantines and blocks must be set up by experienced individuals as this universe frequently finds and exploits holes in barriers.

[[folder:Jurassic Park]]
* '''Tech Level:''' 0+. The various versions of this world generally appears as a regular earth, generally either 1989, 1994, 1997, 2001, or a surprisingly stable period between 2005 and 2015. Bar the world's vastly improved cloning technologies, it is not remarkable in this regard.
* '''Magic/Psionics Level:''' 0. At no point has magic been reported on these worlds
* '''Travel Hazard:''' Theroetically XX, generally XXXX. This world's single attracting factor for tourists is its dinosaur inhabited islands, Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. In theory, a person could go and observe these marvelous creatures quiet safely if everything goes right and stays out of the tall grass. However, it seems that no matter how many preparations people make, people will die in huge numbers in a variety of ways from the star dinosaur attractions themselves. If you manage to actually step foot on the island and not require a rescue operation, you will be the first. However, if you do not mind being pursued by blood thirsty cloned repto-birds, this world can actually be a nice place to visit....whenever the screaming stop.
* '''Notes:''' If you are to attempt a vacation here, be aware that at no point have fatalities of anyone under the age of 18, or females, have been known to occur. If you are male and go here, all bets are off. In particular, one should avoid the following things; Storms, Tall Grass, Stealing Eggs or the Young, Tampering with Fences, Screaming into the Jungle, River Boats, Bird Cages and in general all 'Rexes', 'Raptors', 'Spinos', 'Dilos', 'Indomonius Rex', and anything else with sharp teeth. Please do remember to sign the waver that states that the Board is not responsible for any fatalities that occur in this world, particularly when the victim's corpse is devoured by one of the above mentioned super predators.

[[folder:Panem (The Hunger Games)]]
* '''Tech Level: -2 to 2.''' Panem's technology is not evenly distributed. The decadent "Capitol" region has access to advanced tech--particularly in the areas of fashion and personal convenience--while more outlying regions have barely medieval-style subsistence.
* '''Magic/Psionic Levels: 0.''' At no point have any sort of powers that are abnormal have been reported.
* '''Hazard Rating: XX''' The government is authoritarian and brutally crushes dissent, but they are stretched thin in remote Districts. Deaths have occurred among travelers because the Capitol believed them to be agents of a rival power in the east. In addition, genetic experimentation has created genetically altered and dangerous creatures, such as feral wasps with hallucinogenic stingers. World has also suffered unknown catastrophe in the past involving rising sea levels that may pose additional dangers.
* '''Notes:''' Due to a barbaric kill game that is enforced by the Capitol among its districts' children, known as the Hunger Games, a blanket ban on the travel of minors (18 and under) has been placed on this world. As to why anyone would take a child to a dystopia in the first place, the board has no clue--it's true the Capitol parties are nice, but overall this is not a pleasant world.

* '''Tech Level: 0+.''' While this world is generally seen as a typical early 21st century tech level world, bio-tech capable of turning humans into vampires and granting humans incredible healing factors has been reported in many of these worlds, suggesting a looming technological boon in bio-tech skills.
* '''Magic/Psionics Rating: Varies.''' While the majority of the world appears to be lacking any sort of power, certain being possess quite notable powers, particularly vampires, whose abilities can range from 1-2 to a being whose power level may in fact be closer to 4+, even 5 perhaps, known as Alucard.
* '''Hazard Rating: XXX.''' This world is a vampire world, and unlike [[Literature/{{Twilight}} the sparkling worlds]], these vampires are incredibly dangerous and are prone to attacking people. The previously mentioned Alucard has been declared by the Board a 'being of immense concern', with a general order of avoidance given to all who visit this world. In addition, the world's Catholic Church is overly [[ChurchMilitant militant]], and will kill anything they see as their enemy, which includes 'non-Catholic heathens and monsters'; they should be avoided if you are a non-human or non-Catholic. Also please be aware that vampire Nazis have been reported, and pose incredible danger to virtually all travelers.
* '''Notes:''' At least in Britain and the Vatican, shady groups such as 'The Council of 12', 'Hellsing Organization', and 'Section 13 Iscariot' are known to control things behind the scenes. Travelers should be aware of these groups and not warrant their attention: abductions and resulting dissections have occurred in the past.

[[folder: The Galaxy Far Far Away (Star Wars)]]
* '''Tech level: 6+.''' This is a galaxy spanning civilization with very advanced technology, with a level of technology that is highly advanced by most standards, with faster than light travel, wide spread cloning and robotic beings, 'Droids', that are just a bit away from a true Technological singularity. However, it can vary from world to world.
* '''Magic/Psionics rating: 3.''' This world is known for possessing a mystical power known as 'The Force', which individuals are able to harness for a myriad of uses, from telekinesis to electrokinesis to tearing holes in the fabric of reality itself. Potency can range from 1 to borderline 5 in some cases.
* '''Hazard Ranking: Varies.''' When peaceful, this world is an easy XX, but during conflicts, it swells to a XXX-XXXX, depending on the conflict. In particular, wars involving the presence of the 'Sith', 'Yuuzan Vong', or 'Galactic Empire' should be avoided. For a range of 'safe' times to go to this world, please read Pamphlet R2.
* '''Notes.''' Non-human and robotic travelers should be aware of some level of discrimination against their groups. In addition, per the 'D2-Vulcan' accords, it is forbidden to bring any element from a 'Federation' world into this world due to risks of a [[ApocalypseHow Class X-5 doomsday scenario]].

[[folder: The Laundryverse]]
The 'verse of Charlie Stross's ''Literature/TheLaundrySeries'' of novels.
* '''Special Advisory to All Travelers''': On the surface this world is extremely similar to our own; the really special stuff is hidden behind a masquerade maintained by governmental secret services. This masquerade is there for a ''very good reason''; the world of magic is explicitly [[Creator/HPLovecraft Lovecraftian]] and meddling could result in death, possession, or insanity. Some of the occult secret services have provisions for dealing with multiversal travelers; for instance, Britain's Laundry is known for its general competence buried behind layers of stifling bureaucracy. Others should be avoided at nearly all costs; it may be preferable to be rescued by the American Operational Phenomenological Agency than to be eaten by a shoggoth, but only just. This does not include such environments like the [[AC:Blue Hades]]' undersea environs or the Plateau of Leng, which are places you emphatically do not want to be.
* '''Tech level''': 0+. Most technology is contemporaneous to our worlds'; the occult spy agencies have more advanced tech integrating magic.
* '''Magic/Psionics Rating''': 0-5. Magic in this 'verse relies on mathematics, and knowledge of the Dee-Turing Theorem allows a sorcerer to manipulate reality to produce a variety of effects--and since computers are very good at mathematics, even older smartphones can be used to perform magic. Unfortunately, once you know the secret it is ''extremely'' easy to summon up something very big and ''very'' hungry. Hence, magic is strictly controlled by the different secret services. Travelers should ensure they have the cooperation of their host government's occult agency before they attempt any local magic. In addition, doing magic mentally is a bad idea and could result in microscopic horrors chewing out your brainspace.
* '''Hazard Ranking''': varies, normally '''X''', could be as high as '''XXXX''' in some circumstances. So long as you liaise properly with your host occult agency, you should not be in too much danger, as these agencies are generally competent (as evidenced by the fact that their Earth has not been taken over by gibbering horrors). However, travelers should be advised that the 'verse is currently preparing for apocalyptic-level events and the return of the Elder Gods, with uniformly pessimistic chances of their own survival--an event that would raise them instantly to XXXX threat level. Travel to the Laundryverse during the eldritch apocalypse is, naturally, not permitted.


[[folder:Night Vale]]
The town of [[Podcast/WelcomeToNightVale Night Vale]] and its environs.
* '''Tech Level: 0''' Night Vale exists alongside of (or possibly within) our reality, and has access to the same technology.
* '''Magic/Psionics Rating: 1-2''' Telepathic attacks on tour buses have been reported, and the town is visited by angels on a regular basis.
* '''Hazard Ranking: XX+''' Attacks by the [[TheVirus assimilation entity]] known as the Smiling God, aided by its catspaw [[MegaCorp Strexcorp]]. Tiny but fierce and expansionist civilization under the bowling alley.

[[folder:Star Trek]]
The 'verse of The United Federation of Planets, and surrounding territories. Exists alongside our reality, though shifted in time frame.
* '''Tech Level Varies, but generally: 6+'''
** As per the latest reports, this universe has several advanced AI, terraforming capabillity (though some forms are outlawed, see Report-47-Genesis-Device), and antimatter power and matter transmission are common. Nanotech is still in early stages, but shows signs of progress. Space exploration is at an advanced stage, but with some caveats (see below entry on Hazards). Note that several outliers apply, including an entire race of reportedly omnipotent beings.
* '''Magic/Psionic Level:'''
** '''Q:''' Full capabilities are still unknown, but assumed to be '''5'''.
** '''Talosions: 4'''
** '''Betazoids: 1'''
** '''Other species: 0'''
*** This appears to be the standard for most of the universe, though some outliers may exist. It has been reported that some Vorta have psionic capabilities, though only one case has been confirmed, see Dossier-342-Vorta.
* '''Hazard Rating: Ranges from XX to XXXX'''
** The Alpha Quadrant is generally the safest part of this galaxy, though anomalies in space/time are quite frequent, and should be accounted for. In addition, several wars have taken place during key CEPs, and the Board strongly recommends avoiding the period marked 'Dominion War'. In addition, the presence of assimilation entities is widely known, and their territory is estimated to include 20% of the galaxy. Additional complications may be found in trying to leave the Galaxy designate 'Milky Way', due to an energy barrier surrounding it. Reports indicate this barrier has been penetrated before, but only under specific circumstances.
* Common Chronal Entry Points include years designate 2265-2293, and 2364-2379. Travel during period designate 2373-2375 is strongly cautioned against by the board, as the major powers of the galaxy were in the midst of war with a Hazard Rating of '''XXXX'''. Additionally, some reports suggest that a [[Film/StarTrek similar reality]] exists alongside this one, though with several key differences. Investigation of this universe is still ongoing.
[[folder: SCP Foundation]]
* '''Special Advisory to All Travelers:''' While friendly diplomatic relations have been established with the primary [[Wiki/SCPFoundation Foundation]] timeline, all travelers are reminded that the Foundation considers unauthorized dimensional visitations to be a violation of normalcy. Additionally, overt violations of physical laws and causality, unauthorized interactions with anomalies, and significant deviations from approved itineraries may result in containment as an anomalous entity. Non-human entities are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with human appearance and culture, as TheMasquerade is strictly enforced outside of prescribed areas and events.*\\
[--- The Foundation bears no responsibility for undesired alterations or injuries (physical, mental, spiritual, or existential) resulting from encounters with uncontained anomalies, failure to follow containment procedures, the actions of Groups of Interest, or encounters with Foundation counterparts in divergent timelines. ---]\\
[--- * Due to an excessive number of incidents requiring Foundation intervention, Burning Man has been removed from the list of events until further notice.---]
* '''Tech Level''' Official "Normal" 0+, with allowances for non-anomalous scientific progress
** '''Anomalous tech:'''1+ considered anomalous, 2 considered serious threat to normalcy, 10+ documented [[note]]casual inter-universal travel and manipulation of physical constants[[/note]]
** '''Foundation:''' 1+, known thaumiel projects reach 8+ (with use of {{Magitek}})
** '''Groups of Interest:''' 2 on average. Certain groups 3+.
* '''Magic/Psionic Rating:''' Official "Normal" 0 or lower
** 1+ considered anomalous, 2 considered serious threat to normalcy, 6+ documented [[note]]primal forces capable of casual creation and destruction of universes[[/note]]
** '''Foundation internal:''' 1 or lower is considered ideal, some containment procedures require 2+
** '''Groups of Interest:''' from 0 to 3+
* '''Hazard Rating:''' While the actions of the Foundation and allied groups of interest maintain the typical hazard rating at X, the capricious nature of reality in this universe may periodically create hazard levels of XXXXX and higher with little to no warning.
* '''Chronal Entry Points:''' Visitors are encouraged to enter at the current standard date, though supervised visitation of various historical eras may be approved on occasion.

[[folder: The Nasuverse]]
The Nasuverse consists of several branching timelines, most of which appear quite similar to earth.

While there are other timelines, there are three main branches of the Nasuverse;
* '''Nasuverse-BASELINE''' (''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'', ''{{VisualNovel/Tsukihime}}''): Timelines on the "Baseline" branch of the Nasuverse at first appear similar to our own world. However, beneath the surface lies a world of secrets and conspiracy, of mages grasping at what little remains of their power, and vampiric beings at war with the catholic church.
* '''Nasuverse-EXTRA''' (''VideoGame/FateExtra''): A set of timelines where an certain incident caused mana to disappear from the world during 70's. Somehow, this also led to the discovery of the "Moon Cell Automata", an enormous computer located deep inside the moon, with the apparent purpose of recording the entirety of earth's history and simulating all possible outcomes. The Moon Cell also contains an artificial environment called the Serial Phantasm, or SE.RA.PH, which exists solely to protect the Moon Cell. It is currently unknown if the Moon Cell exists in the BASELINE or STEEL branches of the Nasuverse.
* '''Nasuverse-STEEL''' (''Literature/AngelNotes''): An errant timeline wherein the earth's spirit had been destroyed by pollution and warfare. The atmosphere is now filled with a hazardous substance called "grain", which is speculated to be the mana left over from earth's decomposition. The remaining population is mostly made up of "A-Rays" and "Liners", humans bio-engineered to survive in this post-apocalyptic climate. These dependents of humanity are relentlessly hunted down by the Aristoteles, or "Ultimate Ones", godlike beings that embody other planets in the solar system, seeking vengeance for the fallen earth.

* '''Tech Level'''
** '''BASELINE''' Nasuverse is a solid ''0'', with earth-like technology.
** Timelines in the '''EXTRA''' branch hover around ''1-''; computer technology is much more advanced than usual thanks to study of the Moon Cell Automata.
** The '''STEEL''' branch hovers around ''2+'', featuring advanced bio-engineering and other grain-augmented technologies.
* '''Magic/Psionic Rating:'''
** '''BASELINE''' Nasuverse has a magic rating of '''5'''. The most powerful entities in these timelines are Servants and True Ancestors, both of which are capable of causing massive levels of destruction.
** Due to an unknown event in the past, all mana has vanished within the '''EXTRA''' branch, giving it a magic rating of '''0'''. However, the Moon Cell is capable of performing reality defying feats, giving it a magic raiting of 5.
** The '''STEEL''' branch also has a magic rating of '''5'''. Do note that the mana of this timeline is extremely toxic to humans.
* '''Hazard Rating:'''
** '''BASELINE''' Nasuverse and the '''EXTRA''' timelines have a hazard rating of '''X'''. While there are a number of dangerous beings in this world, unless you're really unlucky or deliberately going around causing trouble, you're not likely to run into anything that'll kill you.
** The '''STEEL''' branch on the other hand has a rating of '''XXXX'''. This timeline is inherently hostile to human life; under no circumstances should travel to this branch be attempted.
* '''Chronal Entry Points:''' Due to the ever-shifting nature of the various timelines of the Nasuverse, visitors that intend to reach a specific destination are recommended to consult with Kishua Zelretch Schweinorg, master of the "Second Magic".
[[folder: The DC Universe]]
* '''Tech Level:''' Earth has a tech level of '''1''', with pockets of '''2+''' or greater. Other civilizations in this universe have higher tech levels, the most most advanced of which are the New Gods of Apokalyps and New Genesis (who posses level '''9''' technology).
* '''Magic/Psionics Rating:'''
** Most humans are level '''0''', but earth's heroes and villains can range anywhere from 0 to 5, with a broad spectrum of magical, psionic and mutagenic power sources.
** Other worlds tend to have more consistent power levels, usually ranging from '''1 to 3''', though exceptions to this rule are not unheard of.
* '''Hazard Rating:'''
** Most of Earth has a rating of '''X''', or '''XX''' in major population centers such as Gotham or Metropolis due to heightened levels of meta-human activity. However, certain events known as "Crises" can result in a elevated danger level, with certain crises resulting in temporary '''XXXXX''' status.
** Other worlds vary in composition, but tend to be at least '''XXX'''.
** Apokalyps, home of the evil New Gods, is always considered an '''XXXXX'''-level threat.
* '''Notes:''' Due to the tendency for Crisis events to alter the timeline, this information may be out of date. Be sure to check the current travel bulletin for more information.