Ho Yay: The Golden Girls

  • Dorothy and Blanche's roleplaying in "Forgive Me, Father". Justified in that Blanche is trying to show Dorothy how to ask a man to dinner.
  • Also, sort of demonstrated here in an episode where Rose and Blanche have joined a dirty dancing class.
  • One of Dorothy's friends falls in love with Rose and confesses to her.
  • When Blanche and Dorothy pretend to be a couple.
  • Blanche makes Rose double date with her on New Year's Eve because she thinks she'll have bad luck if she doesn't get kissed at midnight. After the dates go bad and the men leave, Blanche looks like she is considering kissing Rose, who quickly says "Don't even think about it".
  • This exchange:
    Blanche: Dorothy, do you realize it has been four days since I have enjoyed the company of a man?
    Dorothy: I know, Blanche. Iíve been marking the days off on my "Big Ships of the Navy" calendar.
    Blanche: I donít think I can stand it much longer! My body feels like a Corvette up on blocks with its engine raciní, the wheels just spinniní and spinniní with nowhere to go! I feel like Iím gonna EXPLODE! (*grabs Dorothy's wrist*) Dorothy, you have to help me, you have to do somethiníÖ
    Dorothy: Honey, thereís nothing I can do, so get that look out of your eye and let go of my hand.
    • Also this:
    Dorothy: Blanche, I need to talk to you privately.
    Blanche: Oh, okay.
    Dorothy: There's this person... someone I've known for quite a while, and lately there seems to be this... attraction developing, uh, an attraction I've been trying to deny. (Blanche stands up in horror.) Blanche, what are you doing?
    Blanche: It's a curse... my beauty's always been a curse. I'm sorry, Dorothy, but... like the fatal blossom of the graceful jimson weed, I entice with my fragrance but can provide no succor.
  • And the episode where, once they are alone in a train compartment, Dorothy tells Blanche there's something they need to do, and Blanche, like in the example listed above, misunderstands and thinks Dorothy is coming on to her.