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Heartwarming: Wedding Peach
  • Peach saving Jama-P and redeeming him with The Power of Love.
  • Volume 2 of the manga has Peach snapping Lily and Daisy out of their brainwashing.
    You two are my friends! My precious, precious friends! And I love you!
  • In volume 2, the Love Angels befriending and redeeming Nocturne of the Night.
  • Sakura, Momoko's Missing Mom, returns and the household is whole again. Her parents act like newly weds all over again.
  • Jama-P reassuring Momoko that he wants to stay with her even if he was given a choice to go back to the demon world. This helps her realize that even if he's a demon, she still loves Yosuke.
  • Volume 6's bonus story where Angel Salvia finds a boyfriend.
  • In Volume 6, Uragano's Heel-Face Turn due to his wife's love for him.
  • The end of Volume 6's bonus story where everyone gets married.

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