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Heartwarming: Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me
  • Dick Van Dyke singing the lyrics to the The Dick Van Dyke Show.
    Peter Sagal: I don't think I'll ever be happier than I am right now.//
    • Remember that the actual show didn't have any theme lyrics. That was the first time anyone had ever heard them.
  • In summer 2012, they had Robert Reiner on the show to play “Not My Job,” and he related a story about growing up with a famous father, Carl Reiner. He related how when he was seven, he went to his father and said he wanted to change his name, causing Carl to think 'Oh no, what have I done to my son that now he wants to distance himself from me like this?' Little Robert continued, “I want to change my name to Carl.”
  • When Don LaFontaine lost on the Not My Job segment, he said that he would do the message on the answering machine for the person he was playing for.
  • On Karl Kasell's last show a number of famous people called in to wish him well in his retirement, among them Stephen Colbert and President Barack Obama.
  • On the show the week after Tom Magliozzi's passing they credited producer (of both shows) Doug Berman as the Car Talk guys did, ("Doug The Subway Fugitive, Not-A-Slave-To-Fashion, Bongo Boy Berman").
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