Heartwarming / 28 Days Later

  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it subtle one, but when Frank wakes Jim from a nightmare, Jim mumbles, "Thanks, Dad" before he goes back to sleep.
  • Frank spending his last moments to tell his daughter he loves her.
  • "That was longer than a heartbeat."
  • The group spotting a herd of wild horses.
  • "Do you think they saw us this time?" Judging by the fact that the Jet pilot said bring in a chopper, it would be safe to say yes!.
  • In a twisted way, Selena stuffing Hannah full of Valium; even when they're going to be raped, she cares more about Hannah's well-being than her own. When Hannah asks if she's trying to kill her, she answers, "No, sweetheart; I'm making it so you won't care. "
  • Laconic, standoffish Sergeant Farrell trying desperately to protect Jim, Selena, and Hannah from the other soldiers. Doesn't matter if he's outnumbered ten to one, he does it anyway.
  • The fact that the film's final ending has Jim survive and get rescued alongside Hannah and Selena. A much needed Happy Ending after everything that happened.