Heartwarming / T.U.F.F. Puppy

  • When Dudley tells his mother that he really loves his job at T.U.F.F. and doesn't want to quit, but for her, he'll do anything.
    • Followed by another when she decides to let him keep his job, even if she does worry about him because of it, because of how happy it makes him.
  • Dudley realizing just how much he needs Kitty in "Iron Mutt".
  • "Looks like the Lonely Lizard has finally found a friend!"
  • In "Diary of a Mad Cat", Dudley tells Kitty that even though he doesn't know her, he wouldn't have anyone but her as his partner. Kitty's reaction bring heartwarming to that.
    • It also helps that Dudley was being quite insensitive towards Kitty at the beginning of the episode and he's pretty much apologizing for hurting her feelings earlier on.