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Awesome: T.U.F.F. Puppy
  • The episode Guard Dog is one for Dudley. He and Kitty had to protect the Chameleon from enemies. Dudley and Chameleon teamed up and kicked Snaptrap and his goons butts while Kitty was shirking her duties in the Cat Car. After the Doom Agents were arrested, Kitty arrived saying that she looked everywhere for villains Dudley saw right through that and he handcuffed her along with all the villains Dudley and Chameleon had to fight. Kitty may be the resident woobie, but she kind of had it coming. Bonus points for also using her "I'm going through a tunnel" excuse back at her.
  • Dudley defeating Snaptrap by putting on a dance routine in "The Rat Pack".
  • Throughout Mission: Really Big Mission, the Chameleon repeatedly does everything he can to assist Snaptrap and be accepted by him. At the end, when the Chameleon finds out that Snaptrap's plan will end up destroying the world and Snaptrap either doesn't care or grasp the consequences of his actions, the Chameleon calls Snaptrap absolutely insane and refuses to cooperate anymore. This coming from a guy with a desperate need for friends and one of the biggest Woobies on the show.
  • In "Doom and Gloom", Larry has one when he finally snaps at Snaptrap for the many times he gets abused by him that he left his group. Good thing Ollie and Francisco joined in leaving him as well. If that wasn't enough, not telling T.U.F.F. of his evil plans qualify to a tee that it shows that he is more evil than Snaptrap when he leads the group.
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