Heartwarming / Transformers Energon

  • The episode "Crash Course" shows us that Kicker isn't always an annoying angster.
    Kicker:(to Sally) Tell mom and dad not to worry so much about me.
  • Inferno is totally chalked full of heartwarming. Not only does he keep Megatron from brainwashing him by thinking of planet Earth (instead of his own home of Cybertron no less). He manages to stay true to his Autobot nature even after being Mind Raped (unlike several other bots like Starscream, Demolishor, and Scorponok). Truly Inferno was one of the unsung heroes (not to mention few highlights) of Transformers Energon.
  • A small moment from the episode "Ironhide Team". Sixshot's messing with Galvatron, they both know Galvatron needs him alive and Sixshot tires to milk the situation for all it's worth. He tells Galvatron that he'll help in exchange for Galvatron, kneeling before him. Galvatron is of course repulsed at the very idea. Then, Starscream walks up to Sixshot, who thinks he's about to attack. Instead, much to both Sixshot and Galvatron's surprise, he bows in Galvatron's place!
    Sixshot: (as Starscream stands before him) Listen I don't have any problem with you! ...Please don't hurt me.
    (Starscream bows to Sixshot)
    Galvatron: Starscream you dolt get up. I never told you to do that. Get up!
    Starsrceam: I am here to serve. And if this will help destroy the Autobots then I see no shame in bowing to Sixshot.
    • Even suffering Mind Rape and completely under Galvatron's control, Starscream still values his honor and sense of duty above all else.
  • Ironhide and Scorponok's friendship was surprising, but also kinda nice to watch. Then both of them had to fight each other, (thanks to Scorponok becoming Brainwashed and Crazy). But just when it looks like Ironhide is down for the count. Ironhides' Spark of Combination activates, and something stirred his memory of what he used to be. In the end, he helps Ironhide and dies moments later.
  • Previously Scorponok had been severely injured in a battle against Ironhide. His Insecticon minions however display their Undying Loyalty by healing him with their Energon.
  • Surprisingly Megatron has a Father to His Men moment as Unicron starts corrupting him. We get an inside look at the two forms clashing with each other inside Megatron's head. After Unicron demands to consume the other Decepticons, Megatron actually pulls a Go Through Me and calls out for his men.
  • Another rare Pet the Dog for Megatron. After Tidal Wave is seriously injured trying to save Shockblast from Wing Dagger, Megatron immediately calls off the invasion and orders his troops to get him back to base to be healed. All of the Decepticons cooperate to lift the big lug away, except an infuriated Shockblast.