Heartwarming / Transformers Armada

  • After Demolishor is seemingly lost during his mission in the episode "Palace" while his Decepticons fight the Autobots, Megatron only ever inquires about what they've done with Demolishor. Not once during the whole battle does he appear to worry about the Mini-Con Demolishor was sent to find. It was a small moment, and Megatron later covered up the reasons for his actions fairly well, but still, it was nice to see that he actually does care about the welfare of his men, even if it's only a little.
  • There's a little bit of d'aww between Starscream and the Star Saber Mini-Cons. When he returns to the Decepticon base after they abandon him, he gathers the Mini-Cons to recharge with him. Later, after he tries to join up with the Autobots and Hot-Shot is annoyed at his new ally, pressuring Starscream to leave, the Mini-Cons that form the Star Saber hug his leg, trying to persuade him not to.
  • While the friendship is nit-picked at by shippers/ship-haters, the bond between Alexis and Starscream is both very enduring and heartwarming.
  • Hot Shot's reaction to the revived Smokescreen.
  • The scene in "Crisis" when Optimus is ambushed by Tidal Wave, and Starscream. Still feeling a sense of loyalty towards Optimus, he uses Jetfire by throwing him at Tidal Wave as a means to save Prime's life. That and him hesitating to fire the Hydra Cannon at the idea of harming the Earth.
  • While stuck on the transforming Unicron, Hot Shot manages to rescue Blackout and return him to Demolisher, who is "lost for words".
  • Prime is dead, The Autobots are struggling in a battle with the Decepticons, and all hope seems lost, Until a couple hundred Mini-Cons revive Optimus. everyone was so glad, Hell, Even MEGATRON of all Cybertronians is glad to have the old guy back.
  • Wheeljack defending Hot Shot from Galvatron in "Dash" when the latter attempts to cut down the former, insisting that Galvatron must listen to Hot Shot's message, while assuring Galvatron that his loyalties still remain to him. It comes to show that while Wheeljack has become a Decepticon faithful to Galvatron, he has forgiven Hot Shot for not saving him back on Cybertron in "Past", and still considers Hot Shot his friend.
  • In "Alliance", Galvatron gives a "eulogy" to Starscream after killing him. Though Starscream saw himself as Megatron's Unfavorite, Galvatron says that he was a better soldier than the rest of the Decepticons.
    Galvatron: Right now, all I can think about is the comrade we lost. Sure, he challenged my authority in a failed coup attempt, and even though Starscream was a traitor, he never lost sight of his oath to the Decepticons. He was a true soldier, unlike most of you!
  • Galvatron's last words.