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Funny: Transformers Energon
  • Arcee in "Deception Army" while helping Kicker find his sister takes time to blow away some Terrorcons.
    Arcee: (In a tour guide voiceover tone) Good afternoon, commuters. I hope you're having a pleasant day. NOT! (Unleashes blaster fire at awaiting Terrorcons.)
    • Later on...
      Arcee: (In the tour guide voiceover tone again, to the awaiting Terrorcons) May I have your attention. As the train approaches the station, please remain behind the white line at all times and GET READY TO EAT LEAD, FREAKS!
  • Bulkhead and Shockblast's little skirmish in "Farewell Inferno".
  • Meta example: the Transformers wiki's page covering the series can be very amusing when pointing out the show's flaws.
  • Distribution, being a silly filler episode, gets it's fair share.
    • "Powerlinx" Snow Cat
    • Prowl and Downshift aren't much better.
    • Optimus powerlinking with Omega Supreme to mop up Rodimus and Hot Shot. He lands outside of the ring, ending the match before anyone can get a shot off, to the duo's relief. Optimus just sits in a corner and pouts as Omega comforts him.
    • The final prize of the tournament is an extra fight. Against Unicron. Only he's been scaled down to the size of a normal cybertronian. He still hurts like hell though.

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