Heartwarming / Tradewinds

  • The end of Asterion the Minotaur's storyline in Odyssey. After finally defeating Theseus, Asterion is ready to take Ariadne's place in the Underworld so that she can return back to the mortal world and live a happy life there. However, Ariadne is actually quite happy where she is, having been reunited with the Amazonians in the Elysian Fields. Asterion accepts this, and tells her that he can now live the rest of his life knowing that she's happy and at peace. Later, after returning to Heraklion, Asterion is given a hero's welcome, thanks to Hades who made sure that everyone knew about how Asterion had overthrown Theseus. Hades also tells him that since Minos and Ariadne are dead, he is now the rightful ruler of Krete, something which the people accept whole-heartedly.
  • The end of Jinpa Tasaret's storyline in Caravans. After lifting the curse from her children, finishing her soon-to-be-ex husband's business, and sending him off to afterlife, her brother-in-law confessed his love and propose to her.