YMMV / Tradewinds

  • Funny Moment:
    • In Caravan - Sakeem:
      • Sakeem meets ruler of Konya who ask him to find suitable heir for the ruler as the ruler is childless . The ruler lend him an ancestral bow and whoever able to draw the bow will be next ruler. Turns out everyone in Konya and their little dog (yes, Not Hyperbole there) can. After Sakeem informing the ruler, the ruler decides to just start interviewing for potential heir.
      • Sakeem is asked to find a baby whom is lost when a monster attacks a village. Sakeem defeats the monster and find the "baby" who is 23 years old and starts trying to leave his motheer's house since he is 16. He just used the monster attack as distaction to slip out.
  • Good Bad Bugs: To prevent issues caused by two conflicting enchanted items being in your inventory, the most recently purchased one will take precedent(the in-universe explanation given is that the enchantments weaken with time). When you sell an item to a shop that the shop normally sells, you can immediately buy it back. Combining these two facts, if you get a quest that saddles you with an item that increases the chance of storms(of which there are several), you can go to a shop, sell an item that decreases storm chance, and then immediately buy it back, negating the storm risk.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Sakeem's story ends with the previous Khan, who adored Pazzo, being ousted from throne and Sakeem immediately handing Pazzo to the new Khan as a prisoner.
  • That One Sidequest: The English Teacher's quest in Legends. It isn't bad enough that every destination you take her to saps you of cargo space; you'll inevitably be sent to a landlocked port that can only be reached via a flying ship. Odds are, at this point, the only flying ship you have access to is the Dirigible, and unless they have Storage Hull or Massive Hull, they'll only have enough cargo space for a full compliment of cannons. Consequently, at this point, you'll be traveling to that landlocked port with an partially-unarmed(and likely incomplete) fleet. May the gods help you if this is the port you have to fight to enter when you're in this state.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Pazzo Millione from "Caravans" - Sakeem's story. Lecherous, drunkard, poor decision control, Miles Gloriosus, and extravagant. His presence makes Sakeem's quests almost twice as long as those should be.
    Pazzo Millione joins the party much to everyone's dismay. (One of the pop-up line when such situation occurs, i.e. the party picks him up again after he lost an important item and the party has to travel great length to retrieve it.)