Heartwarming / The Year Without a Santa Claus

The Year Without a Santa Claus:

  • The children showing Santa Claus how much they care by giving him presents for a change and sending letters telling him how it just wouldn't be Christmas without him.
  • After rescuing Vixen from the pound, Santa tucking her into his own bed to rest while he sleeps in a chair. The sight of the baby reindeer curled up under the blankets is just adorable.
  • The song "I Believe in Santa Claus":
    "So you're too old for Santa Claus?" he said with a smile
    "Then you're too old for all the things that make a life worthwhile
    For what is happiness but dreams? And do they all come true?
    Look at me and tell me, son, what is real to you?"
    Just believe in Santa Claus, like you believe in love
    Just believe in Santa Claus, and everything he does
    Wipe that question from your mind, yes he does exist
    Just like love you know he's there, waiting to be missed.
  • Santa doesn't feel like going on his Christmas ride, but upon hearing that Jingle, Jangle, and Vixen are lost he doesn't hesitate to head out to save them. Whatever his feelings about the public and the holiday at the moment, the people and animals under his care are important and he'll do what's necessary to protect them.

A Miser Brothers Christmas:

  • The Miser Brothers not only manage to reconcile their differences, but they also give each other a present when they complete Santa's deliveries and they are rewarded for their behavior by finally having their names on the Nice List.