Heartwarming: The War of the Worlds

1953 Film
  • When all hope seems lost, all Dr Forrester cares about is finding Sylvia. And like any good Determinator he never gave up.
    Priest: Don't go, son. Stay with us.
    Forrester: No, I'm looking for someone. She'll be in a church, standing by the door.
  • Dr Forrester's last lines sum up the feelings that where most likely being felt by all the people of earth at the end of the film.
    Dr Forrester: We prayed for a miracle.

2005 Film

  • Ray singing "Little Deuce Coupe" as a lullaby to Rachel.
  • When Ray comes back from killing Ogilvy and Rachel goes over to him and cuddles him, and they fall asleep together.
    • Also, Ray's reaction upon realizing what he has to do. He walks slowly over to Rachel, as if in a daze, and hugs her as tight as he can. You can practically feel him making his decision in that moment.
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