Heartwarming / The Ultimates

  • Cap and Bucky reuniting 57 years after Cap disappeared.
    • Bucky's tearful breakdown when he first sees Cap, "I swear to God we thought you were dead" left a lump in this troper's throat.
    • Then there's Cap not being angry that his best friend married his girlfriend, fully understanding and just wanting to see Gail, even if she was tearful about showing her aged face.
  • Tony places a rosary and crucifix in Bruce's hands when arranging his execution, a truly selfless moment as Bruce was unconscious at the time.
  • Quicksilver disintegrating Hurricane when she mocks and threatens to kill Hawkeye.
    Quicksilver: That's what happens when you threaten my friends!
  • "Are you kidding? You took a bullet without even hesitating. When you grow up you're going to be the best out of all us."
  • Despite their animosity, Tony is still horrified when Gregory is incinerated by Thor, showing that while they were enemies, Tony was seeking and hoping for a solution that didn't end with his brother's death.