Headscratchers / The Ultimates

  • Could someone please explain what was the point of the "No ice" thing in book two? To me, it seemed like it was just some guy asking Captain America if he wanted ice in his Coke and Cap saying No thanks, but I think it was supposed to be an allusion to something or something.
    • Seems like a joke about how Captain America was stuck in a glacier for a couple decades. That would be enough to make a person dislike ice.
      • Makes sense. Thanks!
    • It would make sense but this was in a scene from before Cap was frozen. Its more of a Mythology Gag or a Foreshadowing joke.
  • Why the Ultimates so readily believing somebody who tells them that Thor is just nut with some stolen technology from Sweden. Granted it turns out to be half right, but shouldn't they question why, is some like that was stolen, would some manufacturers of it wait until then to report it?
    • Word of God actually confirmed that, without Thor, Wasp (and maybe Stark) are the only non-jerks on the team. Probably doesn't help much, but I thought I'd mention it.
      • Plus, Loki can warp reality. So who's to say the Ultimates' and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s judgements weren't altered by the trickster-god so Thor could be taken down quicker and easier without much questions?
  • Why does Colonel Abdul Al-Rahman have a W on his chest? This is something that has been bugging me for years, and I'd love to have at least a headcanon for it.
    • Colonel Abdul Al-Rahman seems to have a great love for his country, but seems to want to extend his protection beyond its borders. He keeps calling the US the "Great Satan", basically a term for being the new Roman Empire. When I first saw him, I always thought he was trying to say "you have an A for America", "I have W, for the whole world"- headcannon.