Heartwarming: The Stand

  • The scene in the book when Bateman's adopted dog Kojak appears, malnourished and wounded, on the porch of his home in Boulder, after having been left behind by Bateman's group 2,000 miles away. To quote Stu, the East Texan, "That there is a good dog."
    • Later, as Stu breaks his legs and is left for dead, guess who hunts rabbits for him and brings him wood to make some fire?
    • "Stu said that God might send a raven to feed him. I doubt there are any ravens here so maybe He sent a dog instead."
  • When Stu and Tom Cullen are staying in a town on Christmas morning during their trip back to Boulder, Stu sets up a tree and wraps presents for Tom. Tom, who didn't know it would be Christmas, is very happy when he wakes up.