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Heartwarming: The Reckoners Trilogy
  • The Faithful carry around Superman's S as the symbol of their belief that real heroes will come. He doesn't even exist in this universe, and he's still The Paragon.
  • David's speech to Megan, where he muses about how he fell in love with her at first sight, and she's made him a better person. It saves his life later, when she watches it after her resurrection and can't bring herself to kill him.
  • The climax of Mitosis. The common people of the city, called by Tia, arrive to save David from Mitosis by singing the song that is his weakness.
  • Mitosis reveals that Edmund is still around and using his ability to power Newcago. That means that for the first time, we have an Epic using his powers not to enslave, but to serve. The first Hero has come.
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