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Fridge: The Reckoners Trilogy

Fridge Brilliance:

  • Abraham is one of the Faithful, the group that maintain that sooner or later, "the heroes will come." As of the beginning of Mitosis, they have. We see that Conflux is openly serving the city by providing power, and Prof uses his powers to help the Reckoners protect Newcago. For quite possibly the first time, we have Epics using their powers not to enslave or dominate, but to serve. The heroes have come.
  • If an Epic's weakness has something to do about their past, then it provides an interesting clue about Steelheart. He can only be killed, let alone be harmed, by someone who isn't afraid of him. Which could mean that he may have been a sort of bully in the past and had an incident with someone who finally stood up to him. Then there's Nightwielder, whose weakness is sunlight, or simply UV rays being flashed at him. This may imply, along with his Asian features, that he may have been an Otaku, or simply put, a shut-in before his Epic days.

Fridge Horror:

  • Prof was a fifth-grade science teacher at an elementary school until that school was destroyed by an Epic. Prof is an Epic and is hinted to have done terrible things in his past. Which Epic destroyed his school?

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