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Heartwarming: The Price Is Right

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    Bob Barker (1972-2007) 

    Drew Carey (2007-) 
  • The reason why Drew is involved in the show (and carries on the spay/neuter signoff) is because he loves and admires Bob Barker.
  • September 4, 2012: On the 40th-Anniversary Special, contestants who won prizes years ago returned for another chance to win. One woman who returned told the story of how she came onto the show the first time: she had gone through a divorce and became homeless. She didn't get a ticket to appear on the show at first, but she sat in front of the studio and managed to get in. She won $12,500 in Plinko, $1,000 more on the Big Wheel, and finally the Showcase for a total of $48,578. She wasn't homeless anymore after that.
  • May 15, 2013: Drew gives a heartfelt sendoff to Scott Robinson, a staff member on the show who knew how all the games worked and taught Drew everything about the games when he first started out. Drew broke down in Tears of Joy and gave Scott a hug as he waved goodbye to Scott.

  • Say what you will about the 2012 revival of the Australian Price, but Larry Emdur's tribute to Ian Turpie (host of the 1981-86 and 1989 versions), who passed away a few weeks before this version began production, on the premiere was pure class.

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