[[folder:See It My Way]]
* Jack backing off after [[spoiler:Figgins threatens to expel him]] in See It My Way's version of "Mattress" and Jack realizing he doesn't want to be seperated from the glee club.
** A subtle moment in See It My Way's version of "Sectionals" is when Jack finally realizes he has been accepted as a [[TrueCompanions True Companion]] of New Directions
* The entirity of See It My Way's Christmas chapter especially Puck having a Christmas party for Quinn.
** Almost cavity-inducing scenes include Jack and Quinn singing "Mary, Did You Know?" at the pediatrics ward of a hospital and Jack's "Merry Christmas, Quinn" from the shadows as the chapter ended.
* Jack's reaction to Rachel being blackmailed.
** Later, Jack's remorse for having exposed Quinn's pregnancy.
* Anytime Jack and his father interact
** Especially when you realize that his father is [[MoralityPet the only person]] who can keep him from doing something that would make him a true JerkAss.
* Jack not making the phone call (the one sent to Burt about Kurt) at the end of "Wheels" in See It My Way.
* Jack's faith in Mitchell and Quinn's potential as a couple could certainly qualify.
* The first time Kristopher (Jack's father) brings Jack home as an infant.

* The ending of A Different Point of View, Part I
* Mitchell's gesture of [[spoiler:[[ItMakesSenseInContext dressing up as Magenta]]]] at the end of A Different Point of View, Part II's "The Rocky Horror Glee Show"
* Mitchell's shrine and song for the glee club at the end of "Mash Up" in A Different Point of View, Part I.
** Doubles as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome as well.
* Mitchell and Santana's conversation [[spoiler: after their breakup]].
* Everyone banding together to get Mitchell back into the glee club
** Him returning even though they seemed to fail and the fact that [[spoiler:Sue, the reason he was thrown out to begin with, was the one who made it possible]].
* Mitchell and Quinn at the end of the "Furt" and "Special Education" chapters.

[[folder:He's Alive]]
* Dylan and Quinn's friendship especially in the later chapters.
** Dylan and Kurt's friendship is a certain honorable mention

* Jack and Rachel's entire relationship in general